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Apple Allows Spyware

September 7, 2018

I hate Apple. They are a socialist company. • They have one way to do things, their way. • They make the bulk of their money from other socialists. • They copy other people’s inventions and try to claim them as their own. • They never admit fault ; therefore, their groupies think their products […]

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Review: Purchasing Galaxy S9+

May 31, 2018

Earlier this year, my Lumia 950 LX began having a series of unexplained issues related to phone calls and messages. I began having to reboot my phone not because of any obvious error but because I would become aware that I was not getting text messages from my family. Upon restarting, my phone would suddenly […]

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Amazon Axing Music Service

April 10, 2018

Back when digital music downloads were in their infancy, many consumer choices were available. In 2001, Apple began their iTunes music while big music companies like Sony had their own services. Amazon decided to wade into this market as well. One reason was that Amazon got into the market is because Apple—in their typical snob […]

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Microsoft & Apple leaving Intel

April 6, 2018

Lest you thought Toys R Us was the only business with bad news featured on our blog this week, things are not going well for another company whose name you know; namely, Intel. In the PC space, Intel has only one competitor, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). However, in recent years they have faced pressure from […]

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Facebook Data Breach: Not

March 20, 2018

There is much nonsense going thru the Internet today about a Facebook data breach that was supposedly used to help elect Donald Trump. If you believe that Trump stole Facebook data to get elected, then I have a bullet train that I’d like to sell you. (Sorry, come to think of it, the people that […]

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February 19, 2018

I wish to begin this discussion today with two propositions: Rush Limbaugh says that for most people, history begins when you are born. In a sense that is true because you remember best what you experienced. We have also been admonished that those that don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. My […]

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Sacramento Gets Another Area Code

February 6, 2018

Back when I was a kid, most of northern California was in the 916 area code. In 1997, the area code was split so that the metro Sacramento area remained 916 and the outlying areas became 530. Starting in the next few days (February 10th), a new area code will be overlaid on top of […]

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Folding Tablets Are New Cell Phones

January 31, 2018

Later this year two design concepts will converge to create a new category of devices. Always Connected Windows 10 devices will be entering the market which run on ARM chips. ARM chips are the same ones that power smart phones. This is not Windows RT or Mobile but the same Windows 10 that runs on […]

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When Hyper-V Attacks

January 27, 2018

A coworker has an old program that he couldn’t get to run on his computer, so he asked me to help. From the description of the program it sounded like it was probably written with 16-bit code, so I told him about DOSBox. He had never heard of the program; nevertheless, I convinced him to […]

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Back to Lumia 950 XL

August 10, 2017

My son wanted to get a Samsung fitness band like his mother has so this necessitated getting him an Android phone. Samsung doesn’t have PC software for their products so syncing with his computer was not an option. We looked at new phones but I finally decided that he could have my ASUS phone. I […]

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