CRA Week at UC Berkeley and the #METOO Thing

Editor Note: This dispatch from X was sent yesterday but my family activities resulted in a delay.

Greetings on a rare Tuesday blog from your humble correspondent! I just wanted to check-in with some thoughts regarding recent goings on in Soviet California.  First, I want to thank the CRA Board and current President Thomas Hudson for renting the “stress” llamas for the use of their membership.  These llamas were at UC Berkeley last week for students to hug, cuddle, etc. to relieve stress from final exams.  Yeah I guess that’s a thing now……

Llamas in Berkeley are so cute they could melt the heart of a snowflake

Here’s something stressful, being a CRA member and knowing full well that Donald J Trump is literally kicking butt and winning at everything important; yet somehow you still despise the man!  Seriously, the whole Board, including President Hudson, hates this man so much that I heard they even offered to write the articles of impeachment of our president!  Problem is they approached their great white God, Theodore Cruz (who I think most believe was the victim of a rigged primary), to be installed as President following the impeachment of Donald Trump, however true to form, Theodore voted no, saying we need to have a President with a conscious.

So, to the CRA, President Hudson and the entire Board…… you made a great investment with those llamas.  They should go on tour to all CRA meetings, everyone should get to hug those llamas and relieve the stress of Donald Trump as President!  You might even make them available to former members as well because I remember so fondly that endorsement convention where, with the nomination already wrapped up, Trump was not endorsed by the CRA, instead it was Theodore Cruz (Loser-TX).  I rest my case, please hug a llama, relieve your stress lest you be tempted to harm yourself or others.

Oh, and if your life is stressful now, just wait until the votes are counted in June. By then, the llamas will be gone but take comfort in the fact that Governor Garvin has promised to fight against Trump with all his being. Both Bush I & II taught us that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” so naturally I expect for CRA to endorse Newsom in November.

I need to say my piece on this #Metoo thing. I never could grasp this phenomenon. I don’t have a tweeter or whatever it’s called.  I used to think the hashtag was a pound sign, so I would read that as POUND ME TOO. So just like any other red-blooded American man would do, I was waiting for Jennifer Aniston to have her turn holding said sign.  Sadly, I found out what it really meant and naturally…well embarrassment set in.  Like I said, thank god there’s no tweeter for me.

Jennifer at last year’s Oscar Awards

By the way, as for the two paranoid CRA members in Sacramento County who keep trying to track down my identity; rest assured, I am a former board member living in exile.  You both knew me very well.  I am so glad that I’m gone from the CRA and that the Blog Father departed as well.  By the way William, I heard the statute of limitations is up for my “shenanigans at the salsa bar” at our favorite Mexican place, shall we go when I’m out your way in a couple months?


Editor’s note: Hey X, the statute may be up but I’m confident that she stills remembers you.

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