Three Signs That Are Stranger Than Fiction

First is what I call the whisper campaign against Sheriff Scott Jones.
A series of red signs targeting the Sheriff have popped-up all over the county. Per the story linked below, 140 signs were purchased by the Latino Policy Coalition.


Posters targeting Sheriff Scott Jones inspired by ‘Three Billboards’ movie

The poster asks, “Is Sheriff Scott Jones for mass deportations? Call him & find out!” Ok, so let’s imagine that you call the Sheriff to find out.

Recording “Thank you for calling the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. This line is not for emergencies, if you are having one please hang up and dial 911 otherwise please stay on the line.”

After a short wait…

Deputy “This Deputy Bob, how can I help you?”

Miguel “I’m calling about deportation.”

Deputy “One moment, I’ll transfer you to the I.C.E. liaison.”

Lt. Smith “This is Lt. Smith. Can I please have your name and address?”

Miguel “I’m Miguel in Oak Park.”

Lt. Smith “Miguel, how can I help you?”

Miguel “Does Sheriff Jones really enforce the law, including the Federal ones; like deportation?”

Lt. Smith “Miguel, stay where you are, we’ll be there in five minutes and you can see for yourself.”

As of today, the Latino Policy Coalition has zero articles or information posted for 2018. Their website is completely silent on their campaign against Sheriff Jones. Much of their website has not been updated since 2014. This lack of care and the financial data below leads me to believe this is just another shell organization that Liberals can pull out of their toolbox when they need it otherwise it lays dormant.

Latino Policy Coalition

More proof of their sketchy past is found looking at their financial statements.

Non Profit Facts—LPC

Muslim Now Recruiting
Sorry I don’t have a photo but I’m giving you directions so explicit that even Mr. X could find this spot in his airport rental car.

The second sign is actually two signs along the road as you are entering West Sacramento from downtown. If you drive west on the elevated freeway called the W-X Freeway which technically is Highway 50 and cross over the Sacramento River, just past the Jefferson exit which takes you to Raley Field, on the left side is a billboard sign with the word “MUSLIM” in very large letters and a bunch of tiny words that I can’t read passing it at 70 miles per hour and directly across from this sign on the right-hand side is another billboard that has the large words “Now Recruiting” and a bunch more tiny words that I can’t read travelling 70 miles per hour. Thus reading the legible portions of these road signs, the message is Muslim Now Recruiting.

Lastly, is a message that continues the theme of Mr. X’s blog from yesterday concerning Jennifer Aniston.

In Elk Grove, at the northwest corner of Big Horn and Elk Grove Blvd is a strip mall.




In this strip mall are two businesses side-by-side. The double glass doors where you enter these adjacent businesses lead you to very different places. The right-hand door is Express Fitness for Women and on the left, a veterinarian.

At a glance, I could easily envision people getting confused and entering the wrong establishment. Maybe it’s my military background, but I thought that it would be helpful to have supplemental signs on the door that direct customers to the proper business. To this end I suggest the wording “Hot Chicks” and “All Others.”