How to Re-Build CAGOP

I’m a glutton for punishment.  I left the CAGOP and here I am giving them advice… of course they won’t listen as I am now an outcast in their eyes.  I know this for fact, as I have lost a couple friendships over it, of course they don’t see it my way, they see it as quitting.  I see it as sending a message, something they will not/refuse to do.  Frankly if I lose your friendship over my political party of choice eat my nuts.

Here is how to fix your Party…. don’t listen you might actually start winning seats again.

  1.  Admit you are weak kneed: this is the first step; you have no fight in you. You are all a bunch of donkeys braying about “the good ole days.”  You enjoy your conventions each year and talk a great game about opposing the chair or certain candidates, but it never comes to fruition as none of you are brave enough to call the question or make a motion.
  2. Get the G-d D**m endorsements in the voter guide:  You love to blame the chair for this; bull.  You are long in the tooth and mostly graying/balding, you guys know the ropes/rules etc.  Get your act in gear, a voter guide that maybe no one reads is your excuse.  I was looking at races with many candidates on the GOP side looking to get castrated in November, at least endorse one and get it in the damn guide!
  3. Get out to parts of the state not friendly to you.  This is obvious but I feel I must point it out.  Some voters/people in this state have never even heard from a Republican, and as such have no way of refuting the Lefts lies about your Party, It won’t be fun, but if you show up, there will be curious folks.  Even more so now with the homeless/crime/inflation issues.  Stop preaching to the choir, if you are blind, I’ll fill you in, the Republican Party is shrinking drastically in CA.
  4. End the consultant class:  Aaron Park takes a W here; he was really right and still is.  These consultants have a franchise territory they are gifted by the Party and as a result, they get to play god in the primaries.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the safe GOP state senate seat we lost as a result of the party/consultants playing there.
  5. Vet the candidates you endorse:  Aaron takes another W.  He pointed it out perfectly about the embrace of being pro-choice.  The consultants gas these clients up prior to their client meeting your group, the message changes depending what room they are in.  Rather than asking if life begins at conception… ask what 3 things they would push for in Sacramento/DC.  Ask what committees they want to sit on.  Throw them off their game and get them off their talking points (and yours) Trust me, if they sound like Sean Hannity, they are likely a Democrat in disguise. I know so, as the CRA has endorsed several questionable GOPers in my day.  Or just keep asking if they love Reagan, are they prolife, or do they want to ban same sex marriage?  Heck that playbook has worked great for the last few decades, huh?
  6. Term limits for county chairs, and state party chairs:  This is a no brainer. Sadly, I hate term limits as it causes a massive shuffle of elected officials every so often, but its needed.  The state party has the same faces just in different places.  The county parties have folks that I swear have been in charge for a couple decades.  Move on, get a life, let someone else lead the fight.
  7. Quit bringing up Reagan for G-d sakes.  Reagan likely wouldn’t get the nomination in your party today as he would be seen by you as a liberal squish.  Keep in mind, most under 36, give or take, have zero memories of “the Gipper.”  Move on, you sound like a person who peaked in grade school for josh sakes.
  8. Drop the social issues:  Put them on the back burner, as I mentioned earlier, you are preaching to such a limited universe NASA may need to start exploring it soon to find out if it actually exists.  Gay marriage is law of the land, abortion is up to the states, rest assured CA is not banning abortion anytime in my lifetime.  Emphasize what you can do, not what you want to take away.
  9. Stop calling yourself “true conservatives or the conscience of the Republican Party.”  Many of you opposed Trump in the 2016 primary to the extent that you wanted a brokered convention AKA the “original stop the steal” so you could put “Lyin Ted” Cruz as the nominee.  You didn’t just make yourselves look like idiots, you proved it beyond a reasonable doubt … to the entire country btw.  But its ok, Donald once gave money to democrats….as I am sure no GOPer y’all endorsed ever has.  Harken back on the 4 years of the Donald’s term, you will see the most conservative president since Reagan.  And to think you opposed it.  I’d bet a good bunch of money most of you voted Biden or stayed out of the last election just because of what he did to your idol Ted.  Rather than blow out the people who don’t pass your “conservative” litmus test grow the party.
  10. Actually, stand for something:  This will be hard as you would rather use words like “repeal” or “wait ‘til we take over.” If you have no plan, you get no votes.  Yes, raising copious sums of money off a Hillary presidency would have been great, but the country would have been a disaster…. much like it is now.
  11. Remove the crazies:  This will be the hardest part.  CAGOP and its affiliated groups are seen by most as a haven for whack jobs because a few apples have been allowed to spoil your bunch.  When you let crazy take the center stage, or don’t isolate it, your entire group gets the crazy label.  I doubt many of you see crazy in your party, so I’ll point you toward it: Jorge Riley and any associate.
  12. Send a message at the convention:  I know this will be hard to do, as it would out you as a true conservative and a rabble rouser, but if you really hate Jessica Patterson, here’s is a thought; during her speech, stand up in unison and walk out of the chamber.  You say the vote to re-elect her was close…. it really wasn’t, but rather than do nothing, a.k.a. the usual, show a pulse.  The liberal newspaper writers covering the event will have a story to write about and you can tell your story about her as a failure as chair!  You may just make a difference, and you would send a message.  She may not hear it, but her officers will, and people who are part of the problem will sense unrest brewing among the natives.
  13. Hold 1 convention: it’s an insult to working people, having to find transportation, housing, and meals for multiple conventions a year where nothing gets accomplished.  Rather than catch up about the good ole days of trying to deny Donald the nomination, you could laser focus on growing the party.  Actually, never mind…. keep whacking Donald.  But it’s cheaper to do this at a local speakeasy than at Knott’s Berry Farm or Palm Springs, just my $.02.
  14. Lastly Reflect on just how conservative you are:  It ain’t much.  You hated Donald, look at what he did; tax cut, 3 judges on the court, ended Hillary.  Yet you cheered on the houses of Congress who opposed him.  Only after his first 3 years did you decide you liked him.  Who is the true conservative?  It’s no one in the CAGOP.

The Chief