Smoldering Dumpster Fire Oakland Raiders Go 0-2

Wow that escalated quickly. After blowing week one to the Los Angeles Rams, you follow that up by sharting the game against Denver by losing by a last second field goal. Jon Gruden who by the way will be making 10 million a year for the next 10 years, win, lose, draw or be fired; still coaches the team. Looks like he is going full Back to the Future driving the DeLorean in reverse. Glad the Raiders fell for this “charming sage’s” line of garbage and not my Bucs (they are 2-0 by the way) glad to see Gruden screwing up elsewhere. Derek Carr, the quarterback, which by the way I want my quarter back, actually all four of them this past week! This is a trash fire of epic proportions. Glad Gruden blamed both loses on a lack of a pass rush…you traded Khalil Mack for a couple first round picks and several Hooters gift cards you charming idiot!


Actually rumor has it Gruden was 20 deep into a 50 piece of boneless wings at halftime man, the heck with halftime adjustments; it was honey BBQ Sunday man. Dang, I hate it when I run out-a napkins.

D-Fence less Raider coach Jon Gruden


In the aftermath of the loss, Raiders went full Raider Nation bringing back weed aficionado Martavis Bryant back on a one year contract a couple weeks after cutting him. Rumor has it he failed a drug test and is now appealing. Hey dude, don’t hold your breath for that to go away. How California. Bringing back a player who has a weed addiction, to a state that legalized it? Blog Father help me out here, is it illegal if he’s “cranking the hoon” and still playing in a state where it’s “legal”—allegedly, I will add. Kind of sad you guys didn’t trade for Josh Gordon of Cleveland on Monday, he would likely fit right in. During 4 years in the league he has failed more drug tests than games played. But then again, he would actually be a good match since most Raider fans have missed more days at work due to positive drug tests and hangovers than any other team, so he would fit right in.


By the way, Khalil Mack has been a beast for DA BEARS who by the way are 1-1 compared you’re 0-2, sorry Raider fans it’s going to be a 3-13 year. Get a good look at charming sage Jon Gruden again…….also Mark Davis still looks like Jon Gruden microwaved leftovers.


Saturday Quick Hits

The Blog Father okayed overtime for The Chief, mostly because he needs more money to support his family. Here are some quick hitters in the news from the past 24 hours:

The Las Vegas/Oakland/Reno/Henderson/Los Angeles well anyway the Raiders traded their only good player on defense for a couple first round picks. How did the last time you traded for two first round picks end up? Oh wait… The Chief’s favorite team the Buccaneers beat you in the Super Bowl…so betting advice, take “Da Bears” to win it all. Glad you guys are paying coach Jon Gruden like a billion million dollars over 10 years man….because you traded your only defensive player that could play for like nothing man. Why am I saying man, all the time man? Because that’s how Gruden talks man. Also you guys y=traded for AJ McCarron man…he’s got a hot wife according to Brent Musberger man…….he even ogled her during the national championship game man! Rumor has it you cut back-up quarterback Connor Cook because he never understood the only play in the Gruden playbook of “spider 2 Y banana.” I should probably say man….man. In reality I heard McCarron can inhale a 50 piece at Hooters in about 4.42 seconds ….man!

By the way Mark Davis still looks like Jon Gruden microwaved leftovers…!

In addition I heard the Oakland/Vegas Raiders cut weed aficionado Martavis Bryant, rumors leaked to “The Chief” say he failed another drug test…personally I would blame it on the CA wildfires….man! Or maybe because you are in Oakland, blame it on second hand weed….man!

In other non-sports news…we have William Jefferson Clinton….experiencing high levels of excitement!

Clinton; spotted sans Hillary (which is normal for him, when excited)…and again we aren’t sure they have slept in the same bed more than once btw!

Wow…Bill I’ve gotta hand it to you, not needing to pull a Bob Dole, you are always game for a cute chick.

Hopefully you “enjoyedAriana Grande….or were you jealous of this move made by a bishop?

Note Jesse Jackson on the left in this photo

Anyway enjoy these photos folks.

“The Chief”

Editor Note: I did get this on Saturday but was out of town when The Chief sent it; thus it wasn’t posted until Sunday.


Angry White Male Lanny Davis is Unhinged

Lanny Davis used to be a special counsel to President William “I do weird stuff with interns and cigars” Clinton. As such, he was charged with defending the president at all costs against everything he was accused of, like any good attorney on retainer would. In fact, in a very sad attempt to stay relevant following the re-election of George W Bush he published a book and went on tour to promote his tome. One stop on his tour was the University “The Chief” attended when he was a freshman. At first, buying a ticket and his book was required by the faculty (after all the school was in Marin County), but then it wasn’t. As the blessed event drew near, tickets were given away for free so I decided to go. In addition to a free ticket (the event was held at my college) I was able to obtain his book for free. Scandal: How Gotcha Politics is Destroying America. Retail was $24.95 in USA, $32.95 in Canada, thank God I didn’t go to school in Canada, why would I pay $8 extra for the same book? Are these the Trump tariffs? Oh wait, this was 2004.

I was even invited to meet the speaker…again for free, he was so in demand. He walked over to me and started a conversation, we talked shop a little. He was likely triggered by my Bush Chaney 04 shirt I had on. I don’t think he really cared who I was supporting. Turns out his son is Seth Davis of CBS NCAA coverage fame. We found common ground and talked for a while about him. Like any proud father he talked, talked, and talked some more about how great his son was…….Barf. Commentators are a dime a dozen, and especially those who work like 2 months a year tops and are the definition of replaceable. But that is okay. He showed me about 5 photos, his son looked the same in each one. Finally, just as I was wishing I was wearing the “Drunken Jedi’s backpack” he was told to get ready to get on stage. My prayers were answered. I took a seat in the auditorium; it was deemed a sell out by Raider Fan standards… about 70% empty. He actually gave a good talk, basically referencing a sitting President screwing up and the other side immediately moving for impeachment, that rings true in the last 3 administrations by the way.

Lanny Davis: the man, the myth, telling legends

However this blog isn’t to talk about that speech. “The Chief” specializes in hot takes, so here you go. Lanny Davis has a history of being the angry white male while on camera. As you may recall, Lanny Davis was angry on election night while a guest of CNN…what else is new on that network. The Clinton regime sticks together or else… Maybe Davis felt he would be next in the scores of Clinton “confidants” found to have “committed suicide” (I will use the term “allegedly”) had he done any different. Surely its coincidence that those “suicides” seemed like foul play was involved; however, with the Clintons, it’s best not to leave the reservation. Clearly, William “the intern seducer” Clinton wouldn’t have had anything to do it himself because he’s too busy entertaining.

Bill “can you wag your finger and have no shame” Clinton

Anyway, Davis went off the deep end the other day regarding Donald Trump…who by the way is still the President. He went postal so badly that it should have resulted in a 5150 hold. He claimed President Trump knew in advance about a meeting in Trump Tower with Trump’s campaign and the Russians. Well literally on the following Tuesday, Davis back peddled on his story so quickly that if any NFL team is looking for a cornerback, he’s your guy. Davis reversed direction so quickly he lost his lead blockers in the media by saying “I regret not being much clearer in saying I’m not sure about this story.” Davis made this admission to NBC News. “It’s a major mistake for which I am 100 percent sorry. Period. I never should have done it unless I was certain and could prove it.” Hmmmm what is your book titled again? So basically you made it all up, nice job. You’re about as phony as your low rent son.
So Davis, let’s take a look at your clients over the last few decades.
• William “I was just getting a blowie while speaking to that other countries leader” Clinton
• Martha “I knew nothing about those insider trades, I swear I have great timing” Stewart
• The embassy to the Ivory Coast regarding election fraud

You my friend have a monopoly on morally bankrupt clients, glad you share their morals! Chief no like bottom feeders. Now you have been provided a retainer by Michael Cohen “allegedly” a friend of Donald J Trump…by the way still our President. I think Cohen had a role in Shawshank Redemption, you know the grown adult crying for his mommy at the beginning of the film? Yeah, he was beaten and killed but he realized he didn’t want to be in jail, congrats Lanny, you are a failure.

Hot Take: The chief coming in hot: Davis, or should I call you Lanny, do you “hook” yourself out to your clients for free, I’m asking for a friend? Your clients all seem morally bankrupt so do you actually get paid in money or….perks, if you know what I mean?

Hotter Take: Is the reason you are so triggered that you slept with Hillary? If you did no big deal, every guy needs a
slump buster…but a couple questions, how many paper bags? (Too bad plastic bags are outlawed in Liberal places.)
And how many bottles of Viagra, I’m asking for a friend? Because no way it took just 4! Hotter Chief! Hotter! Lanny did you “hit your knees as well for el presidente?

Chief get out the flamethrower! Is this the reason you still have all your hair because you and “el presidente” did the dirty? If not why do you have a still semi-full head of hair, and Carville and Begala are bald! Chief singe your hair now! Take that!

Chief, drop a hot take from the clouds! Lanny is your son really an illegitimate son conceived by William “just the tip” Clinton and your wife…I’m asking for a friend! He looks more like Bill then you!

Don’t bring that weak stuff near The Chief. Me steer clear of swamp people in home of Great White Father.

Verizon Wireless a Firefighters Worst Nightmare

Loyal followers know that The Chief very seldom holds back when it comes to hot takes, but this story actually had blood gushing out of my eyes. Verizon Wireless serves many purposes, largely they are known as a wireless provider “allegedly” they also are the second largest of wireless provider behind AT&T. Fun fact: Verizon is actually a former “Baby Bell” spun off from the breakup of the old AT&T. As almost anyone with a cell phone knows, every so often you get the dreaded message “You are close to going over your data limit” or “You must upgrade your plan to get faster download speed” knows you generally must relent and agree to the additional charges. As far as I am concerned, I don’t have much of an issue with this practice, since usually a swift change in your lifestyle will yield your old plan working just fine.

Here is my “chief issue” with Verizon, they used a similar practice on firefighters fighting a blaze in Mendocino County. They used a term called throttling which in laymen’s terms means reducing the data speed rates that are used by folks surfing the internet. While I disagree with data throttling and other manipulation, to do it to firefighters, in the midst of fighting a major forest fire, is downright despicable. Verizon Wireless in their infinite wisdom, cranked down the data usage by our firefighters fighting a huge blaze. Yes, you read that correctly, they were in Mendocino fighting the biggest fire in state history—which as of this writing is still only 67 percent contained—one where communication among everyone was key. Just to clarify for all of you from Rio Linda as Rush likes to say, this was not a drill, or a daughter or son texting their boyfriend or girlfriend and causing a data overage, this was a real life or death situation.

Mendocino Complex Fire – currently combined 425,177 acres have burned

In order to get more data for their command center in the midst of fighting this fire, they had to agree to pay double
their current monthly bill even though they supposedly had an unlimited plan.

Verizon says the fire department was subscribed to an “unlimited” data plan that was limited. The company has come under fire for its use of the word “unlimited” while placing limitations on plans. In this case, the plan firefighters were under was “unlimited” until they hit a certain data point, then their data would be throttled to a slower speed.

Fire Chief: Verizon Throttled Data During Mendocino Complex Fires

Look at this quote from Santa Clara Fire Chief Anthony Bowden “This throttling has had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services. Verizon imposed these limitations despite being informed that throttling was actively impeding County Fire’s ability to provide crisis-response and essential emergency services .”

Per KOVR’s report, the fire Chief went on to say:

“Verizon representatives confirmed the throttling, but rather than restoring us to an essential data transfer speed, they indicated that County Fire would have to switch to a new data plan at more than twice the cost and they would only remove throttling after we contacted the Department that handles billing and switched to the plan.”

At this point, Bowden says fire personnel had to rely on their own personal devices rather than the mobile command center. Verizon eventually lifted the throttling, but not until the department signed up for a new plan.

Editor’s Note: In the same testimony the fire chief listed other fires he had fought where Verizon did the same thing to them in the midst of firefighting.

How many additional structures burned as a result of this action Verizon took? Also, one firefighter died; was he trying to get into contact with his colleagues but unable to due to “data overage?” While I am no fan of investigations led by the government this is one that needs to happen. Was Verizon responsible for any structure being destroyed or fire fighter deaths? If so they should be charged criminally, very similar to how PG&E was held liable for some of the fires their wires started. Verizon may actually be the lowest of the low, Warren Buffett may be blushing. Verizon has since come out and apologized, interesting that the apology was issued as Congress announced they would be investigating. Also, this has not been reported but Verizon announced today, they would offer a new program with unlimited “emergency data” to first responders plan for about double the normal price for an unlimited data plan, I guess as Rahm Emanuel said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Verizon messed up badly, and likely are responsible for additional millions in damage and likely the death of a firefighter due to their “greed.” Exceptions can and should always be made, and during emergencies is one. While most people run from fire, firefighters run towards the fire with every intent to save structures and any people in its path. Verizon halted that, all due to corporate greed. They put additional structures and people in harm’s way all in the name of profit. In all likelihood they will be fined, both federally, the state will also get their pound of flesh, a couple of counties may get a pay off as well, but nothing will change. No lessons will be learned, apologies do not bring back memories or loved ones unnecessarily killed or destroyed. I’m sure Verizon has their legal department on overtime looking for ways that their insurance policy can cover this. Who is more morally bankrupt? Wells Fargo, PG&E or Verizon……I’ll take all of the above.

The lesson here is life goes on, regardless of whether your possessions or loved ones do, corporate profits are far more important, got to hit next quarter’s numbers!

Editor’s Note: Hey Chief, if they do this for a rural fire what do they do when we finally get hit with “the big one” and much of L.A. or San Francisco is in rubble?

Why Your Team is Horrible: Oakland Raiders Edition

The Oakland Raiders are a “football team” located in Oakland, California. This is a blog to troll Raiders players, owner, coaches, and fans.  Everything in this blog is “allegedly” true but if you are offended then regard the comment as satire.

So, you made the playoffs two years ago and after a bad year last season you decide to fire coach Jack Del Rio—who mind you is from the Bay Area after going 6-10.  I guess they got mad at Jack for dropping an “upper decker” in the bathroom or something, because 6-10 after a playoff appearance is not a reason to fire a coach.  I think the entire team just decided to play 2017 drunk on grape flavored Dimetapp, which happens to be the official drink of Raider fans.

First let’s start with your owner Mark Davis, son of Al.  Mark, you actually look like microwaved Jon Gruden leftovers, or a real-life anamorph of a person turning into a hairless cat although I cannot decide which one.  Also, you admit to eating at PF Chang’s every day?  Everyday?  You drive over 8 hours to go to the same barber to get your “bowl” hair cut?  Again, I’m being serious, that’s dedication man!  I’m pleasantly surprised you didn’t re-hire John Madden, since your franchise has been living in the past the 15 years.

Your owner hired Jon Gruden—yes, a man who has not coached in a decade—and gave him a 10 year 100-million-dollar contract.

Jon Gruden’s second coming to save the Raiders

Jon Gruden was the last good Raiders coach who is most famous for being traded from Oakland to Tampa Bay and immediately winning a Super Bowl that year, blowing out the Raiders.  All while using Tony Dungy’s players and Bill Callahan’s playbook.  Gruden has been announcing Monday Night Football for the last decade. I’m sure his old dusty playbook will shine brightly in a constantly changing league.  Don’t believe me, here’s Grudens own words, “I want to throw the game back to 1998” the Raiders record that year: 8-8.  (Wasn’t 88 what it takes for a DeLorean to go Back to the Future?) Anyway, you can’t make this stuff up folks.

Oh, I hear that Gruden loves eating wings at Hooters. Most men I know dine there for the great food and cheerful service. Besides, what happens in Hooters stays in Hooters. Anyway, between him and Davis, no chain restaurant is in danger of going out of business whenever they’re in Las Vegas.

Serious note here: I’m glad you guys hired Gruden, because now Monday Nights it’ll get quieter and I don’t have to hear “Spider 3 Y Banana” every other play.  Or any other jibberish like “The Gruden Grinder” or overused clichés like “He has the grit you desire in a player, man.”  Additionally, I get so pissed off at the hordes of media that surround this guy and hang on his every word, like he’s some kind of sage or something.  Remember the guy went through quarterbacks in Tampa Bay like the old lady at the supermarket going through the cantaloupe’s.  He’s already gotten started trading for Christian Hackenberg then cutting him within 10 days, not even long enough to split a 50 piece with Gruden…man.  Hiring Jon Gruden is literally like going all in on Bitcoin, likely not to end well.

Did I mention Vegas earlier…yeah, they are moving the Raiders there in like a couple years?  Maybe, perhaps, I still think they may be contractually obligated to play in that abandoned Toys R Us warehouse in Elko while waiting for their new taxpayer funded stadium to be built.  Kind of ironic you will be able to buy Raiders tickets at the same kiosk that you can get half priced tickets to David Copperfield and Coyote Ugly and other iconic shows that haven’t been relevant since the Iraq War.  Can you get a hold of this image…Wayne Newton leading the team onto the field while he is on a hover round?  That’s pure Vegas gold brother!  Maybe even hire Gary Bussey as the team spokesman!

Now let’s move on to their current players.

Raider quarterback Derek Carr is famous for two things: breaking his leg during a game on December 24th—sort of like a reverse Christmas miracle—and after beating the 4-1 KC Chiefs, when the Raiders were 2-4 he declared “Jesus is on my side” and then this good line “we talked about going 2-5 and it didn’t sound right to us.”  Derek you guys finished the year 6-10.

Amari Cooper was good what seems like 10 years ago so he will likely break his foot week one on Oakland’s infield dirt.  Truth be told your offense is actually really good.  Your defense however is horrible, outside of Khalil Mack who is holding out, I think every other player has a warrant, rap sheet or some type of career threatening illness hanging over them.  So, what if the team went out and brought in retreads Leon Hall, Derrick Johnson, and Frostee Rucker to fix the issue.  Leon Hall is a nobody, he was good about 8 years ago.  Johnson is about 400 years old and has blown out both ACL’s now.  I don’t know what a Frostee Rucker is?  Maybe a new menu item at Dairy Queen?  But seriously anyone with the name Frostee can’t be that good, unless you are a hardened criminal.  I fully believe a squad of 11 Roomba vacuum cleaners with googly eyes could put up over 42 points on this defense.  On offense they also brought in several re-treads: weed aficionado Martavis Bryant, walking concussion and likely CTE recipient Jordy Nelson, and Doug Martin a re-tread from my Buccaneers.

Seriously, getting just a re-tread head coach was not good enough?  At this rate you might want to give Ronnie Lott or Deion Sanders a call, I heard they are not busy.  Actually, I am legitimately wondering, are you guys holding open tryouts based on who can win in a wheelchair race outside your stadium on gamedays?  Talk about fantasy football.

Deion Sanders—currently the offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill high school

Glad you guys didn’t just stop at the coach and players with the re-treads, you fired your announcer and  hired Brent Musburger, a known gambling enthusiast, and apologist for violence towards women.

Brent Musburger official announcer for the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders

Musburger?  I thought that is what your concession stands served the day after the sewer backs up into the coliseum?  An old pastime of mine is after the NFL Draft commences every year to look at who the Raiders picked-up, never fails the picks in every round will have one of these 3 words; reach, character issue, or project.  Usually it’s good for several laughs.

Speaking of re-treads that term also applies to their fans, quite literally all of them.  The Raider fanbase all seem to be on their second wife, defaulted on their second mortgage, and/or have likely been hauled back to court for the third time regarding late payments on child support or probation violations.  If you see no future in your life, or just feel jaded and bleak all the time, I think you found a team to root for and fan base to fit into!  Talk about the Suicide Squad. If you start making plans now, you should be just in time to move with your team to Vegas, take up permanent residency in a bottom level hotel like Motel 6, all to watch your team in the land of failure and what if.

Raider Nation family portrait

Want some comedy relief, click on an article about the Raiders. It can be literally any one and skip straight to the comment section. Honestly there cannot be a more illiterate group of people on the planet…do they all work for the DMV? No, they don’t but more on this later.  What’s even better is when one illiterate gets into it with another illiterate fan, comments turn into a grammar and spell check nightmare.  Then it gets better especially when they get at each other about “where they are reppin from.”  Seriously, Compton, Riverside, East Oakland, Watts, they are all decrepit places to live, get over yourselves.  Best part about the whole commenting shtick, some of these guys think they become hardo’s just by adding Raider to their username, like Bigraiderfan420 or Kingraider69, glad he threw the 69 in there.

One good thing about the Raiders is there logo makes you appear to be a gangbanger. Back in the day, I walked to college or a BART station many times wearing a good friend’s Raiders shirt, while walking through some very “sketchy” neighborhoods, I was never bothered.  Nice fringe benefit, however I hate the Raiders, hence the writing of this blog.  Also, it’s fun to watch commenters turn on other fans when they use the term “Nation”, since the Raiders call themselves “Raider Nation.” I guess they think own the copyright rights.

Raider Nation logo

Worse yet, has anyone ever met a doctor or lawyer who is a Raider fan? Nope, they are all truckers, construction workers or “between jobs.”  Hence the obvious question to every fan needs to answer; which is higher your IQ or how many teeth you have left?  Oh, by the way explain this to “The Chief” on my way out, if your fan base is so great why is the top level (over 10k seats) tarped off?

Stay alert Raider fans, as you never know when Mark Davis may stray from his crypt to fire Jon Gruden.

Panic sets in for Ohio Democrats

Democrats were so certain they would win the special election in Ohio last night they even opted to unfreeze Jimmy Carter to make a couple victory laps on TV earlier in the day.  Liberal pundits thought they had this in the bag, similar to a political nemesis of the Clintons.  The coverage was strong Tuesday morning, MSLSD’s Joe Scarborough “allegedly” a former GOP congressman claimed victory saying it was the start of a blue wave this election year.  His wife and co-host of “Morning Joe” was out of town, and strangely I hadn’t seen Joe this aroused in a long while coincidence?  I noticed an abnormal number of commercial breaks and was later able to confirm Joe needed to change his undergarments far more than usual, again the whole aroused thing.  Good thing “Morning Joe” has only one viewer, no word on if its Joe’s mommy, but nonetheless “The Chief” doubled this morning’s audience.  Anderson Cooper was no better, he actually cracked a smile several times, leading me to believe he may have come back to the straight side last night…likely wishful thinking.  Chris Hayes, again of MSLSD, was foaming at the mouth during his show, might have been a health issue, possibly the disease called liberalism.  Hayes for those of you who don’t know looks like he physically, mentally, and morally peaked in elementary school, imagine a 5th grader frozen and in an adults body.

Rachael Maddow was a complete and total dumpster fire, literally saying there is no way Rep. Troy Balderson could win.  Maybe she had inside information?  If so she better find a new bookie because Balderson is going to win, leading by 1% with 100% of the vote counted.  The Chief has decided Maddow likely has the IQ of a plastic bottle, because when you throw her around she always gets beaten out of shape.  Additionally Rev. Al Sharpton added his commentary saying he “hoped the black man would win this election because blacks need equal representation” there was no black person on the ballot, legally “allegedly.”  No word from Paul Begala and James Carville, but word has it they started their own radio show, two ugly white guys, mostly to compete with sitcom/reality TV show Two Broke Girls.

The point of this troll blog is to highlight a couple points.  First the Democrats are running on nothing except Trump hate, they have no ideas.  They remind me of the Republican leadership under President Obama saying he is no good, vote for us…..why you ask?  Well we’re not as bad as him.  This isn’t anything to run under, its bad policy.  Problem is the Democrats were up to their usual tricks Tuesday, just like any other election, word is the local cemetery had over 100% voter turnout. This was actually a low number usually it’s around 150%.  As I tell friends of mine, I lost both grandfathers of mine over the last few years, they voted Republican until they died, now they vote straight ticket Democrat.  I’m still mystified, if the democrat O’Connor was up by the same 1% the “associated press”( whatever the heck that means) would have already called the race, went home had a warm bottle of milk and gone to bed already; but nope. The evil, white supremacist, angry white male won so yeah we’re not calling it tonight.  “Allegedly” the drill bit used to drill a hole thorough the “O’Conner” spot on the ballot needed to be changed, so those ballots found late tonight will be counted later when said drill bit is working again.  (Unless the put the hole in the wrong spot and voted for pat Buchannan.) Additionally, we heard Mr. Balderson is required to answer a 2 AM phone call to test his worthiness for said congressman job (maybe we should change the name congressman seems sexist).  The 2 AM phone call is a big thing as you may remember Hillary Clinton answered the call and sent in our military when Benghazi was under attack……or maybe she slept through it, but oh well.

The Chief has seen enough, Balderson won.

FYI Their rematch is in 90 days.

Urban “Oscar” Meyer Strikes Again!

Editor’s note: The Chief is an avid sports fan but when the sports page turns into the crime blotter, The Chief goes on the warpath. Buckle-up because today’s story has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel. As you will see, many folks deserve to be scalped for their participation and subsequent cover-up.

If you are unaware, Urban Meyer is the head football coach at The Ohio State University, and by default the highest paid government worker in the state! Well suffice it to say the last 24 hours have been nothing short of disaster for both University and the Meyer family.

Urban Meyer, Ohio State Head Coach

Zach Smith—the former wide receivers coach at the university and a friend and confidant of Meyer since his early coaching days at University of Florida—was terminated back on July 24th after a judge issued a protective order not allowing Smith to come within 500 feet of his ex-wife. Smith has also been charged with criminal trespassing in May of this year; again with his ex-wife being involved. Gotta respect a man for being persistent…never take no for an answer cuz!

Wife beater and general scumbag Zack Smith


The filing of the protective order followed an incident in May in which Smith was charged with criminal trespass after driving his car into his ex-wife’s driveway during a custody exchange of their 13-year-old son.

URL Urban Meyer explains Zach Smith firing, knew about 2009 allegations

Back in 2009 while both were at the State run latrine called University of Florida at Gainesville, Smith was investigated for a dispute, again with his now ex-wife.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said Tuesday he was aware of domestic abuse allegations against former receivers coach Zach Smith in 2009, when Smith was a graduate assistant on Meyer’s staff at Florida.

URL Urban Meyer explains Zach Smith firing, knew about 2009 allegations

Fast forward to 2015 and Smith was actually arrested on domestic violence charges in Powell, Ohio.

Meyer being the literal wiener he is, did nothing. Or did he?

Interestingly enough, when reached for comment this past Tuesday, Powell Ohio Police Department said they had no arrest records for Smith, however later in the day they walked it back saying they had found the arrest records and 2 additional visits to the Smith residence by the department.

The Chief needs clarification, so they “found” these records later? Is this like the Democrat party finding millions of uncounted votes long after the election? Did Ol’ Oscar Meyer call in a favor with the local P.D.? Arrest records are usually given out on demand. Most may doubt The Chief here but these college football coaches; especially Meyer who has won 3 National Championships, carry ungodly amounts of clout. More on that later.

Meyer said it was “a very tough call” to fire his longtime assistant. Sounds like it.

Meyer fired Smith on Monday after a report from Brett McMurphy revealed details of an incident in 2009 in Florida in which Smith was arrested for shoving his then-pregnant wife against a wall during an altercation.

URL Urban Meyer explains Zach Smith firing, knew about 2009 allegations

This dude (Coach Smith) made more contact with the opposite sex than John Edwards did in the last nine years and it was a “tough call” to fire him. Coach Smith, as you will see, is a hands-on sort of guy.

Here are more disturbing developments about Smith. “…police responding to a call in 2015 at the Smith residence were told by Smith’s wife,’a domestic incident happened last night at her home and that she has been a victim of sustained physical abuse by the suspect.’ ”

URL Urban Meyer knew of 2009 abuse allegations involving fired Ohio State assistant Zach Smith

Two weeks later, the second visit was “menace by stalking.” Strangely enough neither of the two above incidents led to Smith’s firing. Instead, Smith was let go due to the 2009 claim…being brought forward again earlier this year. This finally resulted in a charge from the 2009 incident bringing down this low life bum.

Coach Meyer—when reached for comment by ESPN (More on this later)—said his support staff had no information regarding these allegations. Hmmm strange how that happens. Ask anyone, get into a minor arrest if you work at a school and the HR department usually finds out rather quickly. But I digress. When you win football games and bring in big $$$ for said school, interesting how things get swept under the rug.

Here is where things take yet another turn. Back in 2009, Meyer’s wife—who was friends with Smith’s wife—actually got involved with his arrest. She consulted with Urban, and Urban said he made the decision simply going to counseling was enough.

May I add that in 2009, Smith brought home a different woman—who happened to be a co-worker—back to his house intending carnal relations with her with said wife present, sounds like a winner. I am aware of a movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I guess Smith was going for the record of 10 minutes or less.

An argument ensued…that’s to be expected, I don’t think many women take kindly to said husband sleeping with another women in your bed unless your last name is Clinton, Kennedy, or Edwards. Then Mr. Smith put his hands on his wife and hit her, heck yeah boss, hitting women is such an alpha move! Hopefully you taught that broad a lesson, I mean if you want to be in an open relationship go for it. Nothing says manliness like beating up a pregnant woman, I mean they’re almost as strong as men!

Here is just how much the firing of Smith affected the football team this upcoming season “It was a devastating loss for us, it’s not something you expect, especially at a time like this, when you’re only a week out [from the start of training camp],” Buckeyes wideout Parris Campbell said. “But I think the main focus and the main goal is to lean on one another. We need one another in a moment like this. It’s a huge loss, but we’ll move forward.”

URL Parris Campbell on Zach Smith firing: ‘It was devastating’

Yeah, I love to harken back to simpler times when Ray Rice beat the living crap out of his wife on camera and was only suspended a couple games. Was this termination necessary? I need answers? Who will coach wide receivers this year? Oh My God? How will we win the Heisman Trophy now?

Well this blogger doesn’t know if Smith will be wide in jail, but he will be a receiver! From what I hear, hitting women sounds like it is frowned upon in our penal institutions!

Oh, I mentioned things taking a turn earlier for Coach Meyers. Smith’s wife—in an interview with Brett McMurphy, who was fired by ESPN last year—said every coach on Meyer’s staff knew of the abuse she went through in 2015. Smith was not fired for anything that happened in 2015, with Coach Meyer denying any knowledge of these charges. Meyer’s reaction was basically, “Beats me”.

Maybe Coach Meyer and his wife are not on speaking terms but here is yet another revelation in this sordid tale, Meyer’s wife is a registered nurse and a professor in the nursing department at Ohio State. Due to the nature of Shelley Meyer’s job, she is a mandatory reporter under Title 9. (Sorry The Chief doesn’t do roman numerals, the Romans are gone.) This puts both Meyers in big predicaments. Did Shelley tell her superiors? Did she tell her husband? Did Oscar Meyer crush these reports, because this could get his wife terminated?

Here is another good one. A reporter in Columbus, Ohio, home to the Ohio State University, did a freedom of information act request on Smith’s personnel records three weeks ago, he has been stonewalled by the University.

Here are another couple of pure gold quotes by Smith’s former wife “All the [coaches’] wives knew,” Smith told McMurphy. “They all did. Every single one.” Well that’s ok right, because no chance Urban Meyer could have known right? Again, let’s quote Smith’s ex-wife

“I do believe he knew and instead he chose to help the abuser, enable the abuser, and believe whatever stories Zach was telling everybody,” Courtney said.
Courtney (Smith) also went into detail about the alleged beatings, which led her to eventually divorce Zach Smith in 2016 and file a domestic violence civil protection order against him on July 20. The filing of that document, and the revelation of the years of abuse, led to Zach’s immediate firing from the program last week.

URL ‘He chose to help the abuser’: Axed Ohio State football coach’s ex-wife says she believes head coach Urban Meyer knew she was being beaten — and did nothing

Whoa, boom that sounds like a flame grilled wiener!

College football coaches, especially the really good ones such as Meyer wield great influence over people. As mentioned earlier, not one to let that power go to waste, Meyer not only knew what Smith had done, he sent in his goons after Mrs. Smith in 2009. Hiram DeFries, who is the special assistant to the head coach at Ohio State and has been a confidant of Urban Meyer for years, told her in 2009 not to pursue charges against Zach Smith after the incident in Florida. Meyer was the Florida Gators’ head coach at the time; Smith was an intern on his staff. Hiram DeFries sounds like a typical wannabe mob goon, but like Smith, is just a low life scum. Not to go unnoticed is this gem DeFries unleashed as well. “[DeFries] said, ‘If you don’t drop the charges, Zach will never coach again,’” Smith told McMurphy. “‘He’s never hit you before. He was drinking. He’ll probably never do it again. You should think about giving him a second chance.’” Yes history says men who hit women won’t do it again, give him a second chance.

Hiram DeFries makes Courtney Smith an offer she can’t refuse

Here’s yet another bombshell dropped today, “She did not press charges in 2009. Zach Smith was investigated in 2015 for suspicion of felony domestic violence after an incident that resulted in unspecified injuries and showed evidence of sustained abuse. In the Powell, Ohio, police report regarding that incident, Courtney Smith said she had been a victim of habitual domestic abuse. on Wednesday identified nine reports from Powell police involving domestic disputes between the couple from 2012 to 2018.” Habitual domestic violence, as in like more than one time. Again Oscar Meyer denied he knew any of this.

Courtney Smith, Zack’s private piñata

Luckily, Smith—who makes more than $500k a year of taxpayer money—was able to hire a lawyer to fight these charges. Listen to his attorney comment on these charges. Bradley Koffel, an attorney representing Zach Smith, told ESPN: “Zach Smith wants to be as transparent and honest as possible but it is not going to be done today through the media. It will only be after he and his ex-wife are sworn in to testify. Once he gets his chance to tell his side of events, don’t be surprised when it is corroborated by every police who ever responded to Ms. Smith’s calls.” Well thank goodness he will be transparent down the line, that’s what I need in these turbulent times. Let me guess it was a simple game of patty cake gone wrong, or better yet your wife launched her head into your fist. Koffel sounds like someone who has the IQ of a piece of meat, meaning you leave him out to long he spoils.

This tale is not over yet, here is something really sick. Smith was fired July 24th, on the 25th of July, Meyer was at the Big 10 Conference media days and claimed he had no idea of any of Smith’s 2015 arrest records. So why did you suddenly fire Smith for something that happened almost a decade ago you low life?
Here is why, Urban Meyer is a coward. Similar to a politician (or a chameleon), while at Florida he found a gem in future Pope Timothy Tebow and claimed to hold a saintly moniker, claiming he read the Bible daily and no one was holier than him. Excuse me while I go barf.

Ok I’m, back.

Let’s take a long look at some of the outstanding athletes to pass through Gainesville and Columbus under the tutelage of St. Meyer.

The University of Florida
Aaron Hernandez – murdered at least 1 person, likely as high as 3, never suspended
Janoris Jenkins – finally kicked out of Florida after 5 failed drug tests (Meyer had left) Jenkins had an A+ quote “If Coach Meyer were still coaching, I’d still be playing for the Gators,” he was quoted as saying. “Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win.” Sounds like Meyer was quite the disciplinarian. By the way just recently Jenkins brother was arrested for “allegedly” killed a man, and hiding the body in Janoris house in New York. Hmmmmmmm
Chris Rainey – Felony aggravated stalking, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again?
Riley Cooper – resisting arrest, and failure to comply with fire department orders, what the hell do fire fighters know anyways?
Cam Newton – Felony burglary, larceny, obstruction of justice. Not a banker, bank robber!
Matt Elam – DUI
Carlos Dunlap – DUI
Frankie Hammond – DUI
Jamar Hornsby – felony criminal mischief
Jermaine Cunningham – misdemeanor battery, he threw cups at a Jimmy Johns employee. When a man wants his roast beef hot!
Tony Joiner – Felony theft, I guess he was pulling an OJ Simpson
Ronnie Wilson – assault and battery, also use of a concealed weapon. Applying to be a US Marshall?
We will just stop here, there are at least 30 more during his short tenure at Florida.

Now at Ohio State:
Adolphus Washington – soliciting a prostitute that happened to be a cop. As the chief has mentioned, if it has teeth it’s a cop……..face smash
Gareon Conley – rape, got off, I guess in more ways than one
Kirk Barton – former player arrested for hitting bar patrons, likely putting Smiths training to use
JT Barrett – Dui – he wasn’t as think as you drunk he was

Likely there were scores more, but Meyer wielded his influence and got the charges dropped. Meyer has a very interesting history, he got to Florida, won a couple championships, St. Tebow went pro, and then he suddenly had a heart attack the following year. He took a few years off, working for ESPN, only to take the Ohio State job once it came open 2 years later. Now after winning a championship, I think it’s time for a visit to the cardiologist, because it doesn’t look good.
Meyer was suspended today (with pay) until the investigation is over. I think Meyer better find another gig soon, it doesn’t look good.
As the tale is now told, back in 2009 Meyer and his wife tried to do an intervention with the Smith’s. Mrs. Smith as you recall was in a family way at the time of her spousal smackdown.

At this sad time for these hapless coaches, The Chief can only channel his inner Don Corleone and dispense this advice.

• First, Urban Meyer to act like a man!

• Second, Zack Smith if you didn’t want a child with said wife, put a bag over your pepperoni, what’s the matter with you!

More news has come out of Columbus with assistant coach Ryan Day, (that’s actually someone’s name by the way) interim head coach, and placed Meyer on timeout while they determine how much they should pay that low life. Two coaches on staff were previously head coaches elsewhere but were not named interim coach, this is somewhat surprising until you see the backgrounds of said assistants. One was Greg Schiano, who for some reason looks very similar to Bobby from King of the Hill, this oversized ogre is best known for covering up rape at Penn State by former “ass” istant coach Jerry Sandusky, and lying under oath.

Greg Schiano feels his future slipping from his fingers

The other coach is Kevin Wilson, formerly at Indiana University whose tenure includes being fired for ignoring trainers regarding injuries and repeated run ins with the administration after being warned about his antics. Looks like these two losers will also be going down with the ship, no word on if Schiano knows which way is down.

Perhaps the University of Ohio will let these guys rest with the fishes. Look for an offer that they can’t refuse.

My final observation is one bit of odd information or the lack thereof; coaches get fired annually—it’s kind of a rite of passage. Every time a coach gets fired, even if it’s something really egregious, former co-workers or players come out and say he was a great guy, coach, mentor etc. Nothing but radio silence so far on Mr. Smith. Let that sink in. Additionally The Chief tells Mr. Smith to assume the position. I’m sure this won’t hurt a bit.

Burn in the opposite of heaven you wife beater!

For further reading

URL Protection Order Filed Against Zach Smith

URL Brett McMurphy #2 July 23 @ 2:54 PM

URL Brett McMurphy #1 July 23 @ 5:05 AM

URL Courtney Smith On Abuse Allegations And What Urban Meyer Knew


Stormy Daniels was Arrested this AM

When the “Chief” read this headline, Stormy Daniels was Arrested this AM, I knew I had to fire up another troll blog.  Stormy Daniels, we will refer to her as an adult entertainer, most known for trying to extort money from President Donald J Trump, was arrested at a Columbus, Ohio strip club where she was “performing” this Thursday AM.  She “allegedly” touched some undercover police officers while she was performing on stage.  Stormy was arrested and booked into a local jail; no word if said jail had a stage or fireman’s pole on which she could continue her act.  However; traditionally, they do have a camera or two on the premises.

Stormy Daniels taking the perp walk earlier today and she looks way different with clothing

Stormy posted bail of $6,054 and was released shortly after being booked. No word on whether bail was paid in used one-dollar bills, or coupons for future services rendered by Miss Daniels.  As a sidebar I hope the bail officer wore gloves when handling said dollar bills because this money is in need of laundering (with bleach).

As a certified connoisseur of strip clubs since my youth, I would like to weigh in on this topic because I find the lack of details disturbing here.  First of all what patron of a strip club would complain about a dancer touching them?  This is what the officers should be investigating, good lord!  That’s like the Holy Grail my friend and here you are rushing outside to put 911 on blast?  For this?  Fortunately for this “poor lad” there just happened to be a number of undercover police officers at the club to well…to stick-up for him and lend a hand. Coincidence?  I think not!  Rumor has it the officers were investigating a lead on a shooter of famed, rap martyr, XXXTentacion.

Lest you think I jest about Ohio, read the article in the post below on flakka.

“… there have been recent reports of a designer drug marketed as flakka in Ohio and Houston as well as Florida.”

Thank gawd they didn’t let this “Stormy” situation blow over.  Or perhaps these officers were just looking for a reason to get her off the premises, away from the unwashed masses, and get a private show out of this?  Most people don’t look good in handcuffs unless you are into that sort of thing, but something tells me Stormy didn’t mind, and she is likely no stranger to a pair of more “furry” handcuffs.

Upon being bailed out, her attorney put out a statement saying, “This was a setup and politically motivated, it reeks of desperation.”  I agree, as this appears to be the same thing she did to President Trump. The irony in that statement cannot be made up.

What is kind of funny in a weird way is this is the law she broke “under Ohio Law, an employee who regularly appears nude, or seminude on the premises of a sexuality oriented business is not allowed to touch anyone who is not a family member while nude or semi-nude at said establishment.”  Well I think that law defeats the purpose of any and all strip clubs, I mean who wants to see a family member nude or semi-nude?  Frankly I would expect a law like this in West Virginia but not its neighbor to the west!  Truth be told I’m slightly disturbed. Now let me get this straight, so touching a family member’s junk while nude is not viewed as a crime, but if it’s not a family member, it’s illegal?  Does this include service animals? Many people regard them as family members too.

Given the above, I think it’s time to change the way we pick Presidents since it usually comes down to Ohio’s “voters.”  Maybe they have these laws because of the old joke, what do you call a good looking women in Ohio?  A visitor!

In an interview with a friend of mine, he commented “Just a few months ago she was on top of the world, being interviewed by Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Kimmel and now this?  My response was if you consider being interviewed by those two as the top of the world; you should get out more often.  Plus, I think that’s the first time I’ve heard the words, “girl”, “on top of” and “Anderson Cooper” in the same sentence, ever.

In closing, Stormy got off on these “alleged” charges this morning. And when I say got off, I mean legally, not sexually because there is no way to prove the latter.  This is why I always urge people to use “allegedly” because until convicted you do have rights in this country…allegedly.  A couple of final thoughts on this; first, the day I call the police because a stripper touched me is the day I kill myself!  Also, boy do I hope Trump tweets his thoughts on this, I’m going to get my popcorn and warm pretzel handy!  Additionally, I’m glad to know the good men and women of the Columbus Police Department were attending a strip club last night rather than you know; cleaning up the hell hole that is known as Columbus!  I am sure there were no shootings, opioid overdoses, or any other crimes committed in that gawd forsaken place!

More as events warrant,


Bill Cardoza is a Liberal Part 1 of ???

Bill Cardoza is a member of the CRA. He serves on the Board and has been identified elsewhere on this blog as the “Wookie” with aspirations to be the next CRA President. The vote will happen early next year. Cardoza is not known for consuming vast quantities of adult beverages, but he pals around with Jorge Riley aka “the drunken Jedi.” Riley has problems holding his liquor unless it’s securely stowed in his backpack. He always impresses me as being wasted and often dresses like he is on a 72-hour bender. Both these fellows are nice enough to talk too at a public gathering, but they are deeply flawed and not fit for leadership. Below I lay-out my case for opposing Cardoza’s aspirations to be statewide President of CRA.

Bill Cardoza—photo from SRA website

In high school I was told the word sophomore meant “wise fool” if that’s the case Bill Cardoza must mean “useful idiot” or “loyal follower.”  This guy worked for many years at the Board of Equalization (BOE). If you’re wondering what the heck that means, it’s the state organization that until last July oversaw collecting sales and use taxes and redistributing them to their respective counties, cities etc.  Of all the people, one would think Mr. Cardoza would have in depth knowledge of tax bills/propositions on the ballot, right?  Especially because he worked for BOE and also did time in and around the State Capital, tax policy should be his forte.

Two years ago, the CRA had a regional endorsing convention and among the items we were voting on were two tax measures scheduled to appear on the ballot.  I am going to zero in on these two very troubling votes Mr. Cardoza made.

Measure B
The first, Measure B, a countywide sales tax increase, “allegedly” to fund transportation projects and fix potholes and stuff.  Cardoza decided he was the only man in America that should take the lead in discussing the impact this would have on everyone’s wallet, being he worked for BOE; I respectfully deferred.  He stated Measure B “only rises sales tax by half a cent” (8% to 8.5% in Elk Grove, where I reside).  Note the word, “only” very odd choice for a self-described conservative.

I had had enough, so I blew him up similar to how I would blow up a bathroom stall after eating four chipotle burritos for lunch!  (Sorry for that image.)

I immediately called him out saying “only” as in like we can all afford it?  His response was “transportation projects are needed in this area.”  Typical RINO gibberish; we pay some of the highest sales taxes on a rolling county by county basis already!  When I read a quote from Regional Transit General Manager Henri Li saying it would go towards “well needed raises for my staff”, ummm what?  I thought it was for transportation stuff not salaries?

Henry Li—Regional Transit

When faced with this response “Liberal Bill” looked dumbfounded saying “it’s a transportation tax”.  Obviously shaken, Cardoza retorted “plenty of local electeds are supporting this measure, including Darrell Steinberg” (D-Weak-Kneed Bozo), sounds like a good reason to support this right?

When I said voting against this measure would actually lower our sales taxes by .25% again I was met with faces in utter disbelief. The reality was that the old Measure A was going to run out, hence the urgency to pass this POS.  Boom roasted Bill!

Roasted Bill We serve our Bill flame broiled but never fried

In a rare moment of sobriety, Riley turned to Cardoza and said, “dude really?”  The attempt by Cardoza went down in flames just like his run for CRA President will if I have a say!

Funny, Cardoza looked very similar to Alexander from Pinocchio aka the boy who turned into a donkey after abandoning his morals, and realizing he was going to work hard labor for the rest of his life!  Interesting symbolism there, Cardoza turning into a donkey…the donkey being the Democrat Party image of choice….hmmmmm.  Just a note: the measure barely lost, failing by only 8,100 votes, nice work Liberal Bill!  Despite his best efforts to stop it, our taxes actually went down, a rare win for the little guy!

Alexander from Pinocchio

Measure M
The second showdown featuring “Liberal Bill” was a local (Elk Grove area mostly) school bond authorization, Measure M.  This was near and dear to the “Chief” because his property tax would rise by at least $75 and likely a lot more if it passed.  Cardoza again filibustered. Seated feet away from him was a candidate running for school board in that same district. This candidate had spent several thousand dollars opposing Measure M and was a fellow delegate to the endorsing convention!  Despite his best efforts, CRA finally had the sense to oppose both Bill’s position and Measure M.

Rumor has it “Liberal Bill” even single handedly killed the issue at the local Republican central committee convincing them not to take a stand on the issue.  When election time came, the measure carried by a large margin thanks to “Liberal Bill” and his buddies.  Lots of hard work by both a candidate and a friend of mine went down the drain do to your lack of basic understanding of how taxes and fees work.  Thanks to Cardoza running the end around, my property taxes went up substantially, so I tell people I had to pay a Bill Cardoza tax hike!

Now, I have heard this character wants to run for CRA President, ummm yeah no.  Bill Cardoza is a liberal, there is no defense to this.  Bill is the worst of the worst, he is a professional chameleon and an obvious Ted Cruz supporting, very confused person who likely hates Trump.  Bill is clueless so I feel badly for beating him up….well not really. Unlike Facebook, we here at Reallyright give our correspondents the freedom to dance on people’s graves and Mr. Cardoza you are next!  By the way are you related to former Congressman Dennis Cardoza?  You both share the same quizzical look!  What are your accomplishments that lead people to believe you would be a good President?  I hear crickets?  By the way I have it in writing from a direct report of yours that you supported both measures passing and did your part to recruit people to vote in favor or take no position.

So, when you see Bill Cardoza ask him:
1.  Why do you think we should pay higher taxes?
2.  Where is your political spine?
3.  When did you get so out of touch with the GOP voter?
Or maybe just tell him he should give lower taxes a try!

Bill Cardoza… out of touch…..dangerous for CRA President!

As the great one Mark Levin would say “HE’s a LIBERAL



Disturbing News out of Florida

Jahseh Onfroy was a rap singer that was gunned down in Florida on Monday. His stage name was XXXtentacion. From what is known of him, he can best be described as a horrible person who spent most of his juvenile years in and out of the Florida legal system for things ranging from false imprisonment all the way to beating the tar out of his pregnant girlfriend.

XXXTentacion, who sported dreadlocks and facial tattoos, was a rising star. He notched a No. 1 album in March with his sophomore effort “?”and had a top 10 hit with “Sad!”

But he also generated controversy. In 2016, he was arrested on charges including home invasion for a 2015 incident, and less than a month later was jailed on charges that he attacked his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time. Later, he faced more charges including witness tampering.

In a recent interview with the Miami New Times, XXXTentacion described his upbringing, which included seeing his mother infrequently and being raised by friends, family and baby-sitters. His mother bought him clothes, phones and other gifts. He said he used violence so she would engage with him.

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

Rapper Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion

On Monday, June 18, the 20-year-old was shot and killed during an apparent robbery as he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach Florida, CNN reported. The controversial talent, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was departing the shop before 4 p.m. when he was gunned down by two armed men who fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

Bystanders attempted to check his pulse, but X was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead just after 5:30 p.m. Monday.

On Thursday, June 21, Cleopatra Bernard, mother of the slain rapper, shared an image of an ultrasound to her Instagram account inscribing the sonogram with the note, “He left us a final gift.”

URL Murdered Rapper Expecting a Child

Broward county Sheriff’s officers arrested 22 year old Dedrick Williams and charged in connection with the shooting death of rapper Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion.
Days after rapper’s Florida slaying, a suspect is arrested

Dedrick Williams was arrested for murder

First of all Mr. Williams is just 22 years old, which still makes him a baby or a child.  A baby who now faces the prospect of spending every last day of his life in jail due to 1 poor decision.  Also he is a man of the cross, witness, said cross tattooed just near his eye.  I think he was just doing the Lord’s work.  Please don’t point to Mr. Williams’s criminal history and the fact that he was still on probation for Grand Theft Auto four years ago, he was still a juvenile damn it!  His past should not matter because it is not relevant!

Court records show Williams has been charged previously with several felonies, including grand theft auto, domestic violence, cocaine possession and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

It does not appear, however, that he has ever done prison time for these charges and some of them were dropped. Williams does not appear in the Florida Department of Corrections offender database, but was on probation for the auto theft conviction.

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

This guy was on the straight and narrow and getting his life back together, this incident was just a mere slip-up in my eyes.  So now the State is going to take this kid’s freedom away on a permanent basis?  For this?  Look Black Lives Matter tells me police officers do this same thing daily and I don’t see any of them going to jail! Murdering someone I know isn’t really right, but there is a time and place to discuss Mr. Williams losing his freedom forever, but I don’t think it’s appropriate on the day of his arrest!  I find it extremely distasteful because this is not the time or place!

Williams was loved by all friends and family and deeply respected in the community. He had aspirations to get a degree in breaking and entering but I guess he moved on to murder.  His own mother was even quoted as saying “He a good boy!”  Word has it, William’s was owed money by Mr. XXXtentacion, that being the case he was jus gon collet his debts!  I mean he was just trying to provide for his family like any good man would!  Or maybe XXXtentacion had stolen his unlimited pass to the local Centerfolds?  Also do we even know if he committed this heinous crime?  I want to use the term “allegedly” for what he did, because I think he is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time!  I don’t even think there is reason to believe this crime even really happened to tell you the truth.  So now one alleged transgression is going to cut short the life of someone who had a very bright future in front of them!  I call this yet another example of a fine young man just being screwed over by our education system! Also please do not rush to judgment I’m not sure there is any direct correlation between felonies and facial tattoo’s.  Stay strong my brother!

A few more thoughts, I want to know why the police didn’t ask Williams if his actions were a coping mechanism as the direct result of President Trump’s constant racism!  Also in regard to the death of XXXtentacion, I hope grief counselors are available to all the young adults who feel they lost an artist who spoke directly to them, hopefully they can find a new role model.  Mostly I’m just in disbelief I was told there were no guns in Broward County, another reason this was likely a set up.  Where is David Hogg? By the way, just for the record, Planned Parenthood has killed more innocent blacks than this guy, why is he going away?  Does this guy have a family? I don’t know if I can stomach seeing another case of children being separated from their parents.

Just an additional note I doubt the Broward County Sheriff’s framed him, they are not known for approaching a hostile situation or shooting during times of crisis.

Note: The author of this article is attempting to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement’s standards of “justice” by applying them to this situation. BLM is mute on the fact that Planned Parenthood kills more blacks in one year than have died in racial violence since the emancipation of slaves during the Civil War. Also the vast majority of black men murdered are killed by other black men but again BLM is silent. BLM is a political weapon to divide people on the basis of race not fix problems in the black community. The defense of Mr. Williams herein is intended as satire.