California Republicans Continue to Fail

The Republican Party in California is dying a very slowly painful death by 10,000 cuts and they have no one to blame but themselves.  The CRA is the main culprit in this…..remember they are the conscious of the party!  Think about it, the CRA didn’t even offer token opposition years ago when the State Party was going to change their platform on same sex marriage.  Actually I remember seeing some CRA members, and some in leadership actively campaigning to support the platform change.  So much for being the conscious of the party, just like the national party under Bush, you decided to play nice and it cost you at the ballot box.

Same thing is happening in Southern California, the groups down there were so incensed by Janet Nguyen, Ling Ling Chang and Young Kim winning Assembly and Senate seats that they made sure that two of them did not get re-elected later.  Yes, you read that correctly, because of a couple bad votes, the CRA wouldn’t endorse Janet Nguyen or Ling Ling Chang and as a result, we lost the ability to stop tax increases and gave the other side a super majority.  And raise taxes they did, the newly elected Senator Josh Newman voted along with several Republican colleagues to raise the gas tax to fund “transportation projects” also known as the Bullet TrainOnce again the CRA took no stand against any of the seven Republicans who voted for it, likely they endorsed their re-election as well.  Because hey, we need to play nice and it’s only a few dollars extra added to fill your tank up with gas.  This is another reason the party is failing, they usually campaign and win on the issue of taxes, but if you support higher taxes and a majority of your rank-and-file go for it, is there really any difference between the parties?

California Republican Assembly sinking to the depths of oblivion

Now about the recall election of Josh Newman that took place last week.  Please don’t gloat too much CRA rank-and-file because your organization did nothing to lead this battle.  Mostly because Ling Ling Chang, there’s that name again, got elected to replace him.  The effort was led by Carl Demaio and a host of southern California radio hosts who had finally had enough of the steaming pile of B.S. being pushed by your organization.  The recall passed with 59%, you were once again on the wrong side of a result, maybe Ling Ling endorsed Trump?  I would love to hear the spin doctor try to spin this one, lol.

While you are at it, maybe have your fellow elected and endorsed Republicans explain this comment by Newman;

It saddens me, colleagues, Republican colleagues, that despite all your nice…words, not a single one of you had the integrity, the decency or the courage to stand up and say…‘this is wrong. This is an abuse of the recall process.”  URL: Recalled Democratic senator condemns GOP in defiant speech

Think about that and let it set in for a moment. This now recalled Senator is basically saying to the opposition party, you guys supported me behind the scene, how come your didn’t come out publicly?  Where are the conservatives in the party?  Where is the CRA?  Like usual, nowhere to be found.  Maybe that’s why registered Republicans are now the 3rd political preference after Democrat and Decline to State?

Lastly, maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror regarding your so called “conservative credentials”; especially, seeing that your group almost always winds up endorsing the most liberal candidate under the guise of “only they can win the seat.”

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Author: Mr. X

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