The CRA Decides to Leave CA

It was a rough week for the CRA. The Blogfather and myself have beaten them up so badly regarding their worthless endorsement process.  With Theodore Cruz announcing he won’t challenge Trump in the 2020 primary there is nothing left for this group to do.  As a sidebar is now a worthless domain name that CRA bought.

That being said we have live footage of the CRA leaving the state…..

More horrific footage can be seen here

Disclaimer: any resemblance to Dr. Who’s Tardis and the vehicle shown in this video is coincidental. Author does not mean to imply that CRA can travel thru time and space. Rumors that Ted Cruz was the sole occupant and in the midst of changing into his super suit in an attempt to save CRA at the time said object entered orbit are unsubstantiated. No small animals were harmed in the filming of this incident.

As you can see the CRA left in 2 different but distinct ways.  First, they departed this state by spraying a fine mist of odious liquid on the common-sense folk.  The second attempt at leaving resulting in an outright dumping on the unsuspecting masses.

Please Ling Ling Chang run for governor in 4 years and put this group out of its misery.  This group has literally nothing to cling to anymore.

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PS cranking out content on a Sunday!  Respect the hustle.  Take a report CRA

Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.