CRA Failed To Stop Trump Nominee

The call to action was apparently not answered; chalk this up as another failure from the CRA and its “leadership.”  It is unknown at this time how many calls were made to the White House or to the congressional switchboard, but the effort was a failure none the less.  Perhaps CRA President Thomas N Hudson is expecting too much from a membership composed mostly of geriatric white guys with arthritic fingers and rotary dial telephones. The bottom line is that Hudson put out an urgent call for action, but the membership failed to deliver.

Rumor has it the “Sith Lord” made many phone calls from both cell and landline phones, including his wife’s phone. As per usual, he was a good soldier in the effort. Perhaps he had his apprentice applicants make calls from the CRA call center since he is reluctant to put his actual name on anything except letters to the RNC opposing Douglas Ose.  The “Drunken Jedi” was enjoying Happy Hour over the last 72 hours and as a result was in a normal state of inebriation, therefore no phone calls from him.  The “Wookie” didn’t even know there was a vacancy on said Supreme Court because he thought the “Supreme Court” was a new item at Taco Bell in honor of the Sacramento Kings.  Oh, by the way these are your three choices for President of CRA folks, just imagine the debates among these three; one is inept, one is clueless, and one is a psycho and I can’t figure out who is who!

CRA motivational flyer as seen at Stop Trump call center

Let’s just chalk this up as another embarrassing loss for the CRA and whatever is left of its membership.  Membership is down substantially over the years, entire counties no longer have units, it’s just gawd awful what’s happened under the current board.  This is exhibit A folks of what happens when you try to take stands against what the people actually want, and as a result, members have been fleeing this stumbling organization.  Sadly, this group opposed Donald Trump every step of the way and honestly, most probably think there was collusion with Russia…nope.  Blog Father and I have really right news for you….Trump will get re-elected in 2020.  Here is my crying towel….womp womp!

That’s right folks, while most are celebrating a 5-4 conservative edge on the court, this band of losers wants Trump gone.  Make no mistake about it, the nominee will easily clear 55 votes with at least four democrats voting to confirm.  Yet still this band of losers can’t stand the man, thinking that one Theodore Cruz was unfairly denied the nomination. Maybe Trump wasn’t born here, and you guys can use that route to get him impeached?  Never mind the fact if these idiots had their way it would be a 5-4 liberal edge on the court, thankfully the masses voted for Trump and it’s a moot point.

Serious analysis now; we can count on the “Sith Lord” to drum up opposition like he tried to against the nominee, despite remaining on the sidelines.  Rumor has it his groin has been bothering him for straddling the political fence for almost 50 years.  No word on the many dead carcasses of suicide bombers he has riled up over the years.  The “Wookie” still thinks Barack Obama is our president and is in disbelief he would nominate 2 conservatives to the court.  Much like the Sith Lord, he still thinks Ted Cruz is up for president in November.  The “drunken Jedi” was asked for comment but his commentary was undecipherable due to the fact it was not certain which was higher his BAC of the percentage of votes Travis Allen got for Governor.  He said something along the lines of he wasn’t sure that it was absolutely Absolut, I guess a reference to Vodka.

But here is a win for the CRA, a photo of Theodore Cruz, and in the words of Frankie Vallie and the 4 seasons….”Can’t take my eyes off of you!”

Ted Cruz—CRA Savior

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Author: Mr. X

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