Fox Dumps on Trump Again

Folks, I will make this brief.

That there was wholesale election fraud is not really the question but what remedy, if any, can be had through the courts? To that end, the State of Texas has brought suit against other states alleging violation of the U.S. Constitution. I wish to comment on a related article posted by Fox News today.

The Texas case, which is unique in that it seeks to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction for disputes between states, has drawn widespread attention with a large number of parties asking to weigh in as “amici curiae,” Latin for “friends of the court.”

Most notably, 17 red states weighed in favor of Texas while over 20 states and territories backed Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. And 106 Republican House members backed the Texas suit.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign, Missouri and five other states have gone as far as to the Supreme Court to let them join the Texas suit as litigants before the court, not just outside parties weighing in.

Texas files reply brief in election suit at SCOTUS, final step before justices issue order in blockbuster case

After the article provides 15 paragraphs of information on the legal filing, then it switches into 12 paragraphs on why trying for a legal remedy is a waste of the Supreme Court’s time. Only legal opinions from people that oppose the lawsuit by Texas are quoted by the authors. No lawyers on Fox’s payroll (Napolitano and Levin) are even mentioned in the article. No, instead they quote a guy that contributes “opinion pieces published in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Slate and Politico …” (Carl Tobias) and two Libertarian lawyers that work for a thinktank funded by the anti-Trump Koch Brothers, (Walter Olson and Ilya Shapiro). Oh, the other law guy they quote is not only a Harvard Professor but was a Democrat candidate for President in 2016 (Lawrence Lessig).

What’s conservative about this line-up? Guess “Fair and Balanced” left the building with Roger Ailes.

Then the article ends with this zinger:

Biden won the electoral college 306-232 over Trump.  

The Electoral College hasn’t voted yet, so this is a bald-faced lie. If they said something to the effect that without a legal remedy, it appears that Biden has enough votes to win the Electoral College, then I could accept that but that’s not Fox’s position. These guys are so, full-on Trump haters that I can hardly stand to read their website anymore.