Where are the Conservatives in Sacramento County?

As we rapidly approach the November elections, I wondered aloud about what would happen with Sacramento County ballot Measure B.  For you home gamers—that’s a sales tax increase of .5% on everything you buy.  The threshold for approval is 67% and “X” seems to think this will be achieved rather easily.

Why you ask?

All the conservatives in this county are focusing their time and effort towards other “far more important things” such as a congressional race with a candidate running a strange campaign, raging against smart meters (X doesn’t believe this will ever appear on a ballot anytime soon), Common Core, or focusing on fringe, perennial candidates running for assembly or school board.  These folks are pouring precious time and resources into doomed and failing campaigns while looking the other way as our sales tax will go up yet again. This is called epic fail folks.  “X” believes these local groups—that claim to have your back and mine—will not even take a stand on measure B, nor will many even be informed as to what its effects will be.  Local Republican central committees and tea parties will tell you everything you want to hear, but actions speak so much louder than their words ever will.

So for the local Republicans and conservatives that read this blog, I will outline what Measure B is going to do.  The county expects to raise 8.6 million a year in new revenue (for the next 30 years). This money will be used to pay for new roads and maintenance as well as public transportation.  The county calls this measure “fix it first” meaning they can now completely repave local roads as opposed to performing routine maintenance that would have cost a fraction as much.  In addition the JPA connector out near Grant Line Road will be built, as well as additional overpasses for freeways and the like.  As far as public transit goes, Bruceville Road in Elk Grove will become a “bus corridor”. (X doesn’t know what the heck that means.)  Perhaps most importantly, light rail will be extended over time to have a final destination of Sacramento Airport!  (This has been promised to the people of Sacramento since before Joe Serna was mayor. – Editor) Oh by the way, that route had so few riders that RT had slated for it to be shut down earlier this year!  Yeah think about that….take a few minutes.

Now the good news. This tax increase can be defeated; even the Board of Supervisors study—that they likely paid several hundred thousand for—said as much.  The survey founds 69% would support such a tax; however, that number drops to 61% if there is any opposition, effectively killing the tax.  (For those of you who get your news from MSNBC I’m talking about stopping a tax, not killing people named “Tax” by the way).  So tell your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. to make them aware.

Join the blog father William and his partner in crime “X” and stop the tax!

For those of you “conservatives” out there, you can go back to your regularly scheduled programming of aiding doomed campaigns, railing against smart meters, Common Core, or plotting Ted Cruz for President 2020.

Until next time……..


Editor’s note: “X’ has requested not to be publicly identified and is diligently searching for a better pseudonym.

Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.