Purple People Prepping

Just when you thought it was safe…

Or in this case, too quiet; the SEIU has begun saber rattling again.

My last post, pondering if SEIU was opting for a political settlement via the November elections prior to pursuing contract negotiations, seems to have been nullified by the weekly newsletter that they released this morning.


We are expressing our commitment to stand up and fight for a strong contract by taking a pledge to participate in all Local 1000 authorized actions.

Contract negotiations came to a halt when state negotiators made their position clear: Even in a time of budget surpluses – and California being the sixth largest economy in the world – they will not make a real, meaningful investment in the people who make California a great place to live.

The message we delivered at town halls was also clear: The state’s offer simply does not value our work or the sacrifices we’ve made. And we’re ready and willing to let them know they must do better.

Your participation makes all the difference. Take the pledge as we gear up for our next actions. Together we are unstoppable.

SEIU Letter August 24 2016

Oh, and the pledge

My question is this, what if people realize that these “non-essential government workers” really are non-essential?

Being this IS California, there’s not much likelihood of that happening.