5G is Coming for You Barbara

December 7, 2018

Ok, that’s no quite the dialogue from George Romero’s movie but it makes my point. From the people that brought you the war against “smart meters” comes the sequel, the war against 5G wireless or as the X Files called it, Fight the Future. However, before my take on the fight to kill 5G, I […]

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Tesla Autopilot Breaks Law, Passenger Cited

December 1, 2018

PALO ALTO (CBS SF) – Authorities are trying to determine if a Tesla driver who was arrested for alleged DUI in Palo Alto early Friday morning had used the vehicle’s “Autopilot” feature to help him get to his destination. The California Highway Patrol attempted a traffic stop on southbound Highway 101, south of Highway 92 […]

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Now Tesla is Spying on You

November 29, 2018

Tesla Charging Station in China   The Tech Industry is very cozy with the Chinese government and not just because iPhones are cheaper to make there. Tech companies willingly participate in Chinese government censorship and suppression of their citizens. Tech companies know that most laptops, cell phones, televisions, and other electronic devices that they sell […]

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Apple Foreshadows Correction?

November 6, 2018

The Luster is off the Apple brand. Nobody would seriously argue that Tim Cook is anything other than a caretaker of the company. The brand that Steve Jobs built, is running out of steam. Jobs was good at looking at other people’s ideas and making refinements. Jobs then would market stuff as if Apple was […]

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Navy’s 13 Billion Dollar Cruise Ship

November 2, 2018

I don’t write too often about the Navy even though I spent six years of my life wearing the uniform but this story is so ridiculous that I can’t let it pass without comment. It concerns the contracting and construction of the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford. What you learn from reading the story is […]

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Google’s Car Gets S.F. Road Test

November 2, 2018

Total Recall‘s Johnny Cab Before getting into this article just a quick reminder that Wham-O makes Frisbees and Waymo does other stuff related to hubcaps. Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet, the umbrella corporation that operates Google. Earlier this week they issued a press release which I shall quote in part: We’re excited to announce […]

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Facebook’s Decline Among Teens

October 24, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is losing popularity with teenagers. This is ironic since it was founded as a way for teens to keep in touch. Instead, Facebook has become the place to go for older people to see who had a baby or when the next class reunion will take place and stuff like that. Facebook […]

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Apple Allows Spyware

September 7, 2018

I hate Apple. They are a socialist company. • They have one way to do things, their way. • They make the bulk of their money from other socialists. • They copy other people’s inventions and try to claim them as their own. • They never admit fault ; therefore, their groupies think their products […]

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Review: Purchasing Galaxy S9+

May 31, 2018

Earlier this year, my Lumia 950 LX began having a series of unexplained issues related to phone calls and messages. I began having to reboot my phone not because of any obvious error but because I would become aware that I was not getting text messages from my family. Upon restarting, my phone would suddenly […]

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Amazon Axing Music Service

April 10, 2018

Back when digital music downloads were in their infancy, many consumer choices were available. In 2001, Apple began their iTunes music while big music companies like Sony had their own services. Amazon decided to wade into this market as well. One reason was that Amazon got into the market is because Apple—in their typical snob […]

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