Boundary County Sheriff’s Race Goes Nuclear

Hi. Just a brief update on the race. Two bombs were thrown over the last week. The two candidates claiming the mantle of “I’m from here, vote for me” are both mortally wounded. Jon VanGesen looks saintly compared to the homeboys from Bonners Ferry.

Travis Stolley was hit with a report that he covered up a child pornography case in a local school. Two minors that were 13 years old at the time were involved plus one adult male from out of state. If I understand the story correctly, one of these girls was sending photos of the other girl’s private parts to a person believed to be an adult male live elsewhere. Stolley filed no police report and made the evidence disappear. This was last year. FYI Stolley is no longer in law enforcement but wants to be sheriff. Recently, someone with insider knowledge of this incident began publicizing it on Facebook. As a result, someone else calling themselves the Boundary County Watchman, went public with the full story.

If the seriousness of the charges is your metric, this is grounds to disqualify the man for being in law enforcement.

Bomb #2 was a hit amidship on Dave Schuman. The Bonners Ferry Herald ran a story on the sheriff’s debate on March 28.

In it was this little nugget:

Schuman confirmed with the Herald he is on administrative leave pending an Idaho Police Investigation regarding police standards.

Sheriff candidate debate, more of Q&A

Sorry, but this is not a good look for Schuman. He has time to campaign because he is suspended.

Dude, like we live in Mayberry. This place is lax in many ways so what must Dave have done to be suspended? It’s a really bad look.

I think VanGesen will prevail, in part because the homeboys will split the good ole boy’s vote.