CA Doesn’t Give a F*** about Crime Anymore

The title of this blog says it all. 

A family member of mine passed on a Fox News article saying CA is trying to change a law so if you are doing life without parole you can petition to be re-sentenced.  Yup. 

A bill that would allow killers serving a life sentence without parole to possibly be re-sentenced cleared a major hurdle Friday in California’s Democratic-led state Legislature

The state Assembly Appropriations Committee advanced Senate Bill 94, which now moves to the next phase of voting. The bill would allow California prison inmates serving a sentence of life without parole (LWOP) for certain crimes to petition for re-sentencing if the offense occurred before June 5, 1990, and the completion of at least 25 years of their sentence. 

Those convicted of first-degree murder of a police officer would be exempt. Those who are re-sentenced would have the opportunity to someday go in front of a parole board, which could deny them release. 

In a social media post, state Sen. Dave Cortese, a Democrat who introduced the bill, simply said he was “thrilled that these key bills of mine passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee.”

California Dem-led committee advances bill to let killers serving life without parole request re-sentencing

The State Senator is “thrilled” folks.

The CA GOP had a couple quotes in the article but let’s face it, they are complicit.  They care more about being re-elected than actually doing anything to stop these things.

If they cared, they would have pushed a referendum to repeal prop 47 aka the “shoplift all you want” law.  The prop passed with 59% of the vote, the dirty little secret is I’d bet quite a few Republicans and Independents voted in favor.  This is the America they want.  Crimes that used to be felonies became misdemeanors; misdemeanors became not chargeable. 

Look at the results.

The manager of the CVS near my house told me they get taken for about $2,500 each weekend.  Keep in mind I live in a rural part of town, so the store being hit for that much that often is telling about how much is happening in more populated areas.  The CVS north of me has the liquor locked up, along with other likely highly shoplifted items like razors, and Tide Pods.  The Home Depot near my house? Quite a few items are kept under bars and padlocks.  Yes, it’s like a third world country.  On KCRA 3 news app, there is a story almost weekly of a “flash mob” going to a store and looting it.  It’s not just bad parts of town, it’s happening all over.  Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Jackson, Roseville, and Monterey.  It’s all over.  No store is immune or exempt, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods are just the 2 most recent to share that millions in inventory are walking out the front door unpaid for.

The dirty little secret?  Even if we started caring about crime and criminalizing it again, we can’t.  You may have missed it, but Gavin Newsom and Democrats in the legislature here have shut down Deuel Vocational institute in Tracy and CA Correction Center in Lassen County.  There is another prison in Riverside closing in 2025, and I believe we shut down a women’s prison, and are exiting the last privately run prison in 2024.  I believe we also have shut down all juvenile facilities and if you commit murder prior to the age of 18 you get out of prison at 25.  I believe there are plans to shut an additional 5 prisons at some point in the future as well.

You see folks during the “plandemic,” aka Covid, you were so scared of catching the flu that you sat by while CA went full libtard.  You allowed prisons and jails to release people “who were at risk of dying from Covid.”  Sentences were reduced, in some cases jail time didn’t even apply any longer.  In my home county of Sacramento, a DUI causing death offender was sentenced to probation, no jail time.  The Attorney General and local District Attorneys allowed rioting and looting during George Floyd protests to go unscathed.  Crimes are no longer prosecuted, worse yet stores are told not to try to stop shoplifters. 

The bottom line, if you don’t charge folks with a crime, and those who you do charge aren’t sentenced to jail time, or you release folks early, let’s face it, you do not need prisons.  The CA Democrats are doing exactly what they wanted.  They scared you into thinking Covid would kill everyone, and we had to be compassionate.  The only ones now not being shown compassion are the “January 6th rioters.”  They are getting/doing years of hard time; some just for using the restroom and then exiting the Capitol.

The Chief