Haves vs Have Nots

By Chief

With the coronavirus lockdown continuing until at least May 31, as announced by the Bay Area Counties today, I wanted to examine a new kind of income inequality being created by the government’s ruling class. I was always told when I was younger there were two classes haves and have nots, and that it was capitalism’s fault. Most of my classmates believed it, and as I went through college (also known as finishing school in Europe) all my classmates believed capitalism was the cause of this inequality. Fast forward 10 years and we get government sponsored class warfare. Yes, indeed we do with the government declaring what is essential and non-essential. The economic winners picked by government can continue working while the rest, currently north of 26 million people, are kept in lockdown and essentially under house arrest. This arbitrary situation is furthering the divide not helped it.

Since we are now looking at a June 1st opening date at the very earliest, let’s examine what that means for non-essential workers.

  • They will now be missing at least 4 pay checks (2 in April, and May)
  • Be late/past due on potentially 2 months of rent/mortgage and car payments
  • Likely 60 days’ worth of credit card charges/money borrowed at a large interest clip
  • Student Loans might give you an extra 90 days and then what

In short, significant stress and anxiety about the future.

Even if we take the above at face value, and include a government stimulus of $1,200 plus, and maybe rent/mortgage forbearance, this is a recipe for chaos. Imagine having young children cooped up, yourself included, also a spouse. Nothing to do but look at four walls and a roof…. keep in mind the park may be open, but the jungle gym is closed. How do you keep the kids sane, and the marriage on an even footing? Just because it’s a special circumstance does not stop the past due notices from coming monthly since the mail still comes every day. If you own payments an asset that can be repossessed/foreclosed on, rest assured the lender will make all attempts to re-coup their investment.

Meanwhile, both groups are eligible for the stimulus check and the deal offered by the mortgage company for a year of no payments due to Covid-19.

Contrast that with an essential worker. That person may be required to work, likely under different circumstances, but they remain on the payroll. Essential workers get a pretty sweet deal if you ask me because they receive both the benefits of working and the benefits of the nonessential. Think about the extra money that can be banked while household payments are put off, maybe even interest free?

Which camp would you rather be in? Keep in mind if you were declared a non-essential business you must keep your doors locked. Your landlord may not be quite so forgiving, and one thing is certain, your auto finance lender may be processing re-po paperwork and having it ready.

In closing, this is not to say the haves will be wealthy, as that is not and will not be true. It is strictly to point out that the haves will be able to retain their current lifestyle while the have nots will not be so lucky. As things currently stand, short of an exceptionally large government stimulus on a monthly re-occurring basis, the have nots will not make it out of this is decent shape. Think of it like the banking/financial/credit crisis of 2006-10. Once again if you are not a chosen member of the government class or “essential” to the economy, remember too big to let fail, your life will be forever flipped upside down.

I say forever because many young folks may have placed a down payment on a house, ditto for a car, and now by the power of a few in our government, they are experiencing the loss of everything. Life is in transition as they go from a house in a decent part of town to a studio apartment in a not so nice part; from 2 nice cars, to 1 commuter class car. Their credit is shot, and they may soon be trying to retain a bankruptcy attorney to charge off credit card bills. Mind you the payments could all be made while working, but due to a government mandated shutdown, they were wiped out.

To add insult to injury, any government aid will likely continue to aid everyone, both essential and non-essential. Causing a greater void among those who have, and those who have not.

Keep in mind, the May 31st date to stay under lockdown is a sliding scale, as it has already been pushed back twice. (Editor’s Note: while editing this post, local station KOVR is saying that the stay at home order may not be lifted until October.) In addition, we’ve already witnessed firework shows on July 4th as well as the county and state fairs cancelled. The State Fair typically happens toward the end of July to beginning of August.

I spoke with a couple folks with connections to the Governor and they feel July will be a reasonable time to “open up the economy in tranches.” Oh, by the way; religious services/ball games/and restaurants are near the end of the line, so plan on being long-term out of work; all while folks who are essential continue to remain employed/thriving.


Democrats Not Letting a Crisis go to Waste

The Covid-19 crisis has been a game changer for the Left. Between the media, the cable watchers, and the Democrat elected we have a crisis that has given them a green light to push their agenda on us. Keep in mind, as of the press deadline for this submission, we have had 30,000 nationwide die of Covid-19. I suspect in some jurisdictions they are willy-nilly adding to the number with the lack of testing available. Keep in mind; suicide, the flu, alcoholism, and drug overdoses kill more than double that number in any given year. As a direct result we may be flattening the curve however we are flattening the economy as well.

William had a great line at the end of his last blog, take another look. “Folks, I hardly watch any television but seeing the behavior of those that do is always a treat. The insanity I witness (and overhear) at work and in the grocery store check-out line is breathtakingly uninformed.” I could not agree with this statement more. I will expand on this thought as well.

Keep this in mind, it wasn’t Trump, Senators, Governors, or House members who shut the individual states down. In the case of California, we had local (Sacramento) county director of Health Services Peter Beilenson order the shutdown of the county. Beilenson if you look at his record, is an unelected bureaucrat who is void of much actual medical work. Think doctor’s office, hospital, etc. Why was he allowed to shut a county down? And why at the same news conference was he asked zero questions by our elected DA, Sheriff or Board of Supervisors? It was a sight to behold. Hours later Governor Newsom after many other counties announced shutdowns decided to shut the state down. Believe it or not this actually made sense because it’s pointless to shut down one county, yet the neighboring ones remain open. I still didn’t agree with it from a constitutional viewpoint, but alas here we are today. New York and California led, and pretty much every additional state followed and fell in line. What happened next was draconian and far more damaging than this virus will ever be.

Peter Beilenson

When a governor orders a shutdown, as the chief law enforcement officer, he has unchecked authority. Gyms, schools, business, and anything else declared un-essential was shut instantly. Don’t believe me, go for a walk and look yourself, you cannot get your hair cut now. Worse yet, different groups and business were deemed essential and had to continue operations as usual, despite the affect this virus could have on your health. Full disclosure, my work is “essential” and I am being paid my regular salary and am working from the office. Restaurants are to go only and have laid off countless staff. Local Park districts have removed the basketball hoops at the local park, even though our property tax dollars are supposed to keep the park in ship shape. Many small businesses will never re-open, many laid off will never find full employment in their respective fields for a long time.

We had to pass funding assistance in the form of a stimulus, and we did so with so much haste it will prove ineffective. We didn’t help current out of work folks, we helped those based on last year’s tax returns, without regard to who is and isn’t still being paid to work or stay home. This however was just one step. In recent days Democrats have proposed a $2,000 per month payment to everyone in the US until the unemployment rate reaches pre-recession levels. The Democrat governors of Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and other states have extended shutdowns without regard to actual medical advice. The small business loan stimulus program is out of money, and in recent days banks have shut off the new mortgage/refinance spigots fearing a full-blown catastrophe is coming. Governor Newsom is now going to give illegal immigrant folks $500 a week, for I’m not sure how long, keep in mind that regular folks are not eligible for this program.

Let’s talk about individual governors and policy makers for a little bit. Governor Whitmer in Michigan has made headlines by thumbing her nose and angering her own citizens with shelter in place laws. Specifically picking which activities folks could and could not do, some examples include you could buy weed, lottery tickets, and booze but you cannot partake in buying lumber, fishing, or seeds. I would venture to say there is a direct correlation between being allowed to purchase the goods, and the amount of sales tax levied on said goods. A revolt ensued and all she could do was double down, acting like a tyrant, which is ironic as the left has been calling Trump a tyrant since day 1.

How about releasing “non-violent” criminals from our jails? I thought here in California we already had done this? Now I guess they have set bail at $0 for certain offenses because they don’t want folks who break the law to be exposed to Covid-19 in jail. A criminal in Stockton has already been re-arrested twice after being bonded out on $0 bail, and a criminal in Florida was released on zero bail and murdered someone. At Least this crisis has not gone to waste.

As far as policy makers go, noticeably absent during this pandemic are the so called “libertarian and conservative types” think Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, and Ben Sasse. Why haven’t they been front and center asking why a governor or president thinks they have the authority to shut an entire state/country down? How come someone who claims to be a patriot, or a leader of common folks won’t take these leftists to court? Maybe someone on cable already addressed this, but I cannot understand why these folks are cowering in their basements doing interviews via skype while our rights are being trampled.

Bottom line is the Democrats are showing their hand early, making sure the world knows how they intend on governing if they win the White House and control Congress. Picking winners and losers and declaring full on lock downs will be the new normal. The condescending pressers, and remarks are the tip of the iceberg. Also notice how un-elected folks are now making major economic decisions? Why is it we elect folks to govern yet when they turn to a “specialist” we hang on there every word? Look at this Dr. Beilenson, Dr. Fauci, and others. Take a look at this “University Of Washington virus death model” notice how we went from 2 million deaths in the USA, to 500k, then 200k, now we don’t even hear the projections anymore as these modelers made the local weatherman look accurate.

In closing I will add this, harkening back to William’s earlier quote, take a step back and actively listen while you are in a grocery store or at a restaurant for takeout or market. Look at how some folks are spewing information that is absolutely off-base, yet it is taken as gospel since it was said on the news by someone with MD after their name or a salutation of DR before it. Be forewarned.


Why are we Throwing away Milk?

By The Chief

I have heard this question asked by a few people, and to be frank it is probably one of the most ignorant things one can ask. This had to have origins with the cable or 90-day crowd because the idea that farmers would dump hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk “just because” is at best absurd. Just to be sure I called an uncle of mine in Iowa who is a dairy farmer serving my old reservation to get his side of this story.

He actually was more than willing to discuss this issue and clarified quite a bit, now the cable crowd likely won’t listen but here is a snippet of what he had to say.

Why are you dumping gallons of milk?

Several reasons, first we have had spectacular decline in the milk category for a while, and it has been sped up by bankruptcies of two of the largest milk companies in the US. Second, most dairies are set up with contracts to sell their milk to processors that serve only a few customers/industries. For example if we are selling to a grocery store processor we are doing one/one and a half-half gallon cartons, schools and jails are likely quart/pint cartons, and restaurants are larger containers and quantities. With the shutdown of schools/universities/ball parks/theatres etc., demand has evaporated. So as a result, that processor won’t buy any additional milk from me.

The next big issue is that my cows must be milked every so often, so they can remain on a schedule, this is similar to a human body when it develops routine. I must keep my cattle on routine so if demand picks up I can stay on schedule, you cannot run into a situation where the supplier needs more, and you are unable to provide. As a result, you are seeing the dumping take place.

Can’t you sell to a different supplier/processor?

Not necessarily. Some have very lucrative contracts with Wal-Mart, school districts etc. and for deals like those they are likely exclusive, and repercussions are huge for going behind them and selling to others. Also keep in mind when you are flooded with excess likely the other dairies are as well. Subsidies from the federal government also play a role in this as far as how many gallons can be produced etc. similar to crops.

Fresh milk going down the drain

Can the excess be donated to a food bank?

In a word no. Unprocessed milk is not safe for human consumption. This would be a good way for the USDA to shut you down for good. Also, most plastic has been diverted to use to make ventilators, so keep that in mind too.

Any additional comments you want to pass on?

Key thing to remember is the processing and packaging plants are broken down; commercial/restaurant/school etc. They are all different. Right now we have finally caught up on the grocery store inventory issue we had initially it seems. The restaurant/commercial is having huge backlogs as a result of takeout/to go only, this reduced demand substantially, and as a result bulk buyers like Sysco have almost stopped taking deliveries. Those plants have been mostly idled. Other plants may be running full speed, but you must remember the lines at those plants are only set up to run for so long, and to produce certain quantities in specific containers. You cannot think of these places like other production lines where you could focus on a different part of the chicken/pork or beef by the day. The amount of time and money needed to convert the equipment, re-configure the line and train employees. Also keep in mind the employee part; if the virus breaks out and people at the plant are getting sick, they are not going to show up.

Farmers/ranchers are all feeling the pain right now, as you have seen chickens are being killed since the demand is down due to restaurant closures, vegetables are being plowed in the field and turned into a fertilizer. This is all due to a slowdown affecting the entire supply chain, the answers are not as easy as convert the plant, use cardboard instead of plastic etc. We will get through this, but we need normalization to commence at some point.


Another Aaron Park Client Shows his True Colors

Chad Bianco… it’s all over Park’s blog (unless he’s recently deleted the posts) defeated “corrupt, drunk womanizer” Stanley Sniff as Sheriff of Riverside County. We needed Bianco because he could do Republican things like give out concealed carry permits by the thousands! Well Aaron, you got us a good one in Bianco, look at what this newly minted Doctor of Medicine had to say about Corona Virus in his County.

Sheriff Bianco has mandated everyone wear masks to cover their faces in public or risk a $1,000 fine or jail time.

The mandate went into effect on Sunday after Riverside University Health System indicated 946 confirmed coronavirus cases in the county.

“This is a valid order and enforceable by fine, imprisonment or both,” Bianco said on Monday in a video statement.

He added: “Not everybody’s getting the message.”

“It started with staying at home, social distance and covering your face. But now we change from saying that you should to saying that you must.”

“Right now, you could be a carrier of this virus, spreading it to your family and friends.”

California sheriff warns he can arrest and fine people $1,000 for not wearing masks in public

There you have it boys and girls; Dr. Chad Bianco put down his scalpel and stethoscope and has donned a Sheriff’s badge in hopes to save the world! No one knows more about this disease then Dr. Bianco…. he is not the hero we asked for, but the hero we needed during these trying times! Fixated on cable news, he has all the information to make an informed decision on the heath crisis facing his county! A total of 25 folks have died in his county, out of 2.7 million, but let us not allow a good crisis to go to waste.

Riverside County

Keep in mind, he also announced there will be no checkpoints or traffic stops to pull over folks not in compliance…. I guess he didn’t go full Adolf Hitler on us. He also said you will not be stopped while walking or hiking. After reading those statements aren’t you left asking “What’s the point of this order?”

Additionally, in the People’s Republic of California, we have been releasing “non-violent criminals” from both our prisons and jails to prevent the spread of this disease. Yet this MORON wants to arrest and jail you for not wearing a mask in public? And what about this fine? Good grief! Please help me understand the logic behind this, you can steal from a store and not even get cited, yet walk around in Bianco’s County sans a mask and you will be fined $1,000?

Well that Aaron Park sure knows how to pick ‘em!

The Chief

BTW We here at Reallyright.com encourage Aaron to wear a mask at all times, not just due to his looks but due to the toxic emissions coming from his mouth. Frankly I’m surprised the EPA hasn’t shut him down yet.

Aaron Park is a Lonely, Pathetic Human Being

By Chief

I woke up this morning to a sound of a baby crying, which is odd since I have no offspring that I’m aware of. Turns out it was a story sent to me by a friend of mine, from the blog of a man who no longer has many friends, Aaron F Park. I wish I could get back the five minutes of my life I spent reading that absolute abomination of a wannabe hit piece, but I would rather not bleach my eyeballs. In the piece, Aaron tried to lay out the case as to why his client, Supervisor Kirk Uhler lost re-election. He used classic Aaron Park lines from every campaign he had run…. “You took down my clients signs.” “She was funded by far left people” “Tried to use undue influence over the public.” Aaron these were all total and complete bunk, and you know it!

Photos of Aaron F Park per Microsoft Bing search engine

Editor’s Note: I tried searching for a recent photo of Aaron F Park on Bing for use in this post and the second image was a dumpster fire; ok, actually it was a row of porta-potties totally involved in flames but isn’t that actually worse?

I have spoken to about 8 folks in Placer, specifically about your political operations. All were less than impressed. All 8 live in Supervisor District four, home of your doomed client Mr. Uhler. None of them to a man could bring themselves to vote for Mr. Uhler. They described Uhler as being one of the most arrogant, condescending human beings they have ever met. Furthermore Mr. Park, no one had a good thing to say about you. Most questioned you even wanting to be in politics due to your extremely thin skin. When I brought up as your name as an insurance professional, they all became flat out irate. Seems like you are a failure at both lines of work…congrats!

Aaron let’s take a close look at some of the clients you helped usher into office…..for the low, low cost of just a couple hundred bucks a month blogging fee you charged!

Bill Brough

William “Bill” Brough, you piled on Anna Bryson, (congrats you successfully wiped those posts from your blog) and defended a womanizing, alcoholic, sexual assailant. You now claim you never knew, and blogged about his exploits in the Capitol, I consider you an accomplice.

Ted Gaines, this was classic Aaron. He was all in against Roger Niello, and according to Aaron, Gaines was the best thing since sliced bread. Almost right after the ink dried on the Gaines election, he became public enemy number 1. Don’t believe me? Check his blog, post after post about the Gaines family.

Ted Gaines

Beth Gaines, Aaron was all riled up that she ran and won her husband’s old seat. Aaron screamed she was unqualified, nepotism, etc. In most ways Aaron was right, but let’s take a look behind door #3 here….

Megan Dahle

Megan Dahle, wife of now State Senator Brian Dahle, check the blog again, Aaron had no issues with her being elected to follow her hubby under the same circumstances. Looks like she doesn’t exactly hold major qualifications either?????? Aaron…I’m hearing crickets from you?

In the 2015 special election you supported Don Wagner over John Moorloch, and I understand why, as I supported Wagner as well. However you referred to him as “Moloch” a pagan god of human sacrifice. This coming from a man who “claims he is a Christian first, and conservative second.” May I ask if you have ever actually read the Bible? That alone is horrific and the fact you wrote it over and over is astonishing.

pagan god Moloch

Have you ever read your own posts? Not to proof read but for the actual personal attacks? They all settle on womanizing, drinking, or not being ideologically pure enough. Newsflash you moron, people can have a drink and not be an alcoholic, I swear you AA graduates are the worst of the lot. As far as your womanizing attacks go, funny how you left Duane Dichara unscathed on that one, with you even going as far as calling him ethical! LOL As far as your ideological attacks, most of the time you are so far off base its laughable. These are literally his only attacks folks, he either lacks the mental capacity to think of other ones, or runs his life like he runs a campaign, same old box of tricks each year.

You complain and whine constantly about the lack of paid campaign jobs you have received lately….maybe because no one likes you. I heard you did great work re-electing Harmeet Dhillon as National Committeewomen to the CRP….oh wait, that’s right you were not allowed near it, probably because she wanted to win! I actually have it on record that you are a laughingstock inside the CAGOP headquarters, they have screen shots of your blog trashing Jessica Patterson, then going on an apology tour after she got elected chair. Your chances of a campaign consulting gig went from zero to piss off.

Harmeet Dhillon

Aaron you exhibit patterns of behavior that any medical professional would say are signs of a psychopath. You peaked when online blogging was invented as you can now make anonymous posts about any and every one with whom you have an axe to grind. However you lack the material or the state of mind to do so and make any impact. Also think about the high number of folks you have run out of your life on a rail over very small squabbles! Tom Hudson, and Charlie Schaupp are just two of them. Best friends you were, you even helped Charlie run for office, yet you attack them on personal matters so far out of bounds; you can’t even tell you’re turning other folks off to you. Also you seem to get the police/FBI called on you far more often than anyone I know…maybe find a new schtick? Or get a life outside of politics? Or find an actual hobby?

Charlie Schaupp

Aaron get some help and take a long hard look in the mirror. You are a dumpster fire in the worst possible way. Your attacks on Victor Behket were despicable. You trashed that man, who by the way was running for a local office not even a partisan one! You trashed Celeste Greig, and Karen England…all for what, simple political disagreements? You blame every campaign you’ve been against at stealing your candidate’s signs; however, I have first-hand knowledge that you have removed far more of your opponent’s signs over the years! Come on Aaron, it’s over.

Kirk had only one friend left, and he hired you to do his dirty work, congrats on failing spectacularly. Oh hat tip to you on the robo call from the Democrat operative in the area, while others say that reeked of desperation, you’re dumb enough to have thought it would work!

It’s not too late to remove all those old posts Aaron.

The Chief

PS who can ever forget you and your loser brother George sitting front row at a Jeb Bush event in Reno way back during the presidential primary…ouch, bad look for you two “conservative brothers!” Before you try to spin the tale, the only folks allowed to sit in the front row are large money donors.

George and Aaron Park with Jeb Bush on 05-13-2015

I was Really Right on The DNC Power Brokers

By Chief

Note: The Chief sent me this post midafternoon yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to get this posted until the following day. — Editor

I wrote this past Friday that the Democrats have a Bernie problem. The problem isn’t so much his electability it’s the down ticket that matters. Bernie is popular in some core constituencies but deeply unpopular in others. The Democrats realized that and I have to give them credit for heeding my warnings. After Hidin’ Biden won big in South Carolina, his only decent showing to date, Tom Steyer dropped out. The following day Mayor Pete decided to drop out, and the “Klob-Butcher” dropped out and flew to Texas Monday to appear with and endorse “Hidin’ Biden.”

My initial reaction was that was odd, as Mayor Pete had actually shown quite well leading up to South Carolina, and had been tied with Bernie in the delegate race! The Klob-Butcher was actually starting to gain traction and the more friendly mid-western states were up next…so I was equally shocked by this. Just seemed like a lot of unnecessary dominoes fell instantly, almost like this thing is being rigged again?

Here is my hypothesis, somebody likely a Clinton appointee showed the DNC Bernie’s polling numbers in areas outside of academia and spooked the entire party. I’m sure campaign debt was paid off (also an opinion shared by the Blog Father) and suddenly…..wham Mayor Pete and Amy jump on the Biden campaign. I say suddenly because when you run for president, your campaign has rallies planned all over the place, on a given day you may visit 3 different states all in different time zones. I find it hard to believe these 2 just folded up the circus tents and jumped on Biden. Additionally I am not surprised on Steyer dropping out, he had a Jeb! One state strategy and it horribly backfired, as of writing I do not believe he has endorsed, only saying they need to beat Trump. Bloomberg I expect drops out after tonight, pending a bigger showing than I think. That would leave Biden, Bernie and Warren, the latter being key to rigging the election.

In essence, Warren and Sanders are competing for the same 40% or so of voters, if you believe like we do that if one dropped out, the supporters would vote for the other, as on policy neither differs that much. Warren needs to stay in, and likely got a promise to wipe out her campaign debt after she drops out. This sets up Biden to try to capture Bernie’s share + “x” and beat Bernie, in every state that remains, and allow him to pick up more delegates. Think back to 2016, Trump always got his 30-34% of the vote in each state, with Cruz and Kasich flopping 2nd and 3rd place finishes allowing Trump to continue winning states and an increasing delegate lead. Neither candidate would drop out, and eventually Trump got enough delegates to earn the nomination.

Here we are today, the eve of the “Super Tuesday” election primary and it’s going to get wild tonight. I say that because millions of folks have already voted, and the votes cannot be changed. Look for some wild finishes tonight, remember if a candidate gets above 15% they win delegates even if no longer in the race. Amy could well win Minnesota, Pete should do well in the mid-west states. Bloomberg is an absolute wild card in all of this, if he does well and presses on, it will be a brokered convention. The key is he needs to drop out ASAP and get behind Biden, because again, more and more states vote in the next few weeks, and his name is still on the ballot! Bernie is very aware this is happening, actually he is one of the most self-aware candidates remaining. He knows he has to ramp it up, and look for him to attack Biden big on the stump, as he knows Biden’s voters are not “hard support” like he enjoys from his voters. The key tonight is to watch Warren, if she drops out, Bernie’s chances of winning go exponentially higher, if she does not, Bernie knows this thing is rigged again, just like the last one.

My only words of advice: be very careful with Bernie’s supporters, the worst look possible is a smoke filled convention, with Bernie leading his folks out like the Pied Piper. If this plays out the way I think it will, Bloomberg, Biden, and Bernie in a smoke filled room, Biden will get routed at the polls and the Democrats could be looking at a super minority. Bloomberg can only buy off so many people.

Stay tuned,


Bernie Baby

Editor’s Note: I agree with Chief that it is unusual for so many people to drop out of the race the day before Super Tuesday. These folks have campaigned for almost two years to get to this point in the election—remember there were once 24 candidates in the field—and now the day before the Olympics of politics they all drop out??? What happened to the brokered convention? Clearly somebody connected with Clinton or Obama organizations dropped a dime on the candidates in the race. Also, if Biden is so great for blacks, why is it that no black candidates were part of the last minute endorsement or campaign blitz? Where are Harris, Booker, etc.?

The Democrats Bernie Problem

By Chief

At the time of this writing it appears inevitable that at the very least Bernie will have a large plurality of the delegates when the Democrats go to convention in July. Here at the blog, we speculate there is something a brewin’ behind the scenes because at the last debate; Booty Judge, Klob-Butcher, Mini Mike, and Demented Uncle Joe all attacked Bernie not just on his electability but also on his effect on down ticket races. As the headline of this blog mentioned, the real problem with Bernie isn’t HIS socialist policies, but the fact that said policies don’t play well everywhere.

Flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

William has been pounding the table saying this election will be California values vs the rest of the country. He is correct, as its shaping up that way. You see Bernie is very popular in some parts of the country, one could argue he even has a Trump-like following. Problem for Bernie is that his policies only play well around academia, with young voters, and people who love the word “free.” The flipside being his policies are deeply unpopular pretty much everywhere else. As a country, we have literally watched this play out the last couple weeks. He praised Fidel Castro, and is vehemently anti-Israel, this will likely end up in him losing Florida. He wants a complete ban on fracking, this likely causes him to lose Pennsylvania, Ohio and the upper Midwest. Start doing the delegate math and it’s hard to find a path to victory for him. Don’t get me wrong, Bernie will still run up big vote totals; however, CA, NY, IL, WA, and OR only count for so many electoral votes.

Flag of National Socialist German Workers’ Party

It’s not just Bernie losing on election night that poses the biggest problem for Democrats, it’s his coat tails or lack thereof that could be devastating. The Democrats in 2018 won big in the House, and won some governorships and statehouses, they won very big in the suburbs. The suburbs are where the Democrats are concerned about being routed this time around. They successfully made a case that Trump’s policies were not the best in those areas and won; however, this time it will be different. I don’t see those same voters embracing socialism. Nationally, the stakes are higher in 2020. We have a census going on where congressional lines will be re-drawn; the House could be re-shaped for a decade! This is the real reason the Democrats are so scared. Not only could their gains be wiped out, but they could find themselves in the minority for a long time.

Flag of People’s Republic of China

We are still a ways out from November, and the Corona virus is taking its toll on the economy and international travel right now, so anything could happen. But I think the effort behind the scenes by the power brokers is very real. They want no part of a socialist running at the top of the ticket because win or lose, his policies become the de facto party platform. You are already starting to see incumbents distance themselves from Bernie and I cannot say I blame them. If I was a Democrat in an area that was not heavily exposed to academia or big city living, I would be updating the resume because you might be feelin’ the Bern on election night.

I am curious as to how this ends up playing out, but if I was a power broker, I would be trying to stop Bernie before he does irreparable harm to the country and the party. Their problem is how to do it without splitting the Party? Frankly, I’m not sure they can.

The Chief

Debate Reaction

By Chief

Editor’s Note: Chief tried to send this post to us via the old ways (smoke signals) but after burning ½ cord of oak, and scorching holes in two blankets and his wife’s buffalo skin rug, he finally relented and had Troll send it via email.

Life in Chief’s village

The Troll and I were unfortunate enough to draw the short sticks (straws are illegal contraband here in CA) and were forced to watch and report on the debate last Wednesday night. Take that back, it was an honor, here is the reaction.

First I had a hard time finding the channel as I was pirating the signal from my neighbor’s cable company. Then when I got the TV to work, I had to find the channel; I searched for at least 30 minutes and had no luck. I tried Al-Jazeera News, since well I figured they were a sponsor, C-SPAN because well that channel is usually a snooze fest and this would qualify… Still nothing. Then I figured it had to be on Comedy Central! Still nothing, finally we located it just in time for it to start. To quote myself “what a time to be alive!” This debate was banana lands from start to finish, let me tell you.

First off only 6 candidates were featured; Sanders, Warren, Booty Judge, Biden (He wasn’t Hidin’ for this one), Klob-butcher, and “Mini” Mike Bloomberg. The latter only qualifying at the last minute after the rules for qualifying were changed, either that or he raised his donation level to the DNC. This thing had so much mayhem Allstate may sue for copyright infringement.

Warning about Sander’s economic plans

Bloomberg: was literally killed by Liz Warren, she relentlessly attacked his record on women at his business. He was also attacked about policies he enacted as Mayor of New York deemed racist. It was a horrible night for him, Mike learned a valuable lesson, TV/Radio ads can tell a great story but his live performance fell very flat, so much so I wondered aloud why he wanted to even be on stage? He had been rising in most Super Tuesday states. Note he has declined to play or even appear on the ballot in the early states, thus awarding 0 delegates.

Sanders: He didn’t look that bad, he dished out a couple zingers at Booty Judge and Biden, but man Bloomberg hit him right where it hurts. Making it clear to the folks Sanders owns 3 houses (most of his supporters likely own 0) and hammering him on his health records, which Sanders refuses to release. (He had a heart episode earlier this campaign season). However, Sanders being hit for owning three houses by a guy that owns 11 just seems to ring hollow.

Booty Judge: Had a middle of the road performance, kind of describing his campaign so far. He is a guy who I don’t think anyone really takes seriously, kind of like Bernie last go round, everyone is just waiting for him to drop out. He doesn’t really add anything to the debate, and no one really tests his knowledge. Mayor Pete is a small town mayor of South Bendover, Indiana. He wasn’t really attacked which tells you no one is taking him very serious.

Klob-butcher: See Booty Judge, she did fairly well in New Hampshire, but doesn’t really add anything, and I was left wondering why is she running? She had a couple good skirmishes with Mayor Pete, but the real zinger landed was she is on 6 subcommittees as a Senator dealing with Mexico, and she could not name the President of Mexico when asked…ouch! Her retort was to accuse Mayor Pete of calling her dumb, let’s just say she has a bright future in the Democrat Party, since when attacked don’t use facts, just call names.

Warren: The clear winner, no doubt. She went hard after Bloomberg, but I have to wonder if she knows her “voter.” I don’t foresee many Bloomberg voters switching to her, she needs to aim for Sanders, and Mayor Pete’s young voters, who seem to be showing up in droves. I’m sorry I just don’t see her lasting much longer in this thing, she is in a precarious spot, she is most definitely not establishment, but at the same time is not as far left as Bernie.

Biden: Like his campaign it was stale and old. Nothing to see here, but a sad man withering away, trying hard to stay relevant. Biden looked more like someone listening to a timeshare proposal; trying to run out the clock in order to claim his free 75 inch TV. Folks he is all in on South Carolina, and his numbers are shrinking there, “Say it ain’t so Joe, but it’s time to go.”

Overall this was a brutal look for the Democrat Party, the knives were out and no one was spared. Warren may have scalped a couple people, and the TV executives may have wanted this outcome, but it looks horrible to the average Joe. These folks were just like the 90-day guy Johnnie Does talks about, tripping over one another’s every word, trying to parrot an internet website or cable TV news anchor. These folks are supposed to be running for president, and spent the night destroying one another. Half way through this shin dig I realized the real winner here was the DNC, the convention is likely to be a brokered one, meaning the “super delegates” will pick the winner, and utter chaos will set in. If the candidates were wise, after South Carolina; Warren and Biden need to drop out. They are splitting hairs at this point, and 4/5 place finishes are not going to get it done. Steyer/Bloomberg are a couple billionaires in a party that claims to hate them, both are strategically playing in certain states, likely to halt Bernie. Klob-Butcher better figure it out quickly, as she is a candidate with no real base of voters of which to draw from. If she changed her name to “None of the Above” or “I Hate Trump” she’d get way more votes. I’m really not sure where to go from here, but the Democrats have a huge issue on their hands, not to mention that debate appeared to be more of a WWE Smackdown than a Presidential forum.

The real winner? Donald Trump, I think he just clinched 4 more years.


PS: I thought the GOP was the party of rich white folks? Wouldn’t know it after watching what I saw last night.

Dumb jocks won’t even move to the Soviet CA

By Chief

As I write from the news desk at reallyright.com this weekend, I came across an article that featured a football player. Of course, I figured he is dumb because well…like Democrats, they say athletes are dumb. “I was tuld so whil in skool.”

Back in the day, I attended Jesuit High School. I know the athlete stereotype first-hand. As a freshman and sophomore (which means “wise fool” in Latin by the way), I was viewed as a great scholar. I played no sports, I was focused on school. As a junior and senior, I played football, (NOT A BIG DEAL) and suddenly I was viewed as a dumb jock. BRAG ALERT, BRAG ALERT!!!!! We went undefeated my junior year, only team to ever do that by the way (AGAIN NOT A BIG DEAL).

Humble brag over for now, let’s share the story. A player on my favorite football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also known as the team that completely embarrassed the Oakland/Los Angles/Las Vegas/wherever Raiders, made news this week. Shaq Barrett signed with Tampa in last offseason for 4 million dollars. He had a great year and most folks figured he would go to a true professional team, as Tampa is the worst team in football history. My spies tell me he will be back in Tampa after leading the league in quarterback sacks last year, but in case you were wondering, he won’t be going to Los Angeles.

“If [other teams] offer me more than Tampa, I’m going to look at the places, if they offer me more than Tampa, I’m going to look at what their taxes is compared to Tampa’s. Because I ain’t going to live in L.A. and get taxed crazy,” Shaq said.

“I’m not going to take drastically less but I am open to doing what I think is best for my career, and I think that would be staying in Tampa.”

Shaq Barrett has two reasons for willingness to take discount with Buccaneers
Shaq Barrett–proudly playing for Tampa Bay

Ouch………. Are you listening Gavin Newsom?????

But he’s a dumb jock right????? Just like me in High School as most on the left would say we “don’t cum to play skool.” They could not be more wrong about most of us. We are normal people some just with gifts from God, me being tall and fast. However, it’s funny. My first two years at Jesuit, I barely achieved, and I could care less about school. I had a 2.3 GPA; however, I was viewed as a scholar. I was loved by my teachers, then I became a “dumb jock” and it’s funny my GPA at graduation from Jesuit, regarded as a top institution of higher learning, was 3.75. Funny because when I enrolled I took elementary algebra, and other classes I could care less about, my junior year I took calculus, and took care of business. My point being we aren’t dumb jocks, we prefer you guys thinking we are.

Gavin you have it smoking in California…keep it up. Your state stinks so bad even the Raiders are leaving. It’s ironic actually, your voters are much like fans of the 49ers, Raiders, Rams, and Chargers, they haven’t been relevant in decades.

The Chief

Carville From the Top Rope!!!!!!

By Chief

That is an old reference from WWE Wrestling; however, unlike that fake television, this is real life! The one nice thing about a man with the nickname the “Ragin’ Cajun’” is you know once he starts, it’s hard to get him to stop! James Carville followed up his epic rant the other day by attacking even more!

In reference to Sanders and Warren’s socialist beliefs “They’ve tacked off the damn radar screen!” This coming from Carville a self-described liberal himself.

And he still wasn’t done…..

“We just had an election in 2018. We did great. We talked about everything we needed to talk about and we won,” he said in a Vox interview published on Friday. “And now it’s like we’re losing our damn minds. Someone’s got to step their game up here.”

James Carville rips elitist media, says Dems are ‘losing our damn minds’

Hammer them again big Jimmy…. Hammer them again……

According to Carville, both Sanders and Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., were pushing “stupid” ideas about higher education.

“Democrats talking about free college tuition or debt forgiveness. I’m not here to debate the idea. What I can tell you is that people all over this country worked their way through school, sent their kids to school, paid off student loans. They don’t want to hear this s–t. And you saw Warren confronted by an angry voter over this. It’s just not a winning message,” he said.

The old man still has it at 75…. Kill ’em Jimmy!!!!!

Carville also took a shot at Sanders for saying that he wanted to expand voting rights for people like the Boston bomber. Sanders, the well-known Democratic strategist suggested, would be ineffective as president and wasn’t representative of the Democratic Party. Instead, Carville said, he is an “ideologue.”

The Cajun is getting so hot blood may shoot out of his eyes!!!!!

“[H]ere’s what I do know: Sanders might get 280 electoral votes and win the presidency and maybe we keep the House,” Carville said. “But there’s no chance in hell we’ll ever win the Senate with Sanders at the top of the party defining it for the public …So long as McConnell runs the Senate, it’s game over. There’s no chance we’ll change the courts and nothing will happen, and he’ll just be sitting up there screaming in the microphone about the revolution.”

No fear New York Times writer and fellow re-moron (that’s what we here call people whom neither the retards or morons want to call one of their own) had this to say about Ole Jimmy and his Alma Mater LSU.

Do the Warren/Sanders “free public college” proposals include LSU, or would it only apply to actual schools?

Big mistake “Binyamin” or however the heck your first name is spelled because the Cajun made fresh gumbo out of you….

“You know how f—–g patronizing that is to people in the South or in the middle of the country? First, LSU has an unusually high graduation rate, but that’s not the point. It’s the goddamn smugness. This is from a guy who lives in New York and serves on the Times editorial board and there’s not a single person he knows that doesn’t pat him on the back for that kind of tweet. He’s so f—–g smart.

“[Binyamin] Appelbaum doesn’t speak for the Democratic Party, but he does represent the urbanist mindset,” he said. “We can’t win the Senate by looking down at people. The Democratic Party has to drive a narrative that doesn’t give off vapors that we’re smarter than everyone or culturally arrogant.”

Ole Jimmy is so angry he may bring back Crossfire just to let out some of his rage!

Thing is it’s not just Carville folks check these additional Democrats out:

But like Carville, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid similarly predicted trouble for Democrats because of their immigration and health care policies. And earlier this week, one of former President Obama’s advisers said he no longer recognized the Democratic Party.

“Look, I just don’t recognize the Democratic Party right now,” former Obama National Finance Committee Member Don Peebles said. “I mean, the party has turned so far-left. Also, to see members of Congress jointly dressing up in white as some form of protest or solidarity at the State of the Union address is astonishing.”

The concerns about elitism aren’t new either. MSNBC host Chris Matthews has warned Democrats about appearing out of touch with American voters. “There’s too much self-saluting, too many events that seem to be about saluting them,” he previously said. Matthews also argued that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “personified the elite Democratic Party — the party that had gotten a little too Ivy League, a little too secular.”

Problem is the divide is only getting worse in the party.

Progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and filmmaker Michael Moore maintain that pushing progressive policies is critical to winning elections. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the perceived Democratic moderate in 2020, caught flak from Ocasio-Cortez for not going far enough on climate change policy. He also changed his decades-old position on the Hyde Amendment — a bipartisan measure blocking funding for most abortions — amid criticism from his own party.

My thoughts on this are reflected on previous blog posts on this site. When you talk down or look down at someone, it not only makes them more likely to support their candidate, it also makes them less likely to ever support yours. Elitism, urbanism and socialism are very scary, and no one really wants to be lumped in with that crowd. Be wary of pushing a generation of voters out the window because it just increases likelihood they will never come back. The exchange between Liz Warren and that voter took place earlier this year.

The voter asked “My daughter is getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money. She doesn’t have any student loans. Am I going to get my money back?”

Warren’s retort “Of course not.”

Voter Challenges Warren’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan: “Those Of Us Who Did The Right Thing Get Screwed?

This is classic liberal elitism, oh you saved your money, well thanks for playing…cry poor next time. I doubt that little girl’s folks will be supporting the new Democrat Party any time soon.

The Chief

Besides the Fox account of Carville’s interview, it can also be found on MSN news.
“We’re losing our damn minds”: James Carville unloads on the Democratic Party