Dr. Beilensen Quits on Sac County

By frequent contributor, The Chief

Imagine being a top health official in a county during a pandemic.  Imagine it being your time to shine.  Imagine that despite being wrong constantly and changing your story almost daily, your employer stuck with you.  Imagine using a racial slur during a Board of Supervisors meeting.  Imagine going on a local newscast that night and using the same term over and over again, whilst trying to convince people you aren’t a racist.  Imagine the pandemic getting far worse, with a potential complete shutdown imminent due to lack of ICU beds in your county.  Imagine the people that you serve needing your guidance and your response is quitting your job and moving across the country.

That is precisely what this idiot did.  The virus has made a bleak situation even more dire here and this jerk decides to quit his job and move back to Baltimore.  Mind you he isn’t moving to open a practice or see patients, or even to apply for a lateral job, he is going to teach at a university.  This is typical of an idiot like Beilensen. Cushy government jobs like his are great and the perks are even better. Typically, he just has to put out a press release about getting a flu shot, or maybe a warning about West Nile Virus each year.  But Beilenson is unable to do that now since there is a major virus outbreak happening under his watch, so he is up and leaving after a whole 2.5 years on the job.  He is the worst kind of person, a true and complete shell of a person.  He shutdown our county and followed our idiot governor’s orders, not speaking up or out on anything, and for good reason; he is a research doctor, not an actual doctor. 

Beilenson’s public troubles began a few weeks ago and culminated with him using a racial slur against “yellow” people during a meeting.  Beilenson then, as a co-worker alleged, drank copious amounts of alcohol and then went on an interview with local newscaster Edie Lambert. In addition to looking disheveled, he also appeared to be slurring his speech and constantly interrupting during the interview.  Beilenson then doubled down on dumb by saying he spoke to a couple Asian groups and they forgave him.  So, I guess if I drop the “N word” a few times, but a couple black folks forgive me all is well?  Doesn’t seem like this is the brightest bulb on the Holiday Tree. 

This week, Beilensen’s idea to fine businesses that violate his Covid rules up to $10,000 a day got shotdown by county supervisors after making national news. Oh, his backup proposal was similarly tabled. Having lost his attempt to go after businesses, he wanted the county to impose similar fines on people getting married or gathering for the holidays.

So, he will be leaving Sacramento an utter embarrassment for a lucrative job to be a professor?  Yikes that is a steep fall from grace.  Reality is, after contacting three additional folks I know in his department, they say he is a Class-A jerk.  He is routinely using racial slurs, much like the soon to be fired Navdeep Gill, again proving this workplace is toxic.  While we have no proof of sexual misconduct, it was interesting in the letter to fire Navdeep, Dr. Beilenson didn’t sign on or speak up.  As I see it, proving he is in on it as well. When the kitchen got a little hot, he ran.  He claims it’s a health emergency in his family, I doubt that to be true.  On that point, all four of my sources agree.  I guess it is better to resign before getting “axed the question.”

Baltimore, beware of this drunken, racist idiot, you have been warned.

The Chief