X and William Proven REALLY RIGHT again

Well that didn’t take long; that hackneyed used car salesman look alike, Joel Osteen, is at it again.  William and I predicted this useless piece of human matter would pass around a collection basket to get paid for his “service to the flood victims.” (I’m using services very loosely in this context.) Right on schedule, he did it.  He passed around a collection basket after acknowledging people affected by the hurricane were in attendance.  Literally, he said hundreds of those in the congregation taking in his service were affected by Harvey.

Link: Joel Osteen’s Megachurch Gives Collection Plates To Congregation Including Hurricane Victims

I haven’t seen self-serving this bad since I left the CRA!  Glad you got paid Joel, no one did more for the victims of Harvey then you and your church.  Joel, you are to Hurricane Harvey what John Kerry was to the Vietnam War.  Just as Kerry displayed his purple hearts you display your Bible, turns out you are both frauds.  Kerry met with the enemy, and you Joel, you just aren’t a real, true believer.  How dare you try to profit of the backs of those who need help the most!

William and X are both again really right, but this one hurts.


Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.