Degenerate Bozo Hillary Clinton Reappears

Is it just me or are the Clinton’s and their “ilk” like the stink you get when you don’t shower for a couple weeks? You know it just doesn’t go away? Because that’s what her merry group of degenerates have turned into. Earlier it was Jimmy Carter, they unfroze him to parade around regarding a special election in Georgia…no word on if Carter appeared in Georgia USA, or Georgia near Russia, but I digress. Then it was Carville, he hasn’t been relevant since he played Judge Doom in who framed Roger Rabbit! Oh wait, that wasn’t him? Well have you seen Carville and Doom in the same room ever? I rest my case! Maybe Hillary should have heeded his advice: It’s the economy stupid! And don’t forget about healthcare…instead she forgot about the deplorable. No word on if Carville considers himself a deplorable…he looks like one for sure.

However I digress, this blog is about Hillary and once again like that stinkin’ that doesn’t go away, she reared her very ugly face Wednesday regarding Judge Kavanaugh, saying “people need to take each of these situations on their own merits” and “their should be due process for everyone involved.” Puke! Oh wait now it makes sense Kavanaugh was nominated by a Republican, and all white males have raped women regardless of how great the witnesses are. Heck take Joy Behar (D-Really retarded) word for it.

No I think I would rather take Juanita Broderick’s word for it, since she accused William Jefferson Clinton of rape and was shot down by Hillary. Check out these tweets, Broderick literally body bagged Hillary Wednesday.

“She grabbed ahold of my arm… and she says with this very angry look on her face… ‘do you understand everything that you do?’,” Broaddrick said. “At that moment, I felt she knew [about the alleged rape] and she was telling me to keep quiet.”

Then Paula Jones, another Clinton accuser came in from the top rope!

“It’s really unbelievable if [Hillary] said all women have a right to be heard… Why not me, Kathleen [Willey] and Juanita?” Jones asked.

The Chief doesn’t even have to have any hot takes this blog is already on fire….someone call the ambulance! Tell them bring body bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more time, hit them with some pure genius Carville:

James Carville dismissed Jones by saying that anyone would seek litigation if “you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park” — and how that sentiment was shared among Democrats.

Oh my goodness, white hot take from someone so ugly Barnum and Baily’s Circus won’t hire him! Frankly anyone seen animal crackers lately, Barnum and Bailey even let the animals out of the cage he is so ugly! Remember Obama banned cruel and unusual punishment! By the way Carville just to correct you, its not called a double wide if you park your old rusted-out pickup next to your single wide! In fact if I drug a $100 bill threw a trailer park I would likely catch your wife…trying to get away from you!!!!!!

Back to Hillary..I’m glad you have come full circle and want to hear women accused of rape, actually The Chief agrees, all women should have their story heard. Unless of course it is trash as brought forward by this idiot professor who I won’t even name. These actions also “allegedly” happened 30 years ago, so even if it did happen the statute of limitations is up. And why won’t she testify, everyone knows teachers and professors and far superior to the unwashed masses? Because it never happened. This is Hail Mary thrown up by a desperate politician who has seen poll numbers tighten going into this upcoming election. Congrats on getting re-elected Feinstein, I guess you want to finish your time on earth working against Trump.

PS why haven’t we heard form Paul Begala lately? Is he the latest Clinton associate to “commit suicide?”

PSS is there anyone else who believes me regarding this meme about Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

Cornered Witch Becomes Huntress

Imagine that you’re a veteran politician who thinks the world revolves around you. You have used your political position to enrich your family to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. You champion an issue that you can’t ever win because it’s a right enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, but you oppose it anyway with ever fiber of your being. You believe that the best way to help the poor is to eliminate them from ever being born. You are running for re-election and things have not gone as you had hoped. Your own party endorsed your opponent and the once friendly media was more than glad to report that you had a spy from a foreign country on your payroll for over 20 years.

Give the above, what do you do to save yourself? Why shift the blame, change the narrative, or as we used to say in the Navy, “Deny everything and make counter accusations”.

What Diane Feinstein chose to do is create a media circus where she is the star and someone else gets thrown under the bus. Cue music because our sacrificial victim this political season is Brett Kavanaugh.

Democratic leaders and their liberal aides, along with professional agitators, are all intermingled and conspiring together to achieve the same objective — in this case, to spike the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Hill Republicans claim Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein engineered the kneecapping of Kavanaugh from both inside and outside Congress — and they have a strong case, though Feinstein insists she merely dealt cards she was handed.

For starters, they argue that Feinstein, who is the top Democrat on the Senate committee vetting Kavanaugh, orchestrated an “11th-hour ambush” of the conservative nod by withholding a letter from the committee’s Republican majority alleging sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh until the day the panel was preparing to take a vote to confirm him — almost two months after receiving the letter and well after the vetting and hearing process.

But one thing is for sure: Feinstein and her former aide’s fingerprints are all over the smearing of Kavanaugh — and that’s an ironic shame, given that Feinstein was swept into Congress as a reaction to the then-Democratic Senate’s mishandling of the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas sex allegations. The San Francisco-based senator has made her own missteps some 25 years later.

How Feinstein is conspiring to destroy Kavanaugh

Senator Feinstein has decided that this political witch hunt is best lead by a witch dedicated to drowning her victims in the Washington Swamp the she loves so well. From what I hear about San Francisco, both cities have an abundance of excrement which they are happy to export.

Kavanaugh seems like a decent guy but Feinstein’s path to six more years in the Swamp is over his mangled and dead body. When you position yourself as the leading advocate for killing unborn children, what’s another corpse?

Democrats Imploding Right In Front Of Our Eyes

The hearings began on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh today and this atmosphere resembled a Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal continually asking for the hearing to be adjourned…well because. Kamala Harris kept trying to delay the hearing on the basis the Democrats haven’t had enough time to read all the documents from his prior rulings. Elizabeth Warren ran for every open camera for chances to stop Kavanaugh and try to boost her attempted future Presidential run. Dick “Turban” Durban was at his very best as well, trying to delay the nomination hearings until next year, when Democrats may have a Senate majority. Here is the main problem with those 4 Senators, competence aside, they reside from; Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Connecticut. While quite a few people live and vote in those states, I don’t think the Americans who live and vote in the heartland of this country appreciate this one bit. Need some proof? Claire McCaskill of Missouri has been largely silent, Joe Manchin of West Virginia…silent, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota…nothing, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, also quiet. Make no mistake; these Senators know their constituents want the judge confirmed and the games to stop.

Interestingly enough Kavanaugh has released more documents from his past then all of the previous five judges nominated combined. The excuses about transparency need to stop. Kind of funny when two of the least qualified judges in the history of the Supreme Court were nominated, nary a Democrat had an issue with the lack of information. The bottom line is Kavanaugh has a nice family and they are being dragged through the mud by Democrat electeds and their paid for protestors. Why are these hearings open to the public? It has become a safety issue, make it press only, show it live on every news channel, but this is a disaster. Code Pink people interrupting, the Coyote Ugly chick being arrested, people screaming and causing outbursts, Kavanaugh didn’t ask for any of this. Worst yet, his family was present while going through this grilling.

The Democrats have only themselves to blame for this blow back. They changed the rules to shepherd the nomination and confirmation of both Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, now it’s coming back to bite them. They have politicized our judiciary, it started at the Supreme Court level but has now reached deep into the appellate judiciary as well. Judges should not be political at all, but this is what it is now. It’s a very horrible development. Useless, clueless Senators, and I’m talking both sides now by the way, get to pick apart humans who just so happen to be nominated for a federal judgeship for life. These are not elected positions, and these are not politicians. Things in a judge’s past not related to legal precedent or any past encounters with the law should be off limits! Somewhat ironic, these Democrats are going full tilt when they didn’t have a care in the world when Sotomayor or Kagan were nominated….no sir, they are thinkers and far smarter than any smelly Wal-Mart shopper who dared vote for Bush, McCain (well not anymore since he passed) Romney, or Trump. Bottom line, ask questions regarding his/hers opinion on set legal precedent all you want, but these interruptions and demonstrations showing no respect for decorum are over the line.

Take a look back at previous judges nominated by past Presidents and confirmed by the Senate; look closely at the vote totals. One party seems to not like to confirm the other party’s nominated judges….looking at the Democrats here. Heck Ruth Bader Ginsberg was confirmed like 96-0, and I don’t think anyone would call her a conservative! But Clarence Thomas…..Democrats decided there was no way a black conservative could be nominated anconfirmed so they went on a “high tech lynching” Thomas’ words not mine, and he went on to be confirmed 52-48. With Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy leading the charge. Neil Gorsuch replaced Antonin Scalia, so really no change on the court ideologically (more on this later) 55-45 even though he was rated more than qualified by nonpartisan groups. Don’t take my word for it look back at history, the Democrats seem to prefer to stonewall anyone from the other side.

Now on to the ideology of the Court, I love it when folks say its 5-4 conservatives with Kennedy as the swing vote. Not true, not many rulings are 5-4 believe it or not, most tend to be 7-2 especially since Kagan and Sotomayor joined. This is due to judges looking at past rulings and cases to dictate their rulings. The term constitutionalist or originalist applies here, when a case has been adjudicated such as Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court doesn’t just “vote on it” again. The case has to first be ruled on in a court, then a federal appeals court (think the 9th Circuit) then the ruling of that 3 judge panel can be appealed to the Supreme Court. Here is where a big hurdle comes into play. Before anything is even scheduled on the docket, the court needs to agree to hear the challenge, think death penalty cases, and the baker who refused service to the same sex couple. The Court often rejects cases; appeals regarding cruel and unusual punishment regarding the death penalty seem to be the most common. The reason for this is because most aspects of the death penalty have been well documented and finding a challenge these days will prove very difficult. If you need proof “democrat/liberal” justices also decline to halt the execution. This is why our judiciary works so well at the highest levels. These justices do not contact the RNC or DNC to find out how to vote, too bad not a single Democrat adult sees it that way. My point here being, a challenge to set law likely takes around 20 years to finally make it to the Supreme Court, and even then may not get a hearing, heck how many conservatives thought for certain the Unaffordable Care Act would be overturned? It was a “republican” who voted with the four liberal judges, also see gay marriage. This is because the judges decided set law was already in place and there was not precedent to overturn it.

Back to my central point, the Supreme Court is the final non-political arm of the government that we as Americans have to keep a check on those coconuts in DC. The Democrats are making this confirmation process a political theater and it is very sad. Having a Code Pink protestor interrupt thinking this judge will overturn Roe V Wade is just strange, the judges don’t vote….but then again liberalism is a disease so… I don’t know what they think. In all seriousness I recommend watching/listening to oral arguments involving the Supreme Court, the justices usually interrupt the Solicitor General (works for the White House) or the opposing council, stating case law already having been ruled on…it’s very interesting, Ruth Bader Ginsburg usually just sleeps, but when you’re like 500 years old I guess you earn that right. Oh by the way, the justices don’t “vote” they form their own legal opinion based on prior rulings and look for a consensus for a majority. When they form a consensus, the Chief Justice John Roberts (no relation to “The Chief Blogger”) who I believe is a satirical idiot writes the opinion for the Court, sometimes he can delegate this to an associate justice. If there is a dissenting opinion from the justices, they choose a justice to write the opposition, sometimes there can be multiple differing dissentions, in some cases justices arguing it went too far, and didn’t go far enough.

Don’t try to explain this to a liberal, they just assume Kavanaugh is a fire breathing, Roe V Wade opposing, gay marriage taking awaying, don’t need to cake baking, conservative who is retarded. He is so dumb he will be calling any Republican current or past president to find out how he should “vote” because he obviously cannot think for himself. Gorsuch will be doing the same by the way. Anyway it’s fun to watch this circus, literally unfold. My prediction….55-45 Kavanaugh is confirmed, maybe more so that now we have a real conservative….listen up Ted Cruz supporting sheep from CRA, John Kyle is back as a Senator from Arizona, so 52-48 at least, if that happens look for some GOP gains in November.

Democrats Claim Its God’s Will to Support Abortion

Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Kennedy tended to vote conservatively except on social issues. We have him to thank for the imposition of “Gay Marriage” on this republic. Democrats have made it clear that the main issue at stake in this appointment is abortion. They fear and are fundraising like crazy with the claim that Roe v Wade will fall if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Below are a few quotes from a press conference held by Demo

crat senators opposed to Kavanaugh. Interpretation of their “double speak” appears in purple .

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) urged all Democrats to oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, saying anyone who supports him is “complicit in the evil opposing abortion.”

“I’m here to call on folks to understand that in a moral moment there is no neutral. In a moral moment there is no bystanders,” Booker said, alongside senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“You are either complicit in the evil opposing abortion, you are either contributing to the wrong of protecting innocent life, or you are fighting against it.”

Warren said Democrats “are on the immoral side of history,” while Sanders argued the interpretation of a “living” U.S. Constitution is at stake.

Booker: Senators Who Support Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Are ‘Complicit in Evil’

Democrats claim to be on a mission from God to keep abortion lethal


Maxine Waters is mad that poor black folks might leave the plantation and prosper under the Trump Administration economic plan. More blacks are working now than when Obama was President. She is also upset that if Trump enforces immigration law that more blacks will get jobs and not need handouts from government. Thus its God’s will that she oppose Trump to keep “her people” in line.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has been one of President Trump’s most outspoken critics, recently going so far as to encourage people to publicly harass members of the Trump administration.

On Sunday, however, Waters suggested in a church sermon in Los Angeles that she’s on a divine mission to stop the president , blasting the Trump administration on a range of issues.

Addressing the congregation at First AME Church, Waters said, “You’ve gotta know that I’m here to do the work that I was sent to do, and as pastor said to me when I came in this morning, ‘When God sends you to do something, you just do it!’” she exclaimed to cheers from the crowd.

Maxine Waters Suggests in Church Sermon That She Was Sent by God to Stop Trump


Janus Repercussions

In response to Janus, the unions are pushing back on government employees. Thus far, this attack is in two ways.

First, for many in California, those once in the union are still presumed to be union members. The idea stated in Janus that members must affirmatively join the union is being ignored.  Instead, unions are presuming to keep all members and collect dues from them. I know this is the case with the California Teachers Association but I don’t know if SEIU is following suit but it seems likely.

So called “fair share” employees are getting to keep their money but point number two is directed in large part at them. The unions do provide legal representation for employees that need help and this is their best argument for keeping folks in the union and getting “fair share” employees to join.

When you have some manager that thinks they are dictator of their little bureaucratic fiefdom and treat their underlings as chattel, then the union attorney can step in and defend the employee. Sadly this does happen. Unlike the biblical requirement that you need two or three witnesses to establish an accusation, in government employment it takes one person to level an accusation and someone can be administratively disciplined or fired.

Governments are risk averse and anything that puts them at risk must be dealt with. This is often harsh and swift. Contrary to what most folks think, certain things will result in governments firing people just to avoid conflict. Sexual harassment and discrimination are two such areas. In government, such things are not limited to one person saying something to another that is an off color remark. If someone walking by hears something—even if what they hear is out of context —it can still result in disciplinary actions against others.

Below are examples of how seemingly minor things can get blown way out of proportion.

Example 1
If two employees were talking to each other on break and one said, “I don’t let my children watch Steven Universe because it has homosexual characters on it. It makes me sad that Cartoon Network has programming like this for children.”

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe

If the employee that you said this to or another employee hears you say that, it can be interpreted as an infraction of the Equal Opportunity rules imposed on state employees and you could be administratively disciplined.

Example 2
A 6-year-old child at a public school falls on the playground at recess and cuts her knee. Bleeding and crying, a teacher watching the playground goes to the child, picks her up, gives her a hug, and escorts her to the school nurse to get her cleaned-up and bandaged. The school contacts the parents and lets them know that their child was injured. The child gets home and tells what happens. In the course of the discussion, the child says the teacher hugged her and said she would be ok. The parents then complain that the teacher touched their child. The next thing you know the district superintendent is involved and the teacher is facing suspension as a pedophile. Folks this really happens.

Example 3
If a teacher takes a cell phone, pencil, or water bottle from a child because they are distracting themselves and the class, they can lose their job. I know this to be a fact. The teacher asked the child to voluntarily cease their behavior and the child refused. As a last resort the teacher took the object from the student and resumed instruction.

The student complained. As a result, the teacher was suspended and subsequently terminated. Not only did the school principal not support his teacher, he got the teacher banned from the district. Then the school district tried to have the State Department of Education ban the teacher from ever working in any public school in the State of California again. True story.

The risk aversion of government makes them do stupid things. Also, the lawyers employed in government are typically not the brightest crayons that passed the bar. Seemingly innocent things can be blown way out of proportion and bad things can occasionally get really bad. When the full faith and credit of a government entity is aligned against you, it’s not a great place to be. Truthfully, unions have righted some wrongs that happen to those in government service.

Many of us in government would not mind being in the union if they would stick to their mission of representing government employees and leave the partisan politics alone. When unions are taking in 900 million a year, they are soaking both members and the taxpayers; hence the revolt.

Watching the Janus case ripple thru the country will be interesting. I do expect that California will find ways to ignore both the spirit and the letter of the court decision. for many, legal representation is probably the best reason to stick with the union in the new era of Janus.

For some group of enterprising conservative attorneys, offering some cheaper form of prepaid legal services as an alternative to union membership might be a business opportunity worth exploring.

Supreme Court Makeup is not Changing!

I am not sure what has become of the Democrat Party nationally. Ever since the election of President Trump, they have been on full tilt.  Upon being elected, he chose Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Antonin Scalia to which the liberals cried foul, saying we should have seated Merrick Garland, an Obama nominee.  Interesting, because all I heard about was we need to confirm Garland, nary a word about the makeup of the court.  Oddly enough the makeup would be 5-4 liberal as opposed to the current 5-4 conservative majority.

So now Anthony Kennedy, the “swing justice”, has decided to retire and enter a different stage of his life, and Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh to replace him.  Kavanaugh comes from the circuit court that interestingly has had the most judges selected for the Supreme Court.  Also, he is Ivy league educated and was confirmed by a Senate majority with 57 in favor, versus 36 opposed.  No doubt Kavanaugh is a conservative and had done some past work with Ken Starr regarding the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and the Florida re-count in 2000.  Even before he was put up for nomination by the President, the Democrats went nuts. A pro-abortion group (or anti-life I guess) put out a press release but never replaced the *** with the name Brett Kavanaugh, this goes to show you no nominee was good enough.

Fill in Trump nominee name here From Jason Seher of CNN via Twitter

Trump once again stayed true to his word, and his campaign promises choosing a judge from his list of 25 names he felt were best to do the job. Isn’t that refreshing for once?  A politician keeping his word?  Nice work President Trump.  Also, very smart to get the ball rolling on this quickly as we have an election coming up in November that could perhaps decide control of the Senate.  10 Democrat senators are up for re-election in states Trump won; 7 in states he won handily.

Now to the Democrat’s main argument that the makeup of the Supreme Court is changing, this is entirely false.  The last few rulings signify this; we had a redistricting ruling, the Janus ruling, and immigration where Kennedy sided with the more conservative majority.  The makeup of the court is not changing at all going from Kennedy to Kavanaugh, except perhaps on social issues; but I don’t think I would go that far.  The point I’m trying to hammer home is there will always be a swing vote; once it was Sandra Day O’Connor, then it became Kennedy, next it will be John Roberts, etc.  I still score the judge’s political leanings as 5-4 conservative leaning.  If I were in charge of the Democrats, well first thing I would do is hang myself, if that didn’t suffice, then I would say vote your states and focus on re-election.

Ruth Ginsburg: the next to exit?

Kavanaugh is qualified and we will need all hands-on deck should Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health fail.  In any measure that matters, Ginsburg is now the swing justice. If something were to happen to her, that’s when the fight should happen.  The Democrats could be staring at a 6-3 minority for a generation.  Even worse, should Trump secure a 2nd term, Thomas could retire, and if he does you could have a 6-3 edge, but with the oldest judge being 70-year-old John Roberts. Yeah, scary, once again a generation or two will grow up under a conservative Supreme Court!

Most importantly the reason I supported Trump is verified daily, he has the Democrats running scared constantly. Trump is the total opposite of Barack Obama.  Just look at how frazzled they are; literally they are reduced to attacking Mr. Kavanaugh’s first name. They are mocking the name “Brett” saying it’s a frat boy name.  Yes, you read that right, his first name, by the way not chosen by him, given to him by his parents!  That is the new level to which these bozo’s have decided to stoop too.  Additionally, I love the idea of these Democrat aligned super PAC’s spending money telling sitting incumbent Democrats not to vote for Kavanaugh and to resist, even if it means losing your seat in November, you can’t make this stuff up.

Blog Father, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of all this whining!

Democrat Future Bleak after Janus

The Supreme Court ruling that struck down unions from requiring non-members to pay dues as a condition of employment is bigger than most people realize. Folks, the Court threw a thermonuclear grenade into the status quo political arrangement.

I’m going to tie three different threads together as we discuss this issue. As the adage goes, “Follow the money.”

First, the amount of money collected in dues just in the State of California is staggeringly large. I knew that combined the California Teachers Association (CTA) and Service Employees Union International (SEIU) collected about $625 million during each two year election cycle but today I learned this is peanuts.

Based primarily on publicly disclosed 2016 form 990s along with information obtained from their individual websites, in aggregate, California’s major public sector unions are estimated to be collecting over $900 million per year.

Because there are undoubtedly smaller and less visible public sector unions operating in California, this number may be conservative. The number is also possibly understated because when making assumptions, conservative estimates were always applied. This was the done when estimating average membership dues in nearly all cases, and also with respect to total membership.

California’s Major Government Unions Collect At Least $900 Million Per Year

Yeah, you read that right, 900 million dollars a year is the conservative estimate. And as of now they get zero dollars unless they can convince people to join. Now multiply these numbers all across the other states and the Democrats just lost the gravy train. They and their financial backers have lost billions of dollars. Folks, they will not get all these people back on the union rolls; ever.

The implications for the political environment are huge. The most immediate result will be the congressional elections in November; especially the Senate. Democrats have to defend ten seats in states where Trump won. Without funding, their job just to keep these seats let alone gain anything has become all but impossible. Democrats will have to spend all their cash to keep from losing more seats in the Senate. Becoming the majority is almost mathematically impossible. Furthermore, once the elections are over, they and their special interests will be out of cash.

Against this background, take a look at the Supreme Court. The urgency of the smear campaign against the nominee now comes into sharper focus. It doesn’t matter who Trump put up, they have to oppose him. Again, it takes vast amounts of cash to run this campaign against Brett Kavanaugh. Again, this cash cannot be easily replaced.

Following the November election, Republicans will likely gain a few seats in the Senate.
Fox Business even agrees with me on this assertion. This from Stuart Varney:

Is it possible? A red wave coming, to the Senate? The Republicans pick up seats, increase their majority?

It’s possible, and because of Judge Kavanaugh, it’s probable!

Kavanaugh could make red wave probable in Senate come November: Varney

And this is where things get really interesting.

Justice Ginsburg is at the end of her time both on the Court and on this planet. She’s 85 and in poor health. If Democrats had any strategic thinkers on their team, they would have replaced Ginsburg while Obama was President. This would have assured a young Liberal on the court for the next 30 years or so. But they were so cocksure that Hillary Clinton would win that this never happened. This theme has been voiced twice in the last few days. First by Liz Peek on Fox and then by Rush Limbaugh.

Ruth Ginsburg: the next to exit?

Liz Peek: Democrats are furious about Trump and the Supreme Court – They have only Obama to blame

Limbaugh: Dems blundered by not having Ginsburg retire

If Republicans can pick up two or three seats in the Senate, Trump can appoint a full throated conservative to the Court that everyone knows will vote to overturn Roe v Wade and there will not be a damned thing that Susan Collins and her fellow pro-abortion Republicans can do about it. Look for a female Catholic to be nominated to replace Ginsburg.

Oh, this also explains the logic of putting up Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy.

What If Trump Picked Judge Judy?

As we await President Trump’s announcement of who he will nominate to the Supreme Court to replace Anthony Kennedy we can’t help but wonder if…

In a move that sent shockwaves thru the Washington Establishment, President Trump today announced that he was nominating Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court nominee—Judge Judy

Judge Judy is well known for her blunt and straight forward manner in resolving disagreements between parties. Judy has agreed to be nominated in exchange for two conditions, first, the proceedings of the Court are to be televised on a cable channel with higher ratings than C-Span. Currently AMC network is the leading contender, and their only condition is that Justice Ginsburg appear in the season nine episode of The Walking Dead where Rick Grimes meets his fate.

Rick Grimes meets Justice Ginsburg on TWD


Ruth Ginsburg: the next to exit?

Judy’s other condition is that the Court room be remodeled. She wants to allow natural sunlight into the room and soften the colors of the wood paneling. She also wanted to “add some damn flowers into this place.” Judy is not known for working as part of an ensemble cast but is willing to give it a try. She also is retaining the right to work during her off time on her television show.

Her views on abortion are not well known. The closest anyone has gotten was an exchange she had on her show a few years back.

She asked a young woman, “If you didn’t get knock-up by this scumbag then you wouldn’t be here asking for child support.”

Her response was, “But he said he loved me.”

Judy then retorted, “And you believed him when he said he would leave his wife for you? Grow-up.” Then she turned to the camera and said, “Where the hell do we find these cases? Walmart?”

Judy then ordered the baby to be put up for adoption and the man to get a vasectomy in exchange for not paying 18 years of child support.

Newt Gingrich reportedly likes the pick and said, “Judy is a kindred spirit to President Trump and will reflect the administration’s new tone of calling it like it is. I just hope she doesn’t have a Twitter account.”

Senator Chuck Schumer met with Judge Judy and described the meeting as akin to two New Yorker’s talking baseball over a few beers. “Judy is a spunky lady and would be an interesting addition to the bench.” He then added, “We have wanted the Court televised for years and now that may actually happen. The transparency that would give the Court makes supporting Judge Judy a good move for my fellow Senators.”

California Senator Diane Feinstein was less supportive. “Judge Judy has a track record of supporting adoption so I must question whether she truly supports a woman’s choice.”

Senate leadership has set confirmation hearings to begin after the summer recess when Congress meets after Labor Day.

CRA Failed To Stop Trump Nominee

The call to action was apparently not answered; chalk this up as another failure from the CRA and its “leadership.”  It is unknown at this time how many calls were made to the White House or to the congressional switchboard, but the effort was a failure none the less.  Perhaps CRA President Thomas N Hudson is expecting too much from a membership composed mostly of geriatric white guys with arthritic fingers and rotary dial telephones. The bottom line is that Hudson put out an urgent call for action, but the membership failed to deliver.

Rumor has it the “Sith Lord” made many phone calls from both cell and landline phones, including his wife’s phone. As per usual, he was a good soldier in the effort. Perhaps he had his apprentice applicants make calls from the CRA call center since he is reluctant to put his actual name on anything except letters to the RNC opposing Douglas Ose.  The “Drunken Jedi” was enjoying Happy Hour over the last 72 hours and as a result was in a normal state of inebriation, therefore no phone calls from him.  The “Wookie” didn’t even know there was a vacancy on said Supreme Court because he thought the “Supreme Court” was a new item at Taco Bell in honor of the Sacramento Kings.  Oh, by the way these are your three choices for President of CRA folks, just imagine the debates among these three; one is inept, one is clueless, and one is a psycho and I can’t figure out who is who!

CRA motivational flyer as seen at Stop Trump call center

Let’s just chalk this up as another embarrassing loss for the CRA and whatever is left of its membership.  Membership is down substantially over the years, entire counties no longer have units, it’s just gawd awful what’s happened under the current board.  This is exhibit A folks of what happens when you try to take stands against what the people actually want, and as a result, members have been fleeing this stumbling organization.  Sadly, this group opposed Donald Trump every step of the way and honestly, most probably think there was collusion with Russia…nope.  Blog Father and I have really right news for you….Trump will get re-elected in 2020.  Here is my crying towel….womp womp!

That’s right folks, while most are celebrating a 5-4 conservative edge on the court, this band of losers wants Trump gone.  Make no mistake about it, the nominee will easily clear 55 votes with at least four democrats voting to confirm.  Yet still this band of losers can’t stand the man, thinking that one Theodore Cruz was unfairly denied the nomination. Maybe Trump wasn’t born here, and you guys can use that route to get him impeached?  Never mind the fact if these idiots had their way it would be a 5-4 liberal edge on the court, thankfully the masses voted for Trump and it’s a moot point.

Serious analysis now; we can count on the “Sith Lord” to drum up opposition like he tried to against the nominee, despite remaining on the sidelines.  Rumor has it his groin has been bothering him for straddling the political fence for almost 50 years.  No word on the many dead carcasses of suicide bombers he has riled up over the years.  The “Wookie” still thinks Barack Obama is our president and is in disbelief he would nominate 2 conservatives to the court.  Much like the Sith Lord, he still thinks Ted Cruz is up for president in November.  The “drunken Jedi” was asked for comment but his commentary was undecipherable due to the fact it was not certain which was higher his BAC of the percentage of votes Travis Allen got for Governor.  He said something along the lines of he wasn’t sure that it was absolutely Absolut, I guess a reference to Vodka.

But here is a win for the CRA, a photo of Theodore Cruz, and in the words of Frankie Vallie and the 4 seasons….”Can’t take my eyes off of you!”

Ted Cruz—CRA Savior

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Ted Cruz is Really Right

Yeah, we just said that and here’s why…

Just as a stopped analog clock can be correct twice a day, we need to give credit where credit is due. Yes, we are hard on Ted’s supporters but we here at ReallyRight are man enough to praise him when he gets it right.

I saw this from Joe Miller today and wanted to let you know that I agree with Ted Cruz.

Trump Just Added the Worst Possible Name for Dems to SCOTUS List

. .It’s also Democrats’ worst nightmare. If you thought they were freaking out this week over Justice Anthony Kennedy‘s retirement announcement, imagine how they’d react to the Utah senator [Mike Lee] joining the High Court. . .
President Donald Trump has asked his advisers about nominating Lee to replace Kennedy, according to a Bloomberg News report Thursday that cited “three people familiar with the matter.”

Lee’s rock-solid voting record has earned him perfect 100 percent scores from Conservative Review and the Heritage Foundation. In addition, he has the highest lifetime score from the American Conservative Union at 99.43 percent.

The senator also has a strong background in the law. He has served as a federal court clerk, assistant U.S. attorney and general counsel for Utah’s governor, in addition to his private practice work specializing in appellate and Supreme Court litigation. . .

I think he would be extraordinary ,” [Ted] Cruz said of his friend. “If you look back at Republican nominations to the Court, Democrats have batted almost 1.000. Just about every nominee they’ve put up there has voted the way they wanted on just about every single issue. Republicans at best bat .500. About half of the nominees Republican presidents have put on the Court have turned into train wrecks — have turned into liberal activists.

Ted is right in saying that the Dems have a perfect track record with their appointments to the High Court and Republicans get skunked about half the time with theirs.

Folks, Trump will get to have four or five appointments to the Supreme Court during his presidency. Over the next six years; these will include replacing Ginsberg and Thomas. You may actually have the opportunity to see the Liberals loosing in the Court six-to-three or seven-to-two. The dream that began with Reagan may finally see the light of day, a bright future for the city on the hill. Please God, let it be so.