What If Trump Picked Judge Judy?

As we await President Trump’s announcement of who he will nominate to the Supreme Court to replace Anthony Kennedy we can’t help but wonder if…

In a move that sent shockwaves thru the Washington Establishment, President Trump today announced that he was nominating Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court nominee—Judge Judy

Judge Judy is well known for her blunt and straight forward manner in resolving disagreements between parties. Judy has agreed to be nominated in exchange for two conditions, first, the proceedings of the Court are to be televised on a cable channel with higher ratings than C-Span. Currently AMC network is the leading contender, and their only condition is that Justice Ginsburg appear in the season nine episode of The Walking Dead where Rick Grimes meets his fate.

Rick Grimes meets Justice Ginsburg on TWD


Ruth Ginsburg: the next to exit?

Judy’s other condition is that the Court room be remodeled. She wants to allow natural sunlight into the room and soften the colors of the wood paneling. She also wanted to “add some damn flowers into this place.” Judy is not known for working as part of an ensemble cast but is willing to give it a try. She also is retaining the right to work during her off time on her television show.

Her views on abortion are not well known. The closest anyone has gotten was an exchange she had on her show a few years back.

She asked a young woman, “If you didn’t get knock-up by this scumbag then you wouldn’t be here asking for child support.”

Her response was, “But he said he loved me.”

Judy then retorted, “And you believed him when he said he would leave his wife for you? Grow-up.” Then she turned to the camera and said, “Where the hell do we find these cases? Walmart?”

Judy then ordered the baby to be put up for adoption and the man to get a vasectomy in exchange for not paying 18 years of child support.

Newt Gingrich reportedly likes the pick and said, “Judy is a kindred spirit to President Trump and will reflect the administration’s new tone of calling it like it is. I just hope she doesn’t have a Twitter account.”

Senator Chuck Schumer met with Judge Judy and described the meeting as akin to two New Yorker’s talking baseball over a few beers. “Judy is a spunky lady and would be an interesting addition to the bench.” He then added, “We have wanted the Court televised for years and now that may actually happen. The transparency that would give the Court makes supporting Judge Judy a good move for my fellow Senators.”

California Senator Diane Feinstein was less supportive. “Judge Judy has a track record of supporting adoption so I must question whether she truly supports a woman’s choice.”

Senate leadership has set confirmation hearings to begin after the summer recess when Congress meets after Labor Day.