Riots Aint Quiet

Thankfully, Covid-19 has decided to stand with Black Lives Matterexcept unborn blacks or black Republicans—and agreed to allow congregating in Democrat led political districts without worry of spreading the Corona virus. This truce has allowed protestors to pillage and burn black and minority owned businesses.

It seems that black folks are angry about having to social distance, shelter in place, and watch too much cable news or maybe they were looking for an excuse to let off some steam against the oppression of Democrats where they live and help themselves to a new television or pair of Nike sneakers in the process. Anyway, if Dems rule a particular city or state, the police have been told to stand-down and watch as their local elected officials stand (or kneel) with law breakers that are protesting the actions of a few rouge officers in another state run by Democrats.

This whole thing is a farce. It is a George Soros type operation that is paid for and coordinated by a few troublemakers bent on stirring up the masses just before the November election. This is an independent expenditure on behalf of Joe Biden intended to get the blacks back on the Democrat reservation just in time to mobilize their votes. Sorry folks but I have zero sympathy for these protestors.

I’m sorry that the arrest of Mr. George Floyd resulted in his death but last I checked, the police that were involved were being dealt with by local authorities and President Trump ordered the Feds to investigate as well.

Any way you want to calculate it, most blacks are victimized by other blacks. Whether abortion, robberies, homicides, assaults, etc. most blacks are doing it to their own community. Some white cops get filmed on a bystander’s cell phone restraining Mr. Floyd and suddenly we have nationwide protests. This is not a proportional response.

As stated many times before on this blog, if black lives really mattered, these protestors would be at Planned Parenthood every day protesting until the abortion facilities built to eliminate them—minorities and poor people—were all closed. The truth is that BLM is about creating social and societal unrest. It is just a Marxist tool to control people and further a political agenda.

Folks, when you close churches nationwide, don’t feign surprise when evil breaks out. Actions have consequences. I find it funny that the ones supporting the closure of churches for the last three months are now pretending surprise when evil is freely practiced on the streets. People in these communities are sheltering in place now for safety. They have traded fear of one disease (a virus) for fear of another (sin).

If you break the law, you should fear the consequences whether you wear a badge or not. If you smash windows and steal stuff, or beat up strangers, you have become the very thing that you claimed you were protesting. The Liberal response is to remove the consequences and not enforce the law. The solution is the opposite; namely, enforce that law regardless of race, occupation, or social status.

Folks, I’m all for review and reform of our laws—especially in the areas of immigration and criminal justice—but relaxing the consequences for either the cops or the protestors is not the proper framework to begin such an examination.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and likewise, fear of the Lord is the beginning of justice too.