Hill’s Health

Here is a syllogism that should be in play in public discourse now and the fact that it’s not should worry some folks.

Given #1: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was the most transformative President of the 20th Century. He expanded government more than any President in history. He is the modern idol of Liberal Democrats and Socialists in America.

Given #2: FDR was a man who suffered a debilitating disease and persevered to lead America thru the Great Depression and The Big War. Liberals often hold him up as a role model for handicapped people—except folks with Downs Syndrome which they universally wish to abort as soon as the amniocentesis test results are in.

Given #3: Hillary Clinton has some sort of disease that is making people think she can’t be President.

Given these three facts, why don’t we hear: Roosevelt was the greatest president and was battling the ravages of disease and Hillary is battling a ravaging disease and can be a great president too.

FDR from Wikipedia

Oh, wait. Nobody is making this claim.

Given the Democrat’s universal reverence for FDR and his legacy, why isn’t Clinton embracing her health issues and claiming that she is the female Roosevelt?

Why doesn’t she come clean about her health issues and say that despite her challenges she can lead America into eight more years of socialist paradise?

Instead we have the usual Clinton spin, misdirection, and disinformation. Anything but the truth seems to be their credo.

My conclusion is “be afraid, be very afraid”.