Thoughts on Super Tuesday 2016

Eight years ago the major political parties put up their worst candidates—John McCain and Barack Obama—for the Presidency. Their worst beat our worst and every day Obama continues to prove it.

Now in 2016, our loudest is going against their loudest.

Hillary Clinton—whose accomplishments are limited to sleeping with the President and killing people in Benghazi—is trying to crush Bernie Sanders tomorrow so she can have a clear shot at the Whitehouse; (FBI indictment notwithstanding.)

Meanwhile, the spineless Republican Establishment and certain conservatives in the Party are faced with the likelihood that Donald Trump will be their nominee. Trump has many flaws but sleeping with the President and killing American Ambassadors are not amongst them. Trump is rough around the edges but he has proven that he can achieve his goals.

Unlike the Clinton’s, Trump earned his money the old fashioned way; not as a result of screwing average America citizens and getting obscene amounts of money for speeches and libraries. The Clinton’s were dead broke when Bill and Hillary left Washington and now they have a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Republicans have owned both houses of Congress for two years now and have absolutely nothing to show for it. It fact, the Democrats still run the place. The Republican leadership earned Trump as their candidate. They are a gutless lot. Republicans (and many Democrats) are tired of the political class being ineffective. The Congressional Leadership behaves like a simple minded dog that knows three tricks:
• How to play dead
• Roll-over
• And beg.

The biggest substantial difference between Trump and Hillary is this:
• Hillary will appoint people on the basis of political payoffs
• Trump will appoint people qualified for the job

The idea of Bloomberg or Romney coming in to save the Republican Establishment at the eleventh hour via a brokered convention is nonsense. Bush has been burned and Rubio is a clueless poser. It looks like the GOP Establishment has found someone they hate more than Ronald Reagan.

Washington is all about Power and Control—Hillary is both and Trump is neither.

Super Tuesday may be more than just the election that cements the field in November, it may be the cement that sinks the Republican Establishment, and that would be a very good thing.