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Dedicated Christian that has experienced many facets of Christendom thru the years. Father of three and husband of but one wife. Education: Nuclear Reactor Operator while serving in US Navy, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor's Degree in Government, Microsoft Certified System's Engineer, CompTIA Network Plus and A Plus certifications, and various accounting classes.

Are You Living With Debt

January 10, 2019

An old pastor once told me that the word “mortgage” is from two Latin words; “mort” meaning death like in mortuary and “gage” meaning grip, thus a mortgage was a “death grip”. This is what I thought of when I say this headline today: 1 in 5 millennials with debt expect to die without ever […]

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Tesla Kills Autonomous Robot

January 8, 2019

If you needed proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, in the first recorded case of one silicon based life form murdering another, a Tesla vehicle on autopilot ran down an autonomous robot, Promobot, on the streets of Las Vegas. As a pedestrian, the robot clearly had the right of way along […]

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Trump Mulls Banning Chinese Technology

December 27, 2018

I saw this article and thought it worthy of giving you the highlights. WASHINGTON, Dec 27 (Reuters) – President Donald Trump is considering an executive order in the new year to declare a national emergency that would bar U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by China’s Huawei and ZTE, three sources familiar with the […]

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Senate Scuttles McCain Rename

December 26, 2018

As expected, Senator John McCain left the United States Senate feet first. McCain—who was a legend in his own mind—was controversial for being wrong and undercutting his own Party in very public ways. While he did serve in the military, it is a wonder that he didn’t get discharged for some of the antics that […]

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Saint Nicholas

December 24, 2018

Since tomorrow is Christmas, I thought readers might enjoy a glimpse into the life of Old Saint Nick. Oh, and yes Virginia there really was a Saint Nick. He loved the poor and had no tolerance for corrupt politicians or heretics. The history of Nicholas is blurry, but there are many legends associated with the […]

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Mitch McConnell Flakes on Wall

December 21, 2018

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, counted heads and quickly concluded that he didn’t have the votes to fund the border wall/fence/barrier. Thus he unilaterally threw in the towel and didn’t even try to fight for funding when the Senate voted to pass a continuing spending resolution to keep the government funded for […]

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Apple Woes Continue

December 21, 2018

When a Chinese Court sided with Qualcomm last week in a patent dispute they are having with Apple, I thought perhaps it was a decision at the direction of the Chinese government in retaliation US tariffs as a result of President Trump’s trade policies but today we hear German Courts are also deciding in favor […]

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CRA Smackdown 2019

December 19, 2018

Alliances will be tested. Intrigue. Betrayal. The fate of a kingdom hangs in the balance. No, it’s not a new Peter Jackson movie or other Hollywood blockbuster, it’s the battle for CRA’s next President. The challenger, Johnny “Captain” Morgan, vs veteran past President, Celeste Greig. When we last heard from Celeste, she had staked the […]

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Trump: Almost Two years In

December 15, 2018

Before Donald Trump took office I was telling people two things which have come to pass in spades about his administration. First, none of the “top-tier” political consultants would work for him. For the most part they were already committed to other candidates because they didn’t see Trump as a serious contender. As a result, […]

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Parents to Fight Rainbow Curriculum in Elk Grove School District

December 14, 2018

Recently, the Elk Grove Tea Party promoted a public meeting to fight the introduction of a new textbook series that is being considered for use by the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD). The controversy surrounds the incorporation of a 2011 mandate to the California Education Code requiring the teaching of the positive value of […]

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