Liberal Democrats from LA Agree with us?

November 26, 2020

By Chief Hell hath frozen over. The apocalypse may actually be happening. I woke up and read an article about Covid closures this AM and blood almost shot out of my eyes. That or I thought perhaps my bottled water was really a bottle of the sacrament provided by the “Drunken Jedi.” Folks the Los […]

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Navdeep Gill is in Verydeep Trouble

November 20, 2020

By frequent contributor “The Chief” They say a fish rots from the headfirst, and in Sacramento County that proves to be true. Navdeep “Nav” Gill was hired back in 2016 as county executive or CEO. He is in charge of overseeing all county’s operations, doling out budget dollars and other things government workers do like […]

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How Much Voter Fraud is Enough to Matter?

November 19, 2020

The election was competitive. The incumbent Democrat had never had such a serious challenger before. As results started coming in an hour after the polls had closed, the Republican challenger began to amass a small lead. This lead grew to a few thousand votes and held steady for many hours. At about 1:30 AM, a […]

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Peter Beilenson is a Racist?

November 19, 2020

No one likes this clown. 30 years in the business, mostly with Baltimore County in Maryland, then suddenly he moves to little Sacramento, CA? I do not think so. They call this “passing the trash” when it comes to moving around bad teachers in the local school district. Are we to believe this guy is […]

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Biden Offers Republicans Olive Branch

November 14, 2020

Joe Biden has offered an olive branch of sorts to some Republicans in the Trump Administration. Biden has offered to retain most of the Republican women currently employed in the White House for his first term. When surprised reporters got wind of this news, they queried the presumptive President Elect. Biden replied that Trump’s White […]

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Johnnie Does: CA Covid Disaster Continues

November 13, 2020

With the election in the rear-view mirror we can hopefully begin to look forward to a return to normalcy right? Not so fast! New restrictions have been levied by Governors and Mayors all over the country in regard to “spiking” COVID-19 rates. I use air quotes because this is an infectious disease and is transmittable […]

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Running List-So Far 7,887 Dead Voters in MI

November 10, 2020

Thanks to Joe Miller for the heads-up. Here’s the source. Total (probably) deceased voters returning MI absentee ballots in 11/3/20 election: 7887 Total confirmed deceased (per Social Security Death Index): 6553 “Name”,”Birth Month”,”Birth Year”,”Zip Code”,”Ballot Received Date”,”Birthday”,”Date of Death”,”Age today” AARON JAMES,7,1949,48188,10/7/2020,07/09/1949,02/01/1979,71 ABBOTT DAVID,5,1937,48532,10/8/2020,05/30/1937,11/06/2011,83 ABBOTT SHIRLEY,1,1935,48317,10/23/2020,01/15/1935,UNKNOWN,86 ABDOO ANN,5,1918,48331,10/13/2020,5/??/1918,UNKNOWN,103 ABELE GILBERT,10,1919,48382,10/12/2020,10/??/1919,UNKNOWN,101 ABNEY BERNETHA,3,1919,48208,NONE,3/??/1919,UNKNOWN,102 ACKERMAN GARY,5,1947,48601,9/28/2020,05/20/1947,05/13/2002,73 ADAMOV […]

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That’s All Folks

November 8, 2020

For those of you that think the good guys always win and those that follow the rules ultimately prevail, please avoid your televisions, radios, internet, and if there’s any left, newspapers, for the next four years because you might learn that it doesn’t always work that way. Those of us lamenting the railroad job the […]

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Sad to say The Chief is Right

November 6, 2020

Folks, I do believe there was wide scale election fraud in the Presidential race but the reality is that I have never heard of a court overturning an election result. Yes the dead, the illegal, and the infirm voted this year in the biggest numbers since 1960; nevertheless, I see no path where Trump can […]

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Trump’s Goose Got Cooked

November 5, 2020

By The Chief Can’t say I was too surprised, but I will, this election feels stolen. While I do believe Trump should concede (more on this later), here is a very interesting exchange that occurred on Fox yesterday during the results coming in. This is in regard to Florida and Arizona. In both states, it […]

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