Parks Lose First Round: May 30 Showdown Set

Round one of the CRA dust-up results just came in.
CRA Board 1
Park Brothers 0

Vote totals
Yes 28
No 31
Abstain 1

The proposal for a July 25th Board meeting was defeated. Clearly it was outside the margin of cheating or some votes might have been tossed to change the outcome. Aaron Park said as much on his blog and his sister-in-law (Mrs. George) is the one counting the votes. Why people in this group can’t just follow the rules and live with the result is amazing and quite sad.

Again the May 30th meeting was properly called and will happen whether George and Aaron like it or not. Having a second meeting in July was a dumb idea. The Parks simply wanted it to try to trick people into the notion that it was an alternative to the May 30th meeting called per the Bylaws. Why President Briscoe went along with this “alternative” and called for an online vote is unfathomable.

The irony is that Briscoe originally agreed to the May 30th meeting on a conference call that George and Aaron were not invited to participate in. After the room was reserved by Santa Barbara RA, Briscoe got cold feet and the Board took it upon themselves to stick to the original plan.

Aaron and George can try to intimidate Board members all they want but the storm about to hit them is so beyond their comprehension that I actually feel sorry for them. If they knew what was coming they would gladly resign today.

I have been hearing that John Briscoe has made tepid requests over the last few weeks for the Parks to resign but he has finally put the request in writing in an email to the Board. I have obtained a copy of the email. In it Briscoe states that he has asked the Parks to resign; however, he then concedes that he hasn’t the power to remove them and the matter would have to wait to the next Board meeting.

One woe is past. Behold, still two more woes are coming… Rev 9:12

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