Park Fallout

In the wake of the Parks employing the nuclear option on Friday, a backlash of events—now wholly out of their control—is at work. They have created a target rich environment. The majority on the CRA Board now have a number of measures available to them thanks to the Park’s overreaching and being arrogant enough to violate both state and Federal privacy laws and probably a few on the behavior of corporations as well. Their exposure of private records of CRA as well as banking information of rank and file members of the organization is a huge deal. This can result in criminal and civil complaints and if pursued to the fullest could endanger the Park’s ability to operate their insurance business.

Thanks to them not keeping this matter within the Board and going public with it, various other things are at play. News outlets are aware of the issue and may broadcast this struggle far and wide. Members of the California Republican Party have gotten involved in the issue as well as several elected officials. (Trust me that I know more than I’m disclosing here.)

As a result, John Briscoe is toast as well. By his action (or inaction) Briscoe has proven to be either too spineless to stand up to the Parks or approves wholeheartedly of their conduct. Either way, he is on the losing side of this fight. He is now CRA President in Name Only. Briscoe controls only a tiny fraction of the Board. A clear majority is in open rebellion.

As corporate President of CRA, Briscoe has a fiduciary responsibility to the Board and members of the organization. Briscoe has violated this trust by not ensuring that the rules are being followed. When ethical violations occur, he cannot look the other way or enable the wrong conduct.

You would also think that Briscoe, as a CPA, would be keenly aware of financial issues that affect the group. Apparently this is not the case. A number of irregularities have come to light but again Briscoe has failed to act or bring these issues before the Board.

Look for the Parks to do their best imitation of Sherman’s March and burn everything between now and the May 30th meeting.