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Rob Roy is no MacGregor

December 6, 2005

Liberals haven’t had an original idea for decades but they are good about repackaging their filthy rags and trying to sell them to us again. One such case was argued before the US Supreme Court today. As a show of solidarity for this case, Rob Roy (no relation to the Scottish hero) and his band […]

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The Fridge on the Freeway

December 5, 2005

In the movie Gumball Rally, there is a scene where the driver of a sporty convertible is preparing to enter the race from New York to Los Angeles. As part of his pre-race checklist, he reaches up and breaks-off the rearview mirror. The driver then tosses it over his shoulder and behind the car. His […]

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Senator Specter’s Opposition to Parental Rights

November 30, 2005

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter was able to prevail in his pyrrhic victory on behalf of defenders of Roe v Wade. The Supreme Court held hearings today on the New Hampshire parental consent law that some believe could lead to limitations on abortion on demand. Instead of associate Justice Samuel Alito sitting on the Court, we […]

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Ronald McDonald Robs Wendy’s

November 29, 2005

We All know that competition in the fast food business is tough but this story is really hard to swallow. It seems that Ronald McDonald was arrested for robbing a Wendy’s Restaurant in Manchester New Hampshire. Why Ronald would steal from Wendy is not revealed in the story. Wendy’s manager caught Ronald McDonald in the […]

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Clemancy for Stanley “Tookie” William?

November 22, 2005

The push is on to try to get the death sentence commuted for Stanley Tookie Williams. In addition to the usual bleeding heart Liberals and small group of misguided but well meaning Roman Catholics, opponents of the death penalty have some new allies from the Right of the political spectrum. There are not many but […]

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Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Enters Concordat with US Anglicans

November 17, 2005

The fissures continue to grow as the Anglican world moves closer to splitting into an orthodox Christian body that is jettisoning the corpse of Western Liberalism from its midst. Last week the gathering of Anglicans in Philadelphia at the Hope and a Future Conference heard from a variety of Archbishops from the Southern Cone (Africa, […]

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Katelyn Sills Produces Document Dump

November 16, 2005

Katelyn Sills has done a document dump on her website posting the correspondence between her family and Loretto High School staff members. I have read all the documents on her site and find the response of the school administration both troubling and disturbing. It is apparent that Sister Helen Timothy is a micromanager that lost control […]

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The Myth of Mileage Taxes

November 14, 2005

This morning Eric Hogue was asking how you would like to be taxed to pay for road improvements in California. He was asking about a per mileage tax versus an increased sales tax. This discussion was due to an upcoming ballot initiative related to this issue. I reject any proposal for an increase in taxes […]

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Election Aftermath: KFBK’s Mark Williams Bayonets the Wounded

November 10, 2005

Last night my wife and I went to dinner. On the way home I turned on Mark Williams at KFBK Radio to see what he thought about the special election. I was expecting a rational, reasons analysis of the election (something like an after action report). Instead of how can we do this better next […]

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California Special Election Aftermath

November 9, 2005

It is a sad night as the election returns begin pouring in from all over California. The reform package supported by the Governor is in tatters. As of this writing, only Payroll Protection is in the hunt to pass. Parental Notification also might have a chance to win. Why? Because the campaign for the Governor’s […]

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