California Special Election Aftermath

It is a sad night as the election returns begin pouring in from all over California. The reform package supported by the Governor is in tatters. As of this writing, only Payroll Protection is in the hunt to pass. Parental Notification also might have a chance to win.

Why? Because the campaign for the Governor’s measures failed to energize voters to go to the polls and support these measures. As I have stated previously, the cornerstone of this election was the reapportionment measure. This is the only reason that we had the election today instead of waiting til June. No one in the Governors camp ever made this argument a part of the campaign. This allowed the labor unions to portray this election as Arnolds war on California voters. Frame the issue, win the debate.

The Governor let these measures qualify without any input from his administration. Once he gave his support to these measures, he let his opponents define his positions on these measures.

Only the consultants benefited from this campaign. Support was poorly thought-out, executed and delivered. Saying trust me is not a good enough reason to vote the way we were asked too by the Governor.

1. Fire the consultants, they lose elections every two years for their Republican friends and then get hired the next election cycle and do it again. Amazingly they stay employed while another democrat beats their candidate.
2. Use the Internet and get some grassroots organization.
3. Listen to the people and explain what you are doing in a way that they can understand. Make them part of the solution.
4. People vote their pocketbooks; help them understand the process better.
5. Don’t take your base for granted. If you do they will stay home.
6. Bring all these ideas back again for another vote and make the case why they are needed.