Introducing the Broad Squad

July 18, 2019

OAC and the gang think they are the political version of Charlie’s Angels but those of us in the Heartland think they’re nuts (or something worse). President Trump nailed them on Twitter a few days ago. Trump’s stock with average Americans has risen sharply since then. OAC says her gang is “The Squad” but clearly […]

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I Love Trump But…

July 17, 2019

I like Donald Trump and think he’s doing a good job despite encountering the strongest headwinds of any President in my lifetime. But the one thing he does that I fear will blow up in his face is taking credit for the great performance of the stock market. By taking credit for the highs in […]

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Tesla Games: It Must be Earnings Report Time

July 16, 2019

Elon Musk is in the news again with another distraction so it must be about time to report Tesla’s second quarter earning’s reports. First, the distraction. Neuralink, the secretive company bankrolled by Elon Musk to develop brain-computer interfaces, will provide its first public update later today in an event streamed over the internet. “We’re having […]

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Insurance Fraud/Racketeering: Knights of Columbus Style

July 15, 2019

By: Jake the Snake–an occasional contributor Back in August 2018, the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic Church volunteer group) was served a lawsuit by a vendor alleging insurance fraud and manipulation, essentially running a Ponzi scheme. U.S. District Court in Denver against the Knights of Columbus, claiming the Catholic-charity behemoth is using “phantom” numbers to […]

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Subprime Feeding Frenzy

July 12, 2019

The sequel to Jaw has the tag line, “Just when you thought it was safe…” They’re back. Yep. Subprime loans are back and more prevalent than ever. If you thought Bush, Obama, and “too big to fail” were relics of history, you’d be as clueless as the 90-Day Guy or the naïve written about by […]

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Utopia Impossible: EV Fleet

July 11, 2019

You know the drill. A man retrieves a small recording device from an unexpected place. He hits play and is given a seemingly impossible task—usually to save the world or prevent an international incident. The recorder finishes delivering its message and self-destructs. A match lights an old fashioned fuse which starts to burn as the […]

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Apple Spanked Repeatedly as Tim Cook Leads from Behind

July 5, 2019

Here are seven recent stories (in no particular order) that all agree that Apple is rotting. Waterproof My *** Samsung is being taken to task in Australia for deceptive advertising. Samsung was one of the first companies to make water resistance a regular feature of their flagship smartphones, but it turns out the confidence this […]

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Amazon Burns Books Again while California Goes to War with Biblical Christianity

July 5, 2019

Another story has surfaced about burning books. In a previous installment, it was documented that Amazon had deleted books warning of the existential threat of Islam and its incompatibility with Western Culture (i.e. Christianity). On January 7 of this year, I published an article at PJ Media about Amazon removing doormats featuring Qur’an verses […]

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Chevy’s is Broken

July 3, 2019

Johnnie Does had a coupon for a free appetizer if he bought an adult entrée so he decided to visit a Chevy’s location near his office for some good ole American Tex-Mex cuisine. Chevy’s is a chain that has been in and out of bankruptcy for what seems like the last decade. They have a […]

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SPAM Month July 2019

July 2, 2019

Remembering what a splash that was made last year, we decided to check-in with Dixon City Councilman Ted Hickman. Ted ignited a firestorm last year by declaring July, as SPAM month. SPAM is Straight Pride Americans Month. …I am proclaiming July as NOT LGBTQ-WTF aka… Straight pride month… You know… I hereby resolve that I […]

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