My take on the Russia and Ukraine War

Folks I have been holding my powder about this conflict, but I feel like I’m past due to comment on it.

First and foremost, I don’t trust the American media to tell the truth about this war. They lied for six years about Donald Trump; they’ve lied for over two years about Covid. They always lie about abortion, and doubly about people that oppose it. They hate Christianity, Western Culture, and everything else I hold dear but somehow, they get a pass on this war?! NO WAY.

Joe Hidin’ Biden is an evil and corrupt man. Don’t take my work for it, look at what his own children say about him. Whether it be Hunter’s laptop or the daughter’s diary about showering with her father, there’s no way this guy is someone deserving of power, respect, or the benefit of the doubt.

Biden & Company has been in bed—fiscally and otherwise—in Ukraine for years. Hunter is fronting for “the big guy” and giving papa a cut. By the way, besides Hunter, who pays hookers with checks? Don’t forget that it was in Ukraine that then Vice-President Joe Biden told them they had six hours to fire the prosecutor, or they wouldn’t get the billion dollars. Oh, part of that quote was that if they doubt Joe, call Barack and he would tell them the same thing … funny how that part gets overlooked ever by most conservative media.

Oh, lest you still think Biden should get a pass—you are irredeemable if you do—don’t forget that it was the United States that overthrew the Ukrainian government when Obama and Biden were running the country last time (word is Obama is the man behind the curtain now). So, Biden overthrew Ukraine’s government, he has been systematically shakingdown the government and businesses there and out of the blue this war just happens?

Now Joe rides in with the American checkbook in hand so he can pass out aid and arms like candy while propping up the corrupt government he installed. Folks Joe is the James Bond villain in the story not Putin.

Here’s an example of the media lies told in the United States being retracted five months later.

Two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Russian forces assaulted a nursing home in the eastern region of Luhansk. Dozens of elderly and disabled patients, many of them bedridden, were trapped inside without water or electricity.

The March 11 assault set off a fire that spread throughout the facility, suffocating people who couldn’t move. A small number of patients and staff escaped and fled into a nearby forest, finally getting assistance after walking for 5 kilometers (3 miles).

In a war awash in atrocities, the attack on the nursing home near the village of Stara Krasnyanka stood out for its cruelty. And Ukrainian authorities placed the fault squarely on Russian forces, accusing them of killing more than 50 vulnerable civilians in a brutal and unprovoked attack.

But a new U.N. report has found that Ukraine’s armed forces bear a large, and perhaps equal, share of the blame for what happened in Stara Krasnyanka, which is about 580 kilometers (360 miles) southeast of Kyiv. A few days before the attack, Ukrainian soldiers took up positions inside the nursing home, effectively making the building a target.

UN: Russia and Ukraine are to blame for nursing home attack

Serhiy Haidai, the governor of Luhansk, declared in a March 20 post to his Telegram account that 56 people had been killed “cynically and deliberately” by “Russian occupiers” who “shot at close range from a tank.” The office of Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Iryna Venediktova, said in a statement issued the same day that 56 elderly people died due to the “treacherous actions” of the Russian forces and their allies. Neither statement mentioned whether Ukrainian soldiers had entered the home before the fighting began.

I promise you that the American media dutifully reported the war crime of Russia attacking a rest home full of elderly people but the correction to the story either never saw the light of day or ended-up on the back page of the classified section.

But Ukraine also must abide by the international rules of the battlefield. David Crane, a former Defense Department official and a veteran of numerous international war crime investigations, said the Ukrainian forces may have violated the laws of armed conflict by not evacuating the nursing home’s residents and staff.

“The bottom-line rule is that civilians cannot intentionally be targeted. Period. For whatever reason,” Crane said. “The Ukrainians placed those people in a situation which was a killing zone. And you can’t do that.”

So, five months later, the truth come out to a collective yawn because it doesn’t fit the script. The only thing missing from the original report was the PowerPoint presentation from Colin Powell.

2003, Colin Powell testifying at the United Nations making the case that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. A claim that was never proven.

The stories of Ukraine using people as human shields are legion. Remember that shopping mall that exploded a few weeks ago? Russia says that Ukrainian troops purposely placed a large cache of weapons and ammunition next to the mall so this would result in the mass killing of civilians. Given the level of destruction to the place, I think the Russians were probably correct.

Folks, this use of civilians as human shields is a common tactic in many parts of the world. Iran does it with their nuclear research facilities. They are literally located under schools and hospitals to ensure bloody videos to distribute to a willing media should we or Israel ever attack them directly.

The other issue going on in the background of this war is one over homosexuality. Ukraine’s government promotes it vigorously while Russia opposes it. The WNBA chick is likely in trouble because she is loud and proud … of her sin. Putin has a background with the KGB but in recent years he has gone out of his way to promote the Russian Orthodox Church. Is he just a chameleon or has he seen the Light? I’m not sure but I hope it’s the latter.

From a geopolitical perspective, we have no reason to be doing anything in Ukraine. We have set in motion a series of events that will eventually come back to haunt us.

Biden has such a tainted relationship with the region that he should recuse himself, and by extension the United States, from any military involvement in this conflict. We are enabling the death count to go up by arming the Ukrainians and as more people die, we provide yet more arms. Its literally a death spiral.

Societal Decay Part ???

I want to share my experience at my local gym yesterday, keep in mind I attend a gym with the word “family” in its name.  So, I would take it as meaning “family friendly.”  That being said, it is summertime and that means the weather is hot.  Check out my experience at Family Fitness. 

First upon my arrival, I check in and get on the hamster wheel for circa about an hour to get my cardio workout in.  As I was running, I glanced at the person on the Stair Master directly in front of me.  I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at first, but then I realized, it was a young lady in what appeared to be volleyball shorts that barely covered her up.  I’m talking a good half of both cheeks were uncovered.  I promptly found a new machine; no way was I going to be accused of being a pig looking at that view for my duration of my workout.  At first, I figured it was a malfunction, or maybe a rookie mistake, nope she was proudly strutting her stuff all over the workout floor later that evening.  I overheard a fellow gym goer make a “cat call” at her to which she responded in kind with a smile and twirling her hair.  Obviously, it’s not just the trainers who are for hire here.

Flashdance 1983

Second interaction was when I was out at the pool area cooling down after my run.  I had to do a double take as someone walked by me, I swore she was quite naked, and I thought she had a group of three kids with her.  Yeah, I was correct, she was wearing I guess a thong, as her two cheeks weren’t covered up at all.  And yes 2/3 kids were hers.  I thought this was pretty classless and tasteless at a family gym, also were many families and young children congregate…a pool!  Not to be outdone she walked directly through the entire club on the way out, wearing no towel. 

The third and final interaction was while I was on the workout floor.  As I was bench pressing, I looked up and saw a female with extremely tight-fitting spandex leggings on.  Like so tight that if you told me she had to attach the “butt crack” part directly to her “butt hole” I would believe it.  I have honestly never seen something like this.  This girl legit found a way to show off every curve on her body.  But wait there is more…. this same girl tied her shirt in a knot in the back as to make it even more form fitting.  I guess I had seen it all right?  Nope, her shirt read “personal trainer” on it.  Yup she draws a paycheck from this place. 

Flashdance 1983

I could go on, especially about the men who wear leggings to the gym, you can include me in that group, but I wear shorts over them.  I’m pretty self-aware in that no one goes to the gym to scope out my rear end, and even fewer want to stare at the crotch of a mid-thirties man.  Actually, I’m one of the very few who do that, I see numerous men not wearing shorts over their leggings.  Definition of gross if you ask me.

However, I was quite possibly outdone by the response I got to an informal poll I did.  Almost no one who was a guy had an issue with it, this poll included those married, single, and engaged.  Please do not get me wrong, I do not mind summer, warm weather, but is it too much to ask to cover up a little bit?  The responses from women seemed more in alinement with my thoughts, which is to be expected.  When it came to the men’s attire, as expected the men were adamantly opposed, ditto for the women for the most part.  One disturbing trend out of a couple female’s surveyed was they spoke about a 6-6-6 club, when I asked, they admitted it’s an on-going thing with women who desire 6 feet tall, earning 6 figures, and 6 inches in the pants.  If you are stuck on the last one, I can’t help you sorry.  I personally find this odd, but I guess that is what society wants.  Maybe I should go short less at the gym?  Or maybe I don’t want to embarrass myself?

In closing, this bothers me in a way it may not bother many.  This oversexualizes society, big time.  Why are we doing this at the gym?  Understand I am completely on board with traditional workout attire for all groups, and society has changed in a way leggings are tolerated, but man…. this seems to be overkill.  I’m not sure it’s asking too much to keep the thong at home, get some better covering volleyball shorts, and maybe don’t buy leggings 3 sizes too small?  Especially if you happen to work there.  Also, guys, definitely cover up, its gross.  However, this is what we want now, I guess it’s like a big show room, check out the goods, test drive the car if they let you, then I guess decide second date or not?

The Chief

California Versus America in Three Photos

Folks, I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks. Mostly we’ve been taking Really Right Junior to tour various colleges so he can decide where to apply. I drove about 5,000 miles during that period.

Oh, cheapest gas price was $4.09 a gallon in Texas. Highest was on the California/Arizona border which was about $7.45 on the CA side of the line and $4.65 on the other.

While driving from Longview Texas to Fayetteville, Arkansas we had to make a bathroom stop. We chose the Dairy Queen. Some DQ franchises in Texas have chocolate soft serve ice cream and momma loves her ice cream.

Anyway I saw something I have never seen before in California. I feel that it illustrates what’s right with Texas and simultaneously what’s wrong with California. I felt compelled to photograph it for the blog. Let me know your thoughts.

Planted in the flower bed was a cross with the words “Jesus is Lord”. I thought that was unusual for a fast food place.

When coming out of the bathroom, I saw this on the counter where customers pick up their orders. Yep, that’s a Bible and an assortment of pens and highlighters. The sign says, “Highlight your Favorite Scripture”.

I was impressed. Yes, In ‘n Out Burger has Bible references printed on their wrappers and Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays but wow that’s nothing compared to this.

Democrats Off-Load Joe Biden

Things are not great right now if you’re a Democrat; record inflation, soaring debt, a war in Ukraine, record high gas prices, and soaring food costs are making it not fun to be Joe Biden.  That’s ok though as all will be well for the Democrats after the mid-term elections. 

You may have seen David Axelrod and a couple other pundits remarking about Joe’s age, and possible cognitive slippage.  This is because the Democrats have no further use for Joe, he was needed to beat Trump because they needed a “moderate/likeable guy.”  Now they have no use for him as the world is quite literally burning.  This was the plan all along. You see, Joe was shepherded through the primary (you may remember the bizarre events after the South Carolina primary.  Joe won and suddenly the top delegate leaders all bowed out of the race.  Maybe the Clinton’s made a few phone calls?)  Anyways Joe won and the rest is history.

The Democrats have gone so woke they have no use for an old white guy who has zero original thoughts, so he will be replaced prior to the presidential primary in 2024.  They do not need or want him anymore; he will be blamed for all these issues and any other problems in the world that confront us.  His policies are not woke enough or hip enough anymore.  The Squad and others now control the Party and will be picking the replacement on the ballot.  People like Axelrod don’t start rumors unless there are serious rumblings going on about Ole Joe behind the scenes.  The Democrats will get smashed in the midterms and reality will set in, they need a new/younger leader with fresh new ideas.

Enter Gavin Newsom.

Gavin survived a recall, actually getting around 60 some odd percent to keep him in office.  This is despite record long lockdowns, emergency powers that he still hasn’t given up by the way, high taxes, and a homeless problem that is destroying our state.  Gavin is working on a stimulus check to CA residents with a target delivery date of October…. magically when the ballots will be dropping for our “all mail in election.”  He won’t drop the cash earlier because he wants that check fresh on your mind when your ballot appears.  We won’t be suspending the gas tax out here either (plus this tax went even higher beginning July 1st). Taxes are important to Californians, ours tend to be record highs.

In November, Gavin is going to run the numbers up big time, running on a hyper-woke agenda of closing 3 prisons, sending out that rebate check, defunding police, homeless shelters on all corners of vacant land, abortion thru all nine months plus several months after birth, legalizing female slavery (prostitution), and rampant crime and drug use.  Most folks in CA, the GOP included, don’t really care about any of this, as such this place is going completely to hell.  Gavin will be facing a GOP legislator from Lassen County (no one lives there) Gavin will run this thing up; I expect a margin of around 68% in favor of him.  After he wins big, I have a feeling he announces to challenge Biden.  Biden will be announcing he wants to spend more time with family.  Someone needs to provide Hunter with $$$ for the hookers and blow. 

Joe bows out, and Gavin coasts to the nomination, CA is already moving up its presidential primary in earnest.  Gavin will run the numbers up again and no one will be able to stop him.  Kamala will be told to run for the Governorship Gavin vacates and the race will be on.  The Squad will be happy, and the hope will be the GOP primary will be a knockdown, drag out, bare knuckle brawl.  Gavin will have a huge advantage coupled with a favorable map as far as electoral votes go.

The best hope we would have as the GOP is to nominate Ron DeSantis and have a CA vs the rest of the USA on the ballot.  Then we will finally get an idea of which direction the country wants to go.

This is the belief held by the entire editorial board here at the blog.  We firmly believe Joe is just a stalking horse waiting to be put out to pasture (or sent to the glue factory).

Please note that the Chief wrote this before Newsom ran his political ads in Florida trying to attack DeSantis. DeSantis’ response can be found here.

I Left the GOP

The rumors are true, this past week I re-registered to “Libertarian.”  If you know me, you already know I am a Libertarian, but I caucused with the GOP.  I only voted for 1 Democrat in my life prior to this election, that was Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli.  I am not going to grandstand and claim the party left me. 

Truth is there is no Republican Party in California.

For years the party has been in a free fall.  Tribalism took over and poof, we are now a super minority.  I see that Chad Mayes, the former GOP leader, is still in the Assembly as an independent.  Mayes is known for being a sorta Republican who loves tax hikes.  Would be nice if the GOP could beat him, but why bother.  Frankly he fits in perfectly.  On each vote there is inevitably 3-4 GOP members who vote with the Democrats so it can be called a “bi-partisan bill.”  Barf.

The party brand is toxic here.  Just look at Sac DA Anne Marie Schubert. She used the party to get elected, then dropped us afterward.  She got obliterated running for AG, but the point is, she used us until it was no longer necessary.  Ditto for Pat Hume, the lazy EG councilmember, who will get slaughtered in November because he never wants to put in the work.  The GOP endorsed him, but he refuses to use the logo.  He was in a 4-way race with 3 Democrats, and if he achieved 50% plus one, he could have won outright.  Hume also supported the tax measure on the ballot, and supported the sales tax increase a couple cycles ago.  But that’s ok…. he is a Republican!

Looks like the hedgehog is a symbol of Libertarians

The county party here is a joke.  I mean Sue, Terry (RIP) and others were a circus, but this crew is a straight up joke.  I got an email the night before Election Day saying Sac County GOP recommends you vote this way.  Yup, I got my ballot 6 weeks prior at least, and had already returned it.  We do all our voting by mail in CA, these idiots just do not get it.  It told me to vote Barnes for sheriff, he lost, write in Sue Mason for her race, and that if I couldn’t drop my ballot off someone could come pick it up.  Yeah, read that again, the GOP called that ballot harvesting a couple cycles ago.  Good luck trying to sue over that now.

The top 2 primary has killed off all non-democrat parties.  I don’t even need to say anymore here.  Too bad the GOP supports it.  I think a lawsuit involving all non-democrat parties gets the top 2 overturned.  Congrats on being on the wrong side of history GOP!  In November I get the choice of Stephanie Nguyen or Eric Guerra in one race, and Dave Jones and Angelique Ashby in the other.  Neither race features a GOP.

The GOP had zero endorsements on my voter guide.  See the troll blog for more on this disturbing factoid.  Bonus, the GOP voters are crying as very few of their “candidates” made it through to November.  Shocking I say, shocking.

Recruiting failures.  Let’s look at BOE district 4, a former GOP seat, there stands a very high likelihood 2 Democrats make the run-off.  5 GOP folks split the vote, allowing this debacle. In SD 4, 6 GOP folks allowed the Democrats to both advance to a run-off.  Minority leader Scott Wilk (a GOP) spent money on one of the Democrat candidates that won in this highly Republican area. Face it, minority and leader are two words that never belong together. Idiocy rains supreme here.  The GOP has one option to win in November, Lanhee Chen is the best chance.  I have it on record that in a couple statewide races the establishment GOP recruited a challenger just to deny someone the chance to be in the top 2.  WTF?

The two party system is broken

So, to conclude, the GOP is dead here, so I won’t be wasting anymore of my time on it.  I still vote GOP as the lesser evil, but I cannot continue supporting a party that is lost.  It’s sad.  I voted for Democrats; Steve Glazer (he lost), Dave Jones, and Steve Ly this time around.  I won’t be doing that anymore unless the GOP requires it.  In the races between Jones and Ashby, Nguyen and Guerra, I will have to.

See Ya,

The Chief

The Catholic Church is in Shambles

As a member of the Knights of Columbus at my local church, I am privy to information other regular church goers are not.  I know people on the finance team, parish council, etc.  It’s a humble brag but I will tell you the Catholic Church (aka who the Pope leads) is failing badly.  Allow me to lay out my reasoning.

  1.  Dropping finances.  Prior to and during Covid we were told our church had over 1 million dollars in the bank.  Finance chair and resident boot licker Michael Jones even bragged from the ambo about the church getting a PPP loan, aka the forgivable government loan to keep operations going.  Yep, we are not a mom-and-pop shop, we are a church with 5 Masses on weekends and a collection of roughly 11k a week pre-Covid, yet we needed that money.  Just last week Michael Jones the patron Saint of Fiction told me of how the finances are hurting as the collection is way down.  No kidding?  You mean people are told they can watch from home and it still counts?  Why return?
  2. Uncomfortable environment to worship.  Our Priest refuses to turn the lights on in either the vestibule or main church until Mass starts, not a second before.  Ditto for shutting the lights off.  He refuses to run the AC in the summer, or heat in the winter.  I had to find a new parish as I do not like wearing my winter coat to service just to stay warm.  In the summer I don’t like the idea of wearing a t-shirt just to not sweat profusely.  We do all this to save a couple bucks a month at my church. 
  3. Attendance is declining.  Covid did the church no favors, and the subsequent vaccines and masking isn’t seeming to help.  We are losing younger folks to more popular “Christian venues” that play rock music and the like.  Trust me, go to a Catholic church and you can count the number of folks between 18-35 on one hand.  The older folks?  We are losing them to the graveyard.  We bring in about 7 new members each year, however we lose several times that number.  Some may not like praying in the dark/cold/heat. 
  4. Too many folks have a “protect the shield” mentality.  My father falls into this category; they will do/say anything to appease the priest and the church as a whole.  Why don’t you come to Mass anymore?  You better be there!  It’s time to return!  This after the church refused to allow anyone inside for almost 2 years.
  5. A litmus test for the parishioners.  This will be expanded upon further in a different blog.  Jorge Rodriguez, a miserable blow-hard, who rarely attends Mass but wants to quiz people on where certain objects in the church are.  When he attends, which is about as often as a total eclipse of the sun, he will ask folks upon exiting “do you know where the Alpha and Omega are?”  Totally unnecessary and it runs people off.  But he gets his jollies off doing it, and no one seems to care.

In closing, the church is struggling because they lost their way.  They appeased the elected left-wing political types and doomsayers by shutting everything down.  They told folks watch at home and people adjusted as such.  Now they won’t return.  Or they do not want to freeze/overheat.  Or be lied to about finances.  The collection is down to around 9k a week from 11k pre-covid.  Most Masses are not close to being full, or even close to the attendance pre-covid.  I have a feeling most/a lot of parishioners never returned/died or found a new church to attend like myself.  We have no money yet we are spending 500k to re-do the patio area and add a covering.  You cannot make this up!

Jake the Snake

Editor’s notes:

What is it with priests that don’t want to run the A/C in church? At my wedding many years ago, on a 100 degree plus day, the priest wouldn’t turn on the A/C at all. We had guests who were over 90 years old in attendance and no A/C. Oh, another bit of trivia while I’m at it, this was the only wedding ever held in the church building in the 18 years or so that this church existed, and you couldn’t run the A/C for two lousy hours.

Secondly, Jake is Really Right. The church we go to now is experiencing much of the same stuff he mentioned, lower finances and attendance, and a newly minted building fund for a new parking lot at a time when the collection plate is light. Allowing yourself to be called nonessential and shutting down was a stupid, self-inflicted move that most churches did to themselves. Many will die a slow and painful death because of this stupid compromise with people that hate you and have no use or respect for God.

Skip the Votes and Let Me Lead Part 2

Folks let’s take the library model from part one of this article and apply it to another body, the Republican Party.

Imagine a Republican Party that has no Central Committee elections. Instead, with a few exceptions, the Chairman appoints all the district representatives. If you think such a scenario is farfetched, its not. Oh, said Chairman rules with an iron fist and allows no new business from the floor. Instead, any new business must be approved by the Executive Committee which is composed of the Chair and a few close and likeminded friends. Anything they don’t like is automatically dead-on-arrival. Oh, members of the public are not notified about Committee meetings and will often not even be allowed in the room to watch the proceedings. Those few lucky enough to get on the Committee must pay dues (typically north of $100 per year) or they are barred from voting.

Lest you think the above is a bad dream, its our reality in California and has been for over a decade.

Folks in Republican strongholds such as Idaho better take notice because your turn is coming unless you stay vigilant.

So how did we get here? It took only two things: namely, Charles Munger Jr. and the San Diego bylaws.

First Mr. Munger. Charles Munger Jr. is the son of a mega-billionaire. Jr’s dad is described on Wikipedia as, “Charles Thomas Munger (born January 1, 1924) is an American billionaire investor, businessman, and former real estate attorney. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett; Buffett has described Munger as his closest partner and right-hand man. Munger served as chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation from 1984 through 2011. He is also chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation, based in Los Angeles, California, and a director of Costco Wholesale Corporation.”

His son, Charles Munger Jr. is a California physicist that lives in Palo Alto.

As of 2015, Munger Jr. had spent 78 million in California politics.

Charles Munger Jr. photo from 2008

Munger is the architect of the “jungle primary” in California. He was also one of the principal funders of the 2010 ballot measure, Proposition 14, that created a top two primary system. Under this system, the top two vote getters, regardless of party, then face-off in the November General Election. The argument to pass this measure was that it would allow moderates (or centrists) in both parties to dominate at the ballot box. Look at how far to the Left politics has gone in California since then. We were sold a bill of goods; the real result was the death of the Republican Party in the State.

Republicans died for two reasons.

First, Democrats held the majority of offices in the state when this measure was passed. If you live in Rio Linda or under a bridge, you might not know that in most cases, Democrats handpick their candidates in smokey backrooms long before the filing date for an office is opened. In short, the fix is in before the process even begins. Having already picked a candidate, they don’t tend to waste funds fighting amongst themselves in primary elections. Republicans can do nothing cooperatively and usually field many candidates in a given race which defeats any chanced of advancing to November. This allowed Democrats to systematically pick off weaker Republicans. The net result is that Democrats have succeeded in reducing Republican numbers in the Legislature each election cycle. They also, were able to redraw political districts that made Republicans a minority in almost every electoral district in the State. Since passage of Prop 14, Republican registration has declined to the point that they are now in danger of being the number three party in California. No-Party-preference is close on their heels. (Voter registration as of 04/08/22, Dems 46.75 %, Rep 23.92 %, & NPP 22.77 %)

This disparity has resulted in Democrats holding a super majority in both legislative houses—actually much more than two-thirds of the seats in each house.

The second reason that this killed the Republican Party was via a decision by the association of county clerks. They, along with the Secretary of State, decided that it was unrealistic to have partisan ballots for the General Election when in many districts, both parties were no longer represented in the General Election. They decided if Republicans (or Democrats) wanted to continue Central Committee elections that the Parties would have to pay for the printing and distribution of ballots. They wanted hundreds of thousands of dollars per county to continue printing ballots. Of course, the parties balked at the bill that they were threated with and stopped having Central Committee elections. Yes, the Legislature could have forced the bill on taxpayers, but the Parties wanted to be rid of average people getting on the Committees, so they did nothing. Grassroots activists were thus cut-off by both parties and have no access to representation in county committees and thus no access to the state party apparatus. This leaves the current crop of elected officials running the state parties in perpetuity.

Concurrent with the implications of the top two primary being felt was the introduction of the San Diego bylaws. These were model bylaws for running central committees which were first adopted in San Diego and a few other Committees in southern California. They decided that the Central Committee was a private organization and thus not open to anyone but members. Even in the days when central committee elections were going the way of the Mastodons, if you were duly elected, you were not allowed to vote or participate in central committee business without paying dues. It was literally a type of poll tax. The fact that you were elected by voters in district was irrelevant. I know. I was one of the people that they refused to seat.  Furthermore, the bylaws, as they were implemented, vested all power in the Chair and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee cleared everything in advance of the general meeting including endorsements, resolutions, speakers, etc. Oh, under this scheme, meetings were no longer publicized, and members of the public were often barred from attending. It’s a private club, remember?

So how did Munger get his hooks in the Republicans?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Charles Munger Jr. began dabbling in Republican politics when Arnold rose to power. He liked Arnold and was a big supporter. His big opportunity happened like this: on his way out the door, Arnold stripped the Republican treasury and left the party over four million dollars in debt. (In his second term as governor, Arnold raised money for himself but not the Party.) Into the midst of this fiscal vacuum, Munger rode in like a white knight and started buying influence and central committee seats. Munger paid the party’s debt and started funding almost exclusively RINOs candidates. He ran whole slates of candidates for county committees and persisted until he ran the State Republican Party. 40 or 50 thousand dollars in a Central Committee election goes a long way in getting a slate elected. It just so happened that central committee elections ceased about the time he gained control of the party. Surely this was coincidence.

In summary, Munger was responsible for the top two primary which has resulted in Democrats controlling all levers of power in California and has resulted in California veering far to the Left. Concurrently, he oversaw the decline of the Republican Party by forcing conservative voices out of the Party. The cessation of Central Committee elections, when combined with the San Diego Bylaws, sealed the Party from grassroots influence and made local committees good ‘ole boys clubs where only “the right people” could become members.

Concluding Remarks

For those in other states, learn from us in California or you will get seduced by the dark side and loose your grassroots access to the party as well. If the Establishment can, they will do this to you too.

I know that pockets of the Boise area of Idaho are adopting their own version of the San Diego bylaws—or at least some of its principles; especially, the Executive Committee Command and Control structure. Bad move. I also know that many elections, meetings, and activities are poorly or selectively publicized in hopes of controlling the outcome.

Sorry to tell you, but Democracy in any form, even a Representative Republic, is not about efficiency but about letting all voices be heard and then decide, as a group, what is best for the people that you represent. Its not to have a slick, one hour, carefully scripted meeting followed by another hour eating shrimp cocktails and drinking adult beverages at the local watering hole while reliving past victories.

Having competitive Central Committee elections is a vital part of a healthy committee. Then after you get elected, find a way to work with other people when you can and respectfully disagree when you can’t. Its easy to make and take things personally. Don’t. Its unhealthy for you and the committee.

Lastly, don’t demonize the RINOs in the group. They are made in God’s image too. You need to show them with actions that Conservatism works—at least to the extent that it conforms with biblical teaching. Show them you can disagree with them without hating them. Love the hell out of them and you just might bring a few into the light.

Heed this warning: if you steamroll the moderates like we did in California in the 1990’s, when the tables are turned (2010’s), they will find a way to lock you out from ever taking over the party again. Conservatives took over the California Republican Party for a time and then lost it. When the Munger moderates took over, they promptly sealed all points of access to the party that conservatives had previously used to gain control. When forced into a corner, moderates would rather defeat Conservatives than Democrats. If you don’t deal with them honorable this will happen to your state’s Republican Party too.

Anything that restricts rank-and-file members of your Party from getting involved in the activities of the County Central Committee is bad. Open and well publicized elections and committee meetings are necessary to have a vigorous organization.  When you decide to ignore or cancel elections or think the Party is a private organization, then have broken faith with voters. At that point you have become just another enemy of the people not their advocate.

Learn from California or share its fate.

Oh, just to prove my point, right after I posted this, I saw this article from another website. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being funneled into Idaho politics from out of state PACs to thwart Conservatives. These folks are pro-abortion, pro gun control, and hoping to block any influence or support of candidates that like President Trump.

REVEALED: Anti-Trump Shadow-Money Fueling Idaho Politicians — Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Pouring in from Out-of-state

Skip the Votes and Let Me Lead Part 1

Just so you know, this will be a two-part article. Let’s see if I can unpack this article and its implications the way I see it in my head. In part one, I’d like to unpack the actual news story and then in part two, I’d like to try to apply this to the Republican Party.

First the news story. This gem is from a website that caters to news in the far north of Idaho. (FYI per the people that live there, its North Idaho not Northern Idaho.) In the interest of fairness, the proprietor of the news site is a pro-abortion liberal that hates Donald Trump. Trust me when I say that with his politics, this guy’s truly a minority in his county of residence.  I only point this out because the line between news and opinion is blurred somewhat in the article that I’m about to cite. Also, I wish to stay out of the personalities and personal accusations in this article. As Jack Webb used to say, “Just the facts”.

Jack Webb ‘Just the facts”

A tort claim on behalf of four whistleblowers was delivered to the Boundary County Free Library District Board at its May meeting this morning seeking the immediate resignation of the entire board and the immediate discharge of two library employees as a show of good faith so as to enter federal mediation requested about six months ago to resolve an array of issues and alleged crimes.

“For the sake of this community, as well as the brave four I am privileged to represent, I urge you to abandon the tactics of falsehood, threat and bluster, and act in the interest of the public you claim so fervently to faithfully serve,” attorney Jeff Boiler wrote on behalf of his wife, librarian Dana Boiler, and librarian Cari Haarstick, who are both still on administrative leave with pay since the library reopened July 23, 2021, after a three month emergency closure, and librarians Christine “Mac” Withers and Eric Lindenbusch, who were also placed on paid leave July 23 until February 28, when both were fired.

The tort claim itself can be read here. The accompanying documentation is too lengthy to post.

Library’s woes not over yet
Bonner County Library Idaho

Specific and detailed allegations include manipulating elections.

“The library was run by Sandra Ashworth for about 20 years, from approximately 1997 through her full PERSI retirement in about 2017,” the claim reads. “During her tenure as Director, public records attached prove that not a single election was actually held for any position held by a Trustee. A plan was developed and implemented by Ashworth and others during her directorship, whereby the public was not given lawful or meaningful notice of vacancy or that Trustee positions were up for election. Instead, Ashworth selected people from the community who would allow her to control all aspects of library operations without any public accountability. During this time, estimates from available budget records suggest Ashworth controlled about $10.5 million in public funds made available from property taxes levied by the County and provided to the District in a lump sum.”

The tort alleges that none of the trustees who served during Ashworth’s tenure actually stood for election, notices of vacancies seldom posted as required, one handpicked candidate urged to file notice of candidacy right before deadline and elections called off because only one candidate had filed.

That candidate was then named a trustee.

“In short, she ran the library as though it were an organized criminal enterprise, violating elections laws subject to criminal sanction, and did so for an extensive period of time,” Boiler wrote. “Perhaps worst of all to a community so rich in faith, she concealed all these actions under the meek clerical garb of a devout Mennonite Christian, while her conduct summarized in the attachment is better described as the activity of a ravenous wolf.”

The claim also details allegations of deliberate, willful and systematic violations of open meeting laws to conceal fraud, waste and mismanagement, retaliation and personal attacks on his clients, “whistleblowers” who, “without making any claim of personal damage,” sought constructive resolution of all the issues broadly outlined as part of the then-management crisis.

“The sad truth is that this public agency has been used by a small cadre of men and women to further unlawful means, and to avoid public accountability for massive breaches of public trust to the voters and taxpayers of this county, for many years,” Boiler concluded. “The specificity chosen to be included here is so that these citizens may finally know the truth, and be given a clear choice on how and where accountability for these unlawful actions will be imposed. It is the choice of the Board and its insurer on which is in the public interest, and which is in the personal interests of a select few who have caused, allowed or concealed this gross abuse of public trust to exist, flourish and continue. Whether that choice is public and involuntary, or private and voluntary, is entirely up to the District, its legal representatives, and its insurer.

Folks, as I said before, I don’t know the people and personalities in this mess so I will refrain from commenting on them and stick to the issue that caught my eye, this public board went 20 years without any elections which are required by State Law.

The lawsuit details more about elections and public records violations. For the sake of brevity, I am leaving out other charges not related to what I wish to discuss. Here is a partial list of alleged wrongdoing:

  • Elections fraud or other criminal violation of State law regarding the conduct of District elections;
  • Unsworn falsification; Crimes relating to official misconduct and self-dealing of public employees;
  • Unlawful alteration, falsification or destruction of public records;
  • Creating, altering, making, destroying, falsifying, or conspiring to so do, any public record;
  • Unlawful creation, maintenance, destruction, sale or alteration of public records or public property, including without limitation records of all Board proceedings and all other actions of any member of the Board of Trustees of the District undertaken under color and pretense of law relating or pertaining to any Claimant or attorney for any Claimant, all without limitation;
  • Crimes relating to the conduct of any District election, or relating to recordkeeping for such elections, at any time;

Further on in the text of the lawsuit is an extensive narrative related to elections.

Veterans Memorial on grounds of Bonner County Library

I. The District Manipulated Elections to Conceal Violations of Idaho Election Law

• The library was run by Sandra Ashworth for about 20 years, from approximately 1997 through her full PERSI retirement in about 2017. During this time, she presided over an election process for Trustees of the District, who stand for election at statutorily set 13 intervals of 5 or 6 years, given statutory changes to the process made in 2011. After 2011, the County Clerk presided over these elections. Prior to that, the Director of the library did. Ashworth was the Director for a period spanning application of both statutory schemes. 

• During her tenure as Director, public records attached prove that not a single election was actually held for any position held by a Trustee. A plan was developed and implemented by Ashworth and others during her directorship, whereby the public was not given lawful or meaningful notice of vacancy or that Trustee positions were up for election. Instead, Ashworth selected people from the community who would allow her to control all aspects of library operations without any public accountability. During this time, estimates from available budget records suggest Ashworth controlled about $10.5 million in public funds made available from property taxes levied by the County and provided to the District in a lump sum. She also urged and unsuccessfully attempted to pass a public bond issue for creation of a “People’s University” building facility for her library legacy. Public records show the bond election for this proposal was soundly defeated, but would have given her control over another $8 million in public property tax money to spend in furtherance of her legacy.

• As the attached election records and graphs produced for assisting public understanding of how this principle worked clearly show, all Trustees serving during her tenure actually did not stand for election. Instead, typically the records inspected show that, usually with one day of the deadline for public declaration of candidacy, a chosen ally of Ashworth, or someone acceptable to her, was urged to file a notice of candidacy. One day later, applications would close. The statutorily required notices of vacancy were typically never posted as required by law, a criminal violation under Idaho Code. Under that Code, if only one person filed (and typically no one was given public notice of any vacancy to insure this would be the case), Ashworth would advise the Commissioners a week prior to the scheduled election that under another Code provision, no election need be held, and the sole candidate would be sworn in for a five or six year term without any public knowledge or input.

• This plan worked well, and was used to such effect she apparently grew overconfident in her ability to dupe the public using this method of control of public funding. In 2010 she wrote the Commissioners that an actual election was held (see Election summaries attached) and she even named the winner. In fact, it appears this was a complete fabrication. No election in fact occurred, no certification of election was made by the Commissioners, and no one said anything about it.

• As a result, this practice continued long after the statutory amendments to the elections law of Idaho, which were substantially revised to prevent such manipulation of the process by small Districts, which were until that time not under County Clerk supervision. In fact, Ashworth so completely ignored the statutory scheme instituted by the Legislature that virtually all elections that are memorialized by any records whatsoever (see charts and public records of election, attached) were “held” in the wrong year. In the alternative, she installed ineligible candidates without being sworn in, so as to make their participation at least outwardly lawful; she altered Zone maps to allow individuals not eligible for the position due to their place of residence to sit as Board members for others outside their District; she threatened one whistleblower with termination if her father, intending to run for Trustee, in fact served, stating “it’s him or you”; she used physical force on the same whistleblower with concealed, painful arm holds to make her point sincerely.

In short, she ran the library as though it were an organized criminal enterprise, violating elections laws subject to criminal sanction, and did so for an extensive period of time.

Perhaps worst of all to a community so rich in faith, she concealed all these actions under the meek clerical garb of a devout Mennonite Christian, while her conduct summarized in the attachment is better described as the activity of a ravenous wolf.

When she returned to “save” the library as a “humanitarian” in 2021, her hypocrisy continued and grew with open encouragement from a Board of Trustees who show by the evidence attached perhaps the most grossly mismanaged and arrogantly lawless, in virtually all respects, of any reported case on the subject in the history of the State of Idaho. Examples abound, see attached.

• The elections summaries attached clearly establish beyond doubt also, that as a result of these practices, virtually no Trustee of the District has served lawfully during their tenure, having been installed by manipulation of the process, having applied for sole candidacy in the wrong year, serving from the wrong District, or having never been sworn in as required by law. Taxpayers of the county were deliberately kept unaware of this situation, which was tolerated by the County Clerk even after the statutory changes. The excuse given by the clerk to date on investigation: “Nobody cares about the library, anyway.”

The facts attached and discussed in part above establish that the District, while under the control of Sandra Ashworth’s Directorship, has violated Idaho Criminal Code 18-23, relating to elections, in the following ways:

• Served longer terms than designated by statute

• Failed to hold a scheduled and notified election

• Failed to run elections in their proper years

• Failed to give statutory notice to the public of elections

• Failed to give statutory notice to the public of filing deadlines

• Failed to give statutory notice to the public of trustee vacancies

• Failed to notify the Clerk of trustee appointments

• Knowingly installed Trustees to allow their service outside their voting zone

• Failed to notify the Commissioners and properly certify elections

• Falsely represent to Commissioners that elections held, and reported false results

• Engaged in practices designed to avoid holding free elections under Code

• Failed to swear in trustees according to statute

• Falsified election results when the Library District ran their own election prior to 2011  

• Engaged in intimidation tactics to deter potential candidates from running for office, including use of physical force and unlawful retaliation against Cari Haarstick for her father’s participation as candidate for Trustee office

• Actively encouraged District employees from public participation in elections process or public meetings on own time, punished employees for exercise of rights of free speech outside the workplace on matters of public concern summarized in part above.

By operation of Idaho Criminal Code 18-23 discussed above, each of the listed acts or omissions constitutes a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison, among other things.

The attachments relating to elections are particularly helpful in understanding the nature, scope and subsequent impacts caused by this pattern of unlawful activity. It directly relates to the retaliation against the Claimants herein, and provides motive and context for the relentless and unexplained hostility of the District, and virtually all its representatives mentioned specifically in the attachments to this Notice.

The short conclusion to be drawn from all the evidence attached is simply this: Sandra Ashworth and other representatives of the District named in this Notice have presided over a deliberate and concealed abuse of public trust involving manipulation and control of millions of dollars of taxpayer money, over a period of decades. As a result, a culture of lawlessness and concealment of all forms of wrongdoing complained of in this Notice and evidenced in part by the extensive evidence summarized in the attachments and discussed here, has flourished and grown.

It is that culture of lawlessness and concealment that has created the dangerous atmosphere itemized in this Notice, including danger to children, and acts in aid of terrorism summarized in the attachments. The retaliation against the four employees giving this notice of claim is a reflex reaction to protect all involved against public disclosure of what has truly developed into an ongoing lawless enterprise, using taxpayer money to fund it’s purposes and goals, while concealing the truth from the taxpaying public.

That this is the case is reinforced by the deliberate and systematic disregard of public records and open meetings laws of the State of Idaho, summarized below.

Folks this situation stinks; however, many are defending the librarian and her posse. Why? Because she’s a nice lady.

Yep, my wife—who is the one that showed me this article—told me that she saw the original article as a Facebook post. So, I took a look on Facebook and almost to a man, nobody cared about the substance of what was done or not done. Furthermore, nobody is denying that the elections were never held.

Here’s a few examples

Our library ran for decades without drama ( a big thank you to Mrs Sandy)
I’m mostly incensed for the legal fees this witch hunt has cost us, not to mention baseless accusations towards innocent people who have done so much for our community.
The orchestrators this claim have been a hugely disruptive force to a community service that has received major national awards, under the leadership of Sandy Ashworth and the staff who have served the community for decades.
one of this nation’s Best Small-Town libraries.
Sandy Ashworth a Ravenous wolf

Folks this is happening in self-declared Trump Country of Idaho.

I can’t tell you how angry this makes me that a public employee can just ignore the law and do what she damn well pleases, and nobody cares. Instead, citizens are angry at the nasty lawyer picking on the nice little old librarian.

Librarian Sandra Ashworth ignored election law, handpicked her governing board—you know, the people that were supposed to provide public oversight of how she ran the library and spent public funds—and she even gerrymandered district lines or outright ignored them, again without proper oversight, in order to get her handpicked board members seated. She continued this behavior long enough to get a public pension from her 20 years at the library. During her time running the library, she controlled and spent about 10.5 million dollars.

Again, nobody is disputing these charges (can we just call them facts?); instead, Sandra was nice so we should not apply the law to her. Folks when there’s one set of laws for your friends or nice people or folks like you and a different set of rules for others then you believe in tyranny. Whenever you encounter such a situation, its tyranny, we are just arguing degrees of difference between the people in charge and everyone else.

My Take on the San Antonio Area Shooting

Very sad day yesterday, at this moment we know of 19 children and 2 adults who are deceased.  I believe it was reported two police officers were injured responding.  It takes a very sick human to shoot up an elementary school, but let’s just ignore all those facts and go straight to the left wing’s response to this.

My mother had the Clinton News Network on as I arrived at their house and predictably, they fired up the official democrat response to the story.  They wheeled out “political panel” David Axelrod and another democrat hack.  Of course, Anderson Cooper made no mention of Axelrod being Obama’s former campaign manager, that’s immaterial.  Axelrod proceeded to run-off every democrat talking point they use in regard to mass shootings, gun control, far right state, etc.  Cooper of course never intervened as he was likely told this is the narrative democrats need to win.  They highlighted it was in a minority community and in republican red Texas.  Cooper never mentioned the shooter was Hispanic, because that doesn’t fit the narrative.  Calling Axelrod a political commentator and Cooper a journalist is an oxymoron and likely the reason exists no one watches them.

It gets better from the democrats.

Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona thought it would be a good idea to take to Twitter to rip Ted Cruz.  Yup he called Ted a baby killer, yet Gallego will abort any fetus at any time.  Gallego then ripped Darrell Issa and went after fellow democrat Krysten Sinema.  Congressman Gallego needs a lot of help; he is a deranged human who lacks any self-awareness.  The carnage was not even known, and this human decided to fire up Twitter.  By the way congressman saying “we are sending prayers” is a self-aware thing to do.

My take is the following on this.

First of all, this never should happen, especially at a school.  This issue now has our children becoming pawns in a game of political football.  First isn’t it refreshing the same people calling to defund the police now suddenly want guns off the streets and cops in classrooms?  Actually, rephrase, they want people who legally own guns to turn them in.  So, when in case of emergency, we call 911 and wait until they get around to responding?  Maybe we should refund the police?  Sorry the good cops already left for more friendly pastures.

Social media is a large part of the issue, kids now do not have friends, they have “friends;” folks they have never met and hardly interact with except via looking at each-other’s tweets, Instagram, or the like.  We no longer have a human connection.  We have created hot take machines who do not need to show/reveal their true identity.  People can bully one another with zero consequences. 

Politics are a bigger cause.  We need to turn the temperature down about 40,000 degrees.  This idea of news shows being politics 24/7 is destroying our very core.  Neither side is willing to give an inch on a single issue, if you move slightly or flinch, you will be primaried.  Also rid us of the 2-year election cycle, this makes it so issues must be addressed.  Also stop doxing people!  Giving out addresses of political types or judges in against everything this country is supposed to stand for!  It is no true wonder politics is filled with scum of the earth types.

Video games.  It used to be you were the police or friendly army shooting at the criminals or the bad army.  Now the tables are flipped, Grand Theft Auto and other games make it so being a criminal is cool.  With a goal to kill as many police as you can.  The lifestyle is glorified.  Ban these types of games.  They are not needed and serve no purpose.

We need family again.  Most are born to single parent households.  The father chose to walk away, and mothers have chosen the opposite route; shielding the baby daddy from any responsibility and not allowing him to see his son.  Caring is not a bad thing, having a lover (mom) and a teacher (dad) is the best way to move forward.

Quit the self-blame/victim culture.  Your life isn’t bad because of _____ we need to make comments about how this is the greatest country on earth and if you get your lazy a** up and work you can do quite well for yourself.  We have now become a group who blames everyone else.

Quit bailing out family/criminals.  If you are arrested hold their a** in jail for a bit.  We bail them out, or release and they commit more or worse crimes.  Toughen the crime laws, not weaken, do not end cash bail.

Additionally, please answer me this.  We give criminals 3 squares and a cot, as well as protection while in the joint, no one blinks an eye.  Yet if you have major mental health issues there is nowhere for you to go, so you go out on the street. Maybe we should allocate money for these hospitals as opposed to homeless tents?  Most of the time the mentally ill live out there with zero help.

We need to understand you have the right to bear arms in this country.  No one I know responsible carries themselves like Rambo.  The criminals and mentally challenged are the problem.  Notice at the recent shooting in downtown Sacramento, the criminals all had gang ties and illegally modified guns.  Focus on the word illegally.  Taking innocent people’s guns away is cruel and not right.

We also must rethink security at schools.  Ask yourself why we don’t have mass shootings at a courthouse or government building?

The Chief

Monkey Pox The Next Covid?

Yep, it looks that way. While I don’t normally get sucked into things that look like conspiracy theories, I did check this one out and its weird to say the least.

Did you know that the Monkey Pox outbreak was predicted last year? Oh, and it was slated to begin on May 15, 2022!

Gab screen capture 05/21/22

What do you do with such a thing? Obviously check it out. So, I did, and it seems legit.

In March 2021, NTI partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats. The exercise examined gaps in national and international biosecurity and pandemic preparedness architectures—exploring opportunities to improve prevention and response capabilities for high-consequence biological events. Participants included 19 senior leaders and experts from across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe with decades of combined experience in public health, biotechnology industry, international security, and philanthropy.

This report, Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats: Results from the 2021 Tabletop Exercise Conducted in Partnership with the Munich Security Conferencewritten by Jaime M. Yassif, Ph.D., Kevin P. O’Prey, Ph.D., and Christopher R. Isaac, M.Sc., summarizes key findings from the exercise and offers actionable recommendations for the international community.

Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats

So, what was the tabletop game these guys played? Yep, Monkey Pox outbreak beginning May 15, 2022. Move 1 per their graphic is 1,421 cases and 4 deaths by June 5, 2022. Oh, and it gets much worse from there. Oh, per their scenario, said Monkey Pox is a bioweapon engineered to resist traditional treatments.

So, is this a hoax, a coincidence, or a glimpse behind the curtain? I’ll let you decide but please know that Google indicates the website is legitimate. I went to and looked up said post about the Monkey Pox and its not backdated. Google—which owns—backed-up the post on November 24, 2021. Here’s the URL for the archived page.

Below is page 12 of the 36-page PDF linked in the quotation above.

I’ll leave this as; we report, you decide.