Windsor CA Mayor Dominic Foppoli: Total Scum

An Investigative Series by The Chief

Reader Warning: This series will contain graphic details of rape, racism, sexual assault, and straight up deplorable behavior by Dominic Foppoli and his colleagues who covered for him.  Reader discretion is advised.

He is a small town mayor who came from money. I went to college with him and while I only knew Dominic for a year, I was done with him after one semester.  This initial blog will sum up a stunning fall from grace for an aspiring young man.

Foppoli can be described as an awkward, dork of a male who was tall and full of himself.  He was balanced out by coming from money; his family was in the wine business in Windsor for generations.  Like most, money can get you pretty far. In the case of Foppoli, his real vice was not just wine, but women, women far his junior.  He had a quick assent to become mayor of a Napa Valley community and had his eyes on bigger prizes; but a bombshell report from the San Francisco Chronicle has ended his career, possibly 2 fellow councilmembers careers, and maybe even the chief of police. 

Foppoli was named as the man who raped a campaign intern 2 separate times, raped/assaulted a fellow active 20-30 member, sexually assaulted a guest staying at the guesthouse of his winery, and twice raping an intern at his winery.  Most recently a fellow councilmember came out and announced Foppoli sexually assaulted, and sodomized or raped her.  This council member works for the District Attorney as a deputy DA.

I did quite a bit of research and made contact with a few folks regarding Foppoli. I will lay out the details in this series.  Let’s just say that this is a tale of typical political scum who likely will be doing a perp walk soon.  My hope is when I name names, others will be held accountable for coving up, or ignoring his crimes.


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