Dominic Foppoli: How I learned he was Scum

An Investigative Series by The Chief

Reader Warning: This series will contain graphic details of rape, racism, sexual assault, and straight up deplorable behavior by Dominic Foppoli and his colleagues who covered for him.  Reader discretion is advised.

This is the second in my series on Dominic Foppoli. This installment talks about my interaction with Dominic while in college.

I was a freshman at college. The year was 2005 and I was in roughly the middle of my first semester.  I lived on campus and did not have a car.  I had joined the Young Republican club even though Marin County was so blue due to my wanting to be involved.  Our leader was an upperclassman named Dominic, he seemed like a nice enough guy; but came off as a Mitt Romney type who was more concerned with impressing people than governing or leading.  After our second meeting, he asked if I wanted to go with him to a fundraiser for a local who was running for Assembly. I declined since, well what college student has money, let alone money to donate.  He told me it was free, and almost demanded and guilt tripped me to come along.  I did, against my better judgment, as I literally had just met him.

We climbed into his Chevy Tahoe and present were 3 freshman females. I quickly figured out he needed me as a freshman to make this seem legit.  We went off to the fundraiser.  Dominic made a point to ditch me at the door; however, he stayed very close to all 3 females.  Next thing I knew, they were all drinking wine, being poured by the host, a candidate running for Assembly named Carolyn Patrick.  The fundraiser took place in Sausalito at the home of what I would characterize as a very wealthy donor.  I was offered wine, to which I declined. I was merely 18 and honestly didn’t know where I was and didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.  However, I eventually had a glass put in front of me, and was told drink up, you’re not driving anyways.  I retreated to a balcony to be with my female friends who were invited and all 3 were uncomfortable.  The night wore on, and I could have sworn my glass was never empty, almost like Dominic was filling up the glasses of all 4 of us unexpectedly.

Because he was.

After leaving that party at around 10 pm, he decided we were going to keep the party going over at a financier’s business located conveniently an exit or two up from my college near San Rafael.  We entered Paul Financial LLC and made our way to the second floor. Dominic called a childhood friend named Liam.  Liam came armed with a large bottle of Jack Daniels and a liter or two of coke.  We proceeded to play spin the bottle and truth or dare.  Immediately I knew this was wrong as the two of them (Liam and Dominic) made sure their “dares” involved 1 or more of the 3 inebriated women.  I spent a great deal of time in the bathroom re-visiting my dinner from several hours earlier.

Dominic finally called the party off at 3 am and drove us back to campus.  I made my way to my dorm and noticed the 2 females and Dominic were following me.  When I got to my room, Dominic said they were too drunk and was he asking if they could sleep in the 2 unoccupied beds belonging to my absent roommates.  I agreed. Dominic got into 1, the girls into the other.  I spent most of the night throwing up, and when I came too,  I noticed Dominic was in the bed with the other two girls, appearing as though he forced his way in.  I woke them all up, the girls seemed revolted, I said my roommates were coming back and they had to leave.  One girl commented to the other her bra strap was undone, and the other saying her pants were mysteriously unbuttoned.  Both questioned Mr. Foppoli who continued to filibuster saying everyone was drunk and it could have been any of us.  It seemed odd for A. Dominic to sleep on campus, and B. to put himself in a situation where he would wake up between 2 females in a twin sized bed.

Or does it?

At the chow hall for dinner me and the 3 girls reconvened. We tried to put the pieces of the night back together.  We all agreed on one thing, Dominic had a motive and bringing me with him was just trying to make the girls more comfortable.  We all remembered different parts of the night, but one thing we all remembered was Dominic insisting all 4 of us drink wine from glasses he poured in a different part of the house.  We agreed he spiked the drinks with some sort of date rape drug due to the severe headaches and vomiting we all suffered from.  When walking back to my dorm, our Resident Assistant asked me how I felt, to which I said fine. She proceeded to warn me about Dominic and said his friend Liam stayed in our room as well, he was let in by Dominic later that night/morning.  She also warned that the 3 of us freshmen appeared highly intoxicated bordering on black out drunk, but Dominic seemed more than happy with the situation.

Closing:  While I do not know what happened that night, I also know none of my 3 friends pursued anything with law enforcement. I do know after that semester, 2 transferred and the other did the same after the year concluded.  Knowing what I know now and after sharing the next parts in the series, I know for a fact Dominic drugged all 4 of us, that was his point.  I know he had his way with both girls that night, his friend likely joining in the fun.  I also believe Dominic never intended to wake up in that bed that morning, he was supposed to be gone, leaving me to answer the questions about what happened, and pick up the pieces how 2 intoxicated girls who felt violated during their sleep woke up in various state’s of undress in a friends dorm room.  Fortunately for me, Dominic had no use for me after that night. He largely ignored me and I’m ok with that. I found it very creepy that someone closer to 23 years old was palling around with 18 year olds; especially someone who fancied himself wealthy, powerful, and relevant on the political scene.

It gets even better in the next part folks….

The Chief

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  1. From Martin Woods, Attorney

    Please be advised that I have been retained to represent Liam McCormick with regard to your post of false information concerning his involvement in the assault of Esther Lemus by Dominic Foppoli. Liam McCormick had no involvement in ANY assaults committed by Dominic Foppoli, he has no information regarding ANY assaults committed by Dominic Foppoli, and any claim of his involvement on any level is categorically false.

    Publication by you and this website of these false statements about Liam McCormick is libel per se in that it affects every his aspect of his life, not just his reputation within the business and greater Sonoma County community. Your assertion that Liam McCormick was associated even in the slightest way with ANY assault committed by Dominic Foppoli is causing , and will cause, him great anxiety, distress, and economic damage, all of which is actionable against you and this Website.

    Demand is hereby made that you immediately publish a retraction of these false accusations. Your failure to do so will result in the immediate filing of a lawsuit against you and this website in the Sonoma County Superior Court seeking general, special, and punitive damages. We look forward to your prompt cooperation.

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