Archbishop Newsom Closes Worship Again

Just when you thought you could breath easy again and be welcome back to your local church, Gavin Newsom has again shutdown worship and a bunch of other activities that America citizens once called “freedoms.” Gone again is freedom of association and freedom to worship in California. Yep, Gavin has unilaterally suspended the First Amendment of the US Constitution again. Of course in a state this liberal, he will be able to find a host of judges that will agree with him—especially since these guys won’t be bound to their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Since the biggest domestic threat to America is the political party in power in California, it isn’t a surprise to us here at ReallyRight; however, we are disappointed that our fellow citizens are so willing to give-up their freedoms for security—or the promise thereof.

As I often say, ideas have consequences. Shutting down churches and releasing even more criminals into our society in the name of protecting us from Covid-19 will have the opposite effect. Newsom’s abdication of protecting citizens from evil doers and locking up all the law-abiding citizens in their homes will endanger many people. Look for a return to shelter in place in most of the State. I told you this crackdown would happen about mid-July.

Oh, all these unemployed people at home will also see more destruction and protests, along with general societal unrest. Folks, Joe Biden is nowhere to be see. What you are witnessing now is the proxy campaign to defeat Donald Trump. Joe is just the figurehead of the revolution; Marxism is the religion and socialism is the philosophy that underpins it.

Norman Rockwell’s America is Dead

Folks we were told from our earliest days to be good, follow the rules, try hard, and we just might be successful. However, Newsom has thrown such American ideals in the crapper. Every business that Newsom shutdown this month has spent time, money, and talent to follow his edicts and open their businesses at reduced capacity and in a safe manner as dictated. Now thru absolutely no fault of these business owners and after following all the arbitrary rules imposed on them from Newsom, Garvin pulls the plug anyway.

Folks there is zero reason to do this. No data supports this decision. It is arbitrary and an abuse of the police powers given to the Executive Branch by the State Constitution and Legislature. In short, tyranny.

Oh, the stated reason for the shutdown is too many family gatherings. So where were said family gatherings? Why the Fourth of July celebrations that we all had. Told you that would be the reason. If you people weren’t so darn patriotic and love your country so much, none of this would be necessary?!

Hey Gavin, get a life…preferable in another country where they hate America as much as you and your Party do. In fact, take your Party leadership with you. May I suggest you consider a country where face coverings have been all the rage since the 7th Century.

Folks again remember that Newsom will not allow things to return to normal until there is a vaccine…which may never happen. In the meantime, face coverings will be required in California as long as a Republican occupies the White House. Remember those news stories last week about requiring face coverings for the next three or four years? This ain’t coincidence.

The Vaccine Windmill

Oh, the leading pharmaceutical companies researching a vaccine are jumpstarting their research by using human tissues from aborted babies. As such, is it moral to even get the vaccine? What do I do when required by my employer to get this vaccine—experimental as it will be—and considering its immoral origins? I will refuse if either is true. Con Law people are invited to send me their contact info just in case.

Another Reason Things Can’t Open

Folks, the other unspoken reason that Newsom and his fellow Democrat Governors can’t allow businesses to open is that it will improve the economic numbers which would increase Trump’s reelection chances. Newsom needs to suppress employment as much as he can to assist Biden. Since people will get their $600 a week in federal unemployment, Newsom and his ilk are getting a backdoor bailout to suppress people’s livelihoods. The fact that many of the businesses Newsom is shutting down will never reopen is irrelevant to him. He is a cold-hearted SOB. Newsom also benefits by wiping out a broad swath of the middle class. Democrats function better in the binary world of haves and have-nots, where they are the haves and the rest are totally dependent on them.

Meanwhile, the wife and I have our realtors lined-up in California and Idaho and the financing will be ready in the next few days. Trust me, I’m really ready to get the hell away from this miserable state of tyranny and one Party rule.