Sacramento Teachers Screw-over Working Families

By: Chief

Yes, you read that correctly. You are not dreaming but this could be construed as one. (OK, a nightmare is more like it.) Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) decided today that none of the public schools (elementary to high school) can open for in person learning this fall. The teachers polled their members and the response was “overwhelming” that they did not wish to re-open for in person learning, thus distance learning it is. I figure this also includes no sports or athletic clubs for the fall either, as it makes no sense to have in person sports or band while banning in person classes.

What does this mean for sports? I doubt football or any other fall sports happen. The number of mandatory practices required prior to games being played is certainly not happening. This doesn’t bode well for fall sports being rescheduled for play in the spring either. Football games in 90-degree heat on field turf anyone? Just might be a thing of the past.

What does this mean for parents? Well I guess unless their children are junior high or high school aged, you’re doing “take your child to work day” for at least an entire semester. I am not quite sure how this will work as most jobs do not allow for 100% supervision. Take my job for example. I guess they could set up in the breakroom (it would be an invasion of space of my colleagues) and junior could fire up the laptop. Another problem, what happens at 3:00 or so when his school day is over? I am not off until 5. Most children under the age of 17 have the attention span of a gnat, which would make the last 2 hours of my day hell on wheels. What about internet access? At my work some sites (mostly viewed by high school age folks) are blocked, so that won’t help either. What about folks who do not work a desk job like me…. some people work jobs where children are not allowed, or worse it is unsafe for them. I guess they get left at home with little to no supervision. Sadly, some children will never notice the difference as public schools statewide lost track of about 20 percent of their kids once distance learning began last spring.

Oh, instead of putting the burden on parents to educate their children, the Legislature has already mandated that during distance learning, teachers must have live contact with every child on their rolls every day. Surely nothing could go wrong with adult teachers calling your minor children on the telephone when you are not home.

What does this mean for the child? Well long and short of it is zero in person school for nearly an entire calendar year. As you may recall, we shut schools down in March. Young children, especially those in elementary school, need to interact with other human beings, classmates, teachers, etc. in a face-to-face environment. Additionally, when in school, the curriculum provided things in the classroom for students to physically learn, are parents going to be expected to buy those same materials while junior “distance learns?” Folks over 60 who think the millennials and Gen X are bad…. you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait ‘til these broken, dysfunctional, and unnecessarily traumatized children are voting age!

What does this mean for school support staff? If you’re administration then its probably business as usual, maybe a little more paperwork, and zero accountability. For the cafeteria staff, the hot lunch and meal program is still going full bore, so report to work regardless of your thoughts on this. Athletic department staff may be cleaning out their lockers for a while. Custodial and maintenance staff will continue to work as normal. If anyone is interested, the AC units and lights will be left on as usual, wouldn’t want anything to appear out of routine! What about yard duty, counselors, resource teachers, etc.? Some districts like Elk Grove may carry the deadweight but look for Sac City to dump extra baggage as they try to stay afloat.

What about the teachers? They won. They get to keep teaching from the comfort of their homes with full pay and benefits, and zero accountability. They are required to keep attendance records, but frankly don’t expect them to go one iota above and beyond. Sounds like the SAT and ACT are likely going away, and while we are at it, I figure we will take this opportunity to remove all standardized testing prior to the end of the school year. Think this group feels any of your pain? Think again, the teachers in this state are the most self-serving group of people I have ever heard of. The CTA (teachers union) owns this state and all the elected from both parties. Ask a Democrat elected, cross the CTA you will get humiliated in your next re-election run.

Sadly, fellow readers, the teacher’s union has become a microcosm of everything wrong with our country today. Teachers don’t have to teach in person but folks at grocers, Wally World, meat packing plants, and a host of other essential jobs must report to work or else. On the other hand, this merry band of entitled folks can decide to opt-out? Sorry you signed up to be a teacher. If you want the benefits, short workday, quite a few days off, summers off, extra time at Christmas, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, you need to show up to work in the classroom. Maybe if we withhold their salary, their attitude would change. You know, like what would happen to any of us who work in the real world?

I thought it was their job to think about the children. Sadly, there is only one bully on school property and it’s the teacher’s union.

The Chief

PS Hey parents, don’t forget to document your children’s P.E. (physical education) minutes each day so your district can continue to be fully funded. This is the only mandated curriculum in the state of California that must be documented by each school district. Thanks to Governor Arnold.