CRA 2019 Convention in Nation’s Capitol

Ladies and gentlemen, in what is sure to be the greatest endorsement yet for a CalExit strategy with a date certain, the California Republican Assembly (CRA) proclaimed their next convention (2019) would be held in the “Nation’s Capital.”

Screen capture of official CRA email 08-13-2018

As you read further, the nation’s capital is not Washington, D.C. but Sacramento. This news has yet to be picked-up by the major networks.

Really Right has reached-out to both President of the other 49 states, Donald Trump and CRA’s presumptive President Ted Cruz. Both were meeting with their cabinet advisors before commenting.

Omarosa was called by Mr. X but her answer to the question was such gibberish that X didn’t know what the hell she was saying. I told him not to take offense, nobody else knows what’s with her either.

Word is both Rachel Maddow and producers of The View have reached out to CRA President Thomas Hudson but he has not returned their calls.

Rachel Maddow wonders how CalExit support by CRA will affect women and underrepresented minorities

California’s Supreme Leader in Waiting, Gavin Newsom, reportedly welcomed CRA’s endorsement of a nation free of Donald Trump’s Imperial Presidency.

Stay tuned here for more on this developing story.