How a legislator should be judged

If a person is a member of the legislative branch of government and they aspire to higher office, then is it reasonable that they have demonstrated some leadership quality that makes then more worthy than their peers to run for higher office? I think this proposition is a reasonable one.

As a legislator, I would expect this person to:
• Sponsor legislation featuring innovative solutions
• Ideas that may not actually be law yet but would be in writing for all to see
• Respected by folks on both sides of the politic aisle
• Be an effective communicator of his ideas
• Have a reputation of virtue and charity
• Campaign ethically and treat opponents with respect
• Stand for what is right as opposed to politically expedient

When a legislator has no track record but his rhetoric, and little experience in his office then voters should be concerned about the qualifications of this candidate. In recent years this is especially true of junior United States Senators. Three names immediately come to mind.

Barack Obama-most known for voting “Present” in the Illinois Senate and one speech at the Democrat National Convention
Hillary Clinton-most known for sleeping with the President and killing people in Benghazi. The only Bill she ever sponsored was her husband.
Ted Cruz-a lawyer born in Texas who disrupted the U.S. Senate for a few hours many years ago and admits to going to a protestant church

All three people are trying to ride their thin legislative resumes to the White House. One did and look how that turned out. The old saying about “fool me once…” comes to mind.

I think eight years of junior Senators in the White House is enough.

So what do I expect?

I expect a series of legislative proposals (bills) that the candidate has introduced and defended in various committees. He is committed to his principles enough to put in writing what he hopes to accomplish to make his county/state/country better. His legislation and his rhetoric are in agreement and proven in the crucible of the legislative process. I’m not saying that his ideas are signed into law, but they are understood and clearly delineated.

His campaign for the Executive level is based upon two things, here are my legislative ideas and a track record of principle and perseverance working to make them a reality, and secondly, here are the legislators or candidates for legislative office that will help my ideas become law. When it comes to state or federal elections, the candidate will have a Contract with America type idea that unifies his campaign and should he prevail in the election, give a clear mandate for his ideas.

None of the three mentioned above (Obama, Clinton, or Cruz) has such a record. Neither does Rubio.

If you want an effective President, picking a junior Senator has proven to be a terrible option.