Trump Victory Certain

Trump got 109 delegates out of a possible 118 yesterday. Pennsylvania is a little odd. Of their 71 delegates, 17 are based on the popular vote and Trump got all of those while 54 are based on that screwy ballot as shown in my previous blog yesterday. (Per RPC, these delegates are “At Large” and not pledged to any candidate.) That mess apparently has yet to be sorted out and isn’t included in the delegate totals shown on the Real Clear Politics website. Both RCP and Fox agree that Trump is now at 954 delegates.

There are 502 delegates remaining in the delegate hunt. Trump needs 283 to win outright.

Trump will clearly win in California and New Jersey. In California, Trump has increased his lead over Cruz by five points in the last week and Trump is just starting to campaign in the state. California and New Jersey are worth 223 delegates Thus Trump needs to pick up 60 delegates between 8 other states. He is leading in Indiana-another winner take all state—worth 57 delegates.

I’m still saying by this time next week, Cruz will be suspending his campaign.

The next question is who will Trump select as his V.P.?