Park Indictment Sent

Last night as folks were turning in for the night and David Letterman was wrapping up his evening program, an email was dispatched to George and Aaron Park with the first batch of charges to be made against them at the CRA Board meeting to be held May 30th. The initial email was sent to a small group and later today might be sent to the whole Board. I do know that more complaints are in the “pipeline” and will be forthcoming.

From what I know PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is looking like the thing that will hang them on a gallows of their own creation. The irony is that this wasn’t even on the radar when the May 30 meeting was called.

It will be interesting to see if the Parks regard this procedure as a crock and boycott the meeting or stand and fight. Perhaps they will just pick-up their toys and go home. In thirty days or less we will know.

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