Briscoe Refuses Corrective Action for Data Breach

CRA President John Briscoe refuses to comply with California law related to records published on Internet by Park brothers.

Briscoe has refused to inform CRA members that their names, addresses, bank account numbers, signatures and other personal information were published on the Internet on Friday. The data continues to be available on the Internet even though Aaron Park has finally killed the URL on his website. And Yes Virginia I can still get to it thru Internet search engines. Once it’s on the web it’s always on the web. Any parent with teens on Facebook knows this to be true.

Further, Briscoe refused to offer these individuals identity theft protection as required by statute.

Most egregiously the Parks are the sole custodians of membership records of the organization; thus, there is no reasonable assurance that this will not happen again. Again, Briscoe will not act.

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