Chick-Fil-A Protestors Stumble Badly

Let me preface this saying I am a southern born (Knoxville, TN) Roman Catholic conservative.  That being said I was taken aback over the recent Chick-fil-A same sex marriage controversy.  As a constitution defending conservative I cannot for the life of me understand the uproar caused by President of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy, when he said during a radio interview that his values were against allowing same sex couples to wed.  Article I of the Constitution allows free speech for citizens, with the lone exception of when one talks of overthrowing the government, so President Cathy broke no laws in this country.  Enter the kook fringe of the left wing media calling for a national boycott of Chick-fil-A, trying to show the company their homophobic comments won’t be tolerated in the United States.  Little did they know, former Are-Kansas (That’s how we pronounce it in the south) Governor Mike Huckabee, started a national buy Chick-fil-A day on Aug. 1st.

The event was a resounding success! The line of cars waiting to be served at the drive-thru at the Elk Grove store backed up all the way to the freeway.  Some waited 2-3 hours just to purchase one of the famous chicken sandwiches and stand up for free speech.  So many customers showed up the store contemplated not opening the following day due to a shortage of chicken and side dishes! These claims were nearly proven true as the following day Chick-fil-a did not have the batter to fry chicken, or any waffle fries or any other side dishes!  Talk about a resounding success, corporate bragged how it was a record day for single day store sales!

Not to get lost in the success was one CFO/treasurer of Tucson, AZ based Vante a medical supply company named Adam Smith.  Smith a 40-50 year old man decided to make himself the face of the anti-Chick-fil-A movement.  Smith using his phone, recorded himself going through the drive thru, belittling a young lady working at the window.  Telling her she works for a bad company, and asking how she sleeps at night, following that up by saying he now has a purpose in life by attacking Chick-fil-A.  The young lady at the window showing composure well beyond her age, stayed cool, calm, and collected never gave in to Smith, saying only have a nice day.  Then the most disturbing part of the video in my opinion; Smith claims he is heterosexual and appears to be hitting on the employee!  Smith thinking he won the war, posted the exchange on Youtube, somehow not knowing the video would go viral!  After the video went viral, Smith like any coward would do removed the video, apparently trying to avoid detection….anyone with the IQ north of a potted plant can tell you the internet is forever, not temporary, the video had made its rounds and was on all late night news/cable tv shows.  Needless to say Smith was fired when the President of his company found out, about his escapade.

I will say this about former CFO Adam Smith…..You’re a coward! Attacking a young lady working the drive thru window to either get her start in the working world, or just working a summer job at the local fast food store, pick on someone you’re own age!  As far as you making a point posting the video on line….good call, you got yourself fired #winning!  I am sure your friends and family are so proud you “have a purpose in life now!”  With the publicity you have received lately Smith, you will be taking advantage of all 99 weeks of unemployment I assume, because I can’t fathom who would take a chance and hire you now!  #epic fail #loser #jobless

Guest opinion submitted by JS