Israel Offers Full Evacuation of Gaza or Genocide

Yep, during this pause in the war in Israel, the truth is finally seeing the light of day. Some in Israel are saying the quiet part out loud. Israel will occupy Gaza forever either by killing ‘em all or making them flee. Israel’s definition of a peaceful solution is that the West must take 2 million refugees from Gaza.

(FYI Per my handy dandy search engine, the current population of Gaza is 2.1 million.)

Please note that either way this is a permanent and hostile takeover of the region. One way or another, Israel plans to finish off any threat from Gaza. Oh, the article I linked below was briefly on Fox but seems to have been scrubbed from their website. I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative they want to advance.

A former Israeli minister has said the “solution” to the situation in the Gaza Strip is the complete departure of its over 2 million Palestinian inhabitants.

Speaking on Israeli Channel 13, former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, said recently that the city of Khan Younis, located in the southern Gaza Strip, would be turned into a “soccer field” with the help of God and the Israeli army.

Israel should “take advantage of the destruction that we will wreak upon them,” Shaked said, arguing that other countries should permanently take “20,000 or 50,000” each of Gaza’s Palestinian residents to vacate the area entirely.

She stressed that Israel should take an advantage of the current destruction in Gaza and allow more people to leave, citing the previous departure of some 500,000 young people in recent years.

We need 2 million to leave … that’s the solution for Gaza,” she said.

Departure of 2M inhabitants ‘solution’ for Gaza: Israeli ex-minister

Again, Israel is a secular state and has no relation to the biblical nation. They are not offering compensation for confiscating the land, businesses, and possessions of these people. They are offering to let people leave with the clothes on their backs or prepare to meet their maker.

Some peaceniks think the current pause is a sign that the two-state solution can be revived. Dream-on baby. The earth is about to get scorched.