Thoughts on Biden, transgender day of whatever, and his dissing of Easter

All law is legislating morality. All law is religious. Ditto for other political acts. The is no neutrality. This is a figment of the imagination. Those claiming neutrality are simply using such a claim to force their will on others while trying to stifle any opposition as they impose their morality on others.

Such was the case yesterday when the President of the United States, for the first time in the history of the Republic, purposely dissed any proclamation of Easter and thanking God for so great a salvation. (OK, Obama got close to this, but Joe went even further.) Joe proclaimed Easter Sunday as Transgender day of Visibility. Furthermore, no Christian symbols were allowed on any Easter eggs at the traditional White House Easter Egg Hunt. Yep, I know bunnies and eggs are not really Christian but in our Hallmark culture, the two have been baptized as Easter symbols.

Biden and company have been in an all-out war on Christianity—as was Obama when sleepy Joe was his Vice-President.

Biden—who thinks he can somehow be pro-abortion (for all nine months of the pregnancy)—and a Roman Catholic in good standing is simply an evil man. The spirit of antichrist is the platform of the Democrat Party (and of many Republicans too).

As for the cult of sterility, they are claiming 28 feast days and three months of the Julian Calendar in their attempt to abolish Christianity.

Fox News Digital found at least 28 other related holidays celebrated in the U.S., including International Asexuality Day, International Day of Pink, Day of Silence, Harvey Milk Day, Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness Day and International Drag Day.

There are also entire months devoted to LGBT causes or commemorations, including Pride Month in June, LGBT History Month in October and Transgender Awareness Month in November.

3 months and 28 days: LGBTQ events clog calendar as White House faces backlash over Easter announcement

Biden should not be flying the rainbow flag or proclaiming any fag days to start with. Transgenderism is even more evil than homosexuality. It is a false and destructive religion. Changing one’s name is a sign of it being a religion. Thinking that one can change their gender is hubris and a type on mental illness. Thinking its God’s fault because He made you the wrong gender is blasphemy. On the face of it, transgender ideology violates at least half of the Ten Commandments.

To promote transgenderism (and a lot of other false crap in our society) is to tear down the Christian roots of our country.

Oh, we have known that Sunday March 31st, 2024, was Easter Sunday for at least the last four hundred years. The church calendar was figured out to the year 8,000 back in the 1600’s. So, there’s no excuse for a conflict… unless you want to have one.