How Joe Biden Can Win in 2024

Can Joe Biden win re-election?  Absolutely he can.  It will not be easy, and won’t be fun, but he absolutely can.  I will explain how.

Do everything possible to not have in person debates: 

This is easy, have one of Biden’s inner circle get Covid just before the debate.  This allows the debate to be remote and allows Biden to have his handlers hold up cue cards or the like to help him navigate the debate.  I know this sounds harsh for ole Joe, but he is very obviously in declining health, so much so even his fellow Dems are saying he should step aside.  It only takes one slip up (answering the wrong question, rambling, telling odd stories, staring into the abyss or wondering off set) to erode his support for good.  The perception of being too old won’t sink him, reality will, and his handlers know this.

Make the election about Donald Trump:

Simply put Joe doesn’t have much to run on; the economy is teetering; layoffs are being considered/happening and globally some think WW3 could happen any day.  As a result, he must make it all about Trump.  Insurrection, wanting to overturn an election, and the general chaos that is Trump needs to be front and center all the time.  Remember this folks, Trump is to Democrats what the Clinton’s are to the GOP, essentially the anti-Christ.  The mention of Trump will drive Democrat turnout. 

Make the 3rd party candidates, 3rd party candidates: 

Simply put, RFK cannot be getting anywhere near 17% in the general.  No way.  If he does, Trump will have a really great night.  Every vote for Jill Stein, RFK, or Cornell West is a vote taken from Joe Biden.  Joe must shore up this flank and knock the support for each to around 1-3% RFK included.  Note:  neither William or any of the blog staff see a candidate getting 17% who isn’t a major party one.  We see RFK topping at around 5-7% nationwide on election night.

Point out Trump is in no-man’s land: 

Each time Trump comes out with an idea I would immediately question how it would get done.  Simply put, his Party doesn’t like him.  Most in our opinion wanted him to never get elected so they could “own the issue” not the solution…. Healthcare ring a bell?  Trump will be a lame duck, and quite frankly will likely have very small majorities/minorities in both Houses of Congress.  He will need to “twist the arms” of his own just to try to shepherd legislation through.  If the Democrats win the House, I would say more impeachment inquiries will happen.  I would be pointing out constantly that Trump has no support from his own Party, and tepid at best support from moderate Democrats.  We do not know who his VP pick will be, and frankly he pretty much fired his entire cabinet at one point in time or another during this first term.

So, there you kind of have it.  Biden can absolutely win; it may not be easy or fun.  However, I will tease my next blog…. I do not think Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will be on the ticket.

The Chief