European Leader says No Refugees for His Country

In an attempt to paint newly elected Dutch leader Geert Wilders as a crazy guy, Fox and other news outlets, hit Wilder over the weekend for suggesting that neighboring Arab countries take in the refugees from Gaza. Wilder is on record as wanting to close his borders and stop the influx of illegals from other nations.

Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders is facing condemnation from multiple Arab states after suggesting that the war between Hamas and Israel could be remedied if Palestinians are relocated to Jordan.

“Jordan is Palestine!” Wilders tweeted Saturday, linking to a Politico story that detailed how Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen and the Arab League issued statements to condemn the suggestion that Palestinians should be relocated to Jordan.

The Palestinian Authority said Wilders’ proposal is “a call to escalate the aggression against our people and a blatant interference in their affairs and future.” While the UAE embassy in the Netherlands called Wilders’ suggestion “irresponsible,” leaders in Jordan labeled the suggestion a “racist position,” Arab News reported.

Firebrand pol under fire for suggesting Palestinians be relocated

It’s funny that when Jews suggest relocating Palestinians, we should listen but when any body else does, they are essentially called kooks.

“I always said that relocation should be voluntary not compulsory. But I would applaud a massive voluntary relocation indeed,” Wilders continued in his comment to Fox.

It’s clear that the Arab states don’t want any refugees. Guess they would rather have the issue to campaign on than actually fix anything.

The Dutch politician is a noted supporter of Israel, including displaying the Israeli flag in his office after Hamas’ attacks on the nation on Oct. 7.

He has also championed closing the Netherlands’ borders to immigrants, called for a referendum on the Netherlands leaving the European Union, has been labeled anti-Islamic, and he faced death threats over a handful of previous statements, including calling Islam a “fascist ideology” and a “backward religion” and arguing Muhammad was a “pedophile,” Reuters reported. 

As noted elsewhere on this blog, the preferred Jewish solution is for the United States and the European Union to take 2 million refugees (about 50K per country). EU members are expected to follow the script as dictated by Israel. Wilder is viewed as dangerous because if Israel can’t unload the refugees on other countries, they might actually have to find a way to get along with their neighbors. Israel plans to take Gaza by ejecting the whole population, the alternative is genocide and/or perpetual occupation.

On a cautionary note, the longer this war goes on, the more video of dead noncombatants in Gaza will surface. This will counter the self-defense narrative being pushed on the West by Israel. This gambit might just backfire spectacularly on both Israel and the United States.