My Thoughts on GOP Presidential Debate # 1

My thoughts?  I did not watch it.

Yep, that’s right.  I decided just like the Blog Father that no one up on that stage is able to beat Trump.  DeSantis likely could have had a chance but for some reason he went cuckoo.  If I were him, not knowing if Florida has term limits, do another term as governor and run again in 4 years.  I say 4 years because it will likely be an open seat for President, either Biden or Trump will be terming out.  Run again and keep governing Florida as a conservative.  The only real thing that’s an issue in Florida right now is the insurance business and Johnnie Does can blog that one.

Reality is DeSantis is trying to “out Trump” Trump and that will never work.  Trump is a candidate who brands himself as being the “common man” and in more cases than not, he speaks directly for the folks who hate the PC/cancel culture we have today.  DeSantis while he tries his best, comes off as a cheap knock off.  Why drink a Miller Light when you can have a Miller Genuine Draft? 

The others?  Well, I will run through them quickly.

Nikki Haley, she is a former governor, but she worked for Trump as UN Ambassador for 2 years, that makes it hard for her to attack him.  Good story, but it won’t pop.

Tim Scott, I wish he would lean into him being a black Republican. Its odd but I have rarely seen any black Republican do this.  Toast.

Asa Hutchinson and Doug Burgram?  Governors of Ar-Kansas and North Dakota.  No one cares about either of you since quite literally no one lives there.  Weird point of note, the owner of the Oakland Athletics Baseball Team is a mega donor to the North Dakota guy.  Odd because North Dakota is the exact opposite of Oakland, but I digress.

Chris Christie?  I heard they had to roll him onto the stage and roll him off afterwards.  He should be next on my 400 lb. life.  Dude needs help, and he attacks Trump ruthlessly.  He went after Trump so hard he is likely running in the wrong primary.  He should be angling to be a VP with Gavin.

Vivek Ramaswamy, he is an interesting dude.  A millennial, and basically a libertarian.  He has some whacky beliefs (wanting to legalize psychedelics being one, he also wants to unseal the 9/11 docs about who the hijackers really were).  But more strangely he has taken Soros money (Soros kid political money) he went to private school and to Harvard.  I just don’t know where to place him, but he is an interesting guy.  He might make a good VP; he seems to have some attack dog in him from what I read.

Who cares about anyone else running.

I do care about Trump.  I think he made a slight mistake going on Tucker Carlson for an interview posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).  12.8 million watched the GOP debate,228 million watched the Tucker/Trump interview.  For Tucker many of those may not have been live, they watched later.

He made a mistake for this reason, the debate was televised on Fox News only, I think Trump missed a gigantic opportunity to draw even more viewers.  I would have held a rally, maybe in Iowa, or some other fly over state.  I would have done this as the media would have gone bonkers.  The viewership would have dwarfed 228 million, trust me.  Trump is a bakery; he puts buns all over the place.  I would have invited all interested media; Fox would have shown up too and aired it later.  A chance missed.

Oh well.

To those in the GOP debates, good luck when the donor money dries up; you will die on the vine.

The Chief