Midterm Election Predictions

By Chief & Troll

Long standing traditions on this blog: Troll chasing any skirt that walks past him, Johnnie Does ripping small businesses, and Chief making predictions about elections.  So here we go!

Starting nationally

Blogger note:  Keep an eye on New York Governor race, if it’s very close, the GOP will way outperform my predictions. Also be aware of the “3 am ballot discovery” or “ballot counting will take months to complete” California has mastered the later, most swing states the former.  We saw the new Democrat playbook last election.

House elections:  The GOP will pick up 35-45 seats, it would be much higher if we had better folks running for governor in certain states.  In CA, we will pick up a couple seats…that’s my bold take.  A comfy GOP majority.

Senate:  Here is where my takes get even hotter, and predictions get bolder.  We will hold: PA, WI, OH, FL and NC.  These races won’t be close enough for the fraud to matter.  We pick up: AZ, NH, NV for sure, again these will likely be outside the amount of fraud that the Democrats will need.  Toss ups:  CO and WA, these will be tough, but if NY Governor race is close, dominoes will be a fallin’.  GA will go to a runoff and the GOP will win it next month.

The senate races remind me of a few years back, the Democrats put up average candidates, but they prevailed because the GOP brand was so bad, it’s going to be the reverse this time.  Let us not kid ourselves; Dr Oz, Herschel Walker, JD Vance, Blake Masters, Dan Bolduc, and Ted Budd are average candidates, but in a wave year they get pushed across the finish line.  I look for a 52-48 edge as a minimum advantage after Tuesday.

Governor: We will have a decent night, we hold GA, FL, TX, and VT.  The Democrats will pick up Maryland and Massachusetts, but who cares, those were on borrowed time.  The red team picks up: KS, WI, MI, NV, and I’m calling it, OR.  New Mexico will be close, and I think MN could be a barn burner.  Again watch New York, a little-known congressman from Long Island could keep it very close, Obama, Biden, and Harris have stumped for her recently.

Overall, a good night for the red team. On to CA

Not a lot of good to report here, I’ve heard rumblings Lanhee Chen will win Controller, no surprise, he is running as a Mitt Romney type.  Nathan Hochman could make it close for Atty General.  Look for Newsom’s results closely, if its close we could pick up about 4 seats in CA, a big blow out (68% plus) and I doubt it.

The statewide propositions will mostly all fail, the abortion one will pass big, I predict 68% in favor.  Blogger note:  This prop and Newsom should track fairly closely because the lack of any opposition from clergy, church or powers that be, make it a lost cause.  I’m disappointed the CAGOP didn’t endorse Prop 27, as I believe sports wagering should be allowed from your phone, but the CAGOP is owned by the Indian Casinos, so such is life.

Let’s turn it over to Troll shall we….

Well, well, well, here I go torching the Democrats……

Anyone seen that John Fetterman guy?  Running for senate in PA?  He looks like anyone at a CA state prison yard, just look at him.  Sweet holy moly is that the only outfit you own!

Oprah Winfrey supports Fetterman in PA…. well, if you want anyone to throw their weight behind you, Oprah isn’t a bad one to do so.

Speaking of weight, Stacy Abrams is running for GA governor again. Jesus, do her and Beto O’Rourke run for something new each cycle?  I do not know what Beto brings to the table, but I do know Abrams brings two things to the table, A KNIFE AND A FORK!

Speaking of ugly, has anyone seen Congress person Rosa DeLauro?

Hey Troll, is this genetically male or female? At least 3 bags either way

Wow hubba hubba baby baby, you must hate Alexander Graham Bell for inventing electricity.  Good god could you imagine if she married James Carville?  Oh god, my eyes, it’s like someone threw bleach in them.


Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat Party….no shock; have you seen Democrat women lately?  No one on their side is winning a Miss America pageant, no wonder they hate Trump!

DeLauro, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton squaring off against: Lauren Boebert, Sarah Palin, and Nikki Haley is the definition of no contest.


In closing Troll has a new GF, Olympic bobsled and hurdler Lolo Jones.  Check her out.