Democrats Off-Load Joe Biden

Things are not great right now if you’re a Democrat; record inflation, soaring debt, a war in Ukraine, record high gas prices, and soaring food costs are making it not fun to be Joe Biden.  That’s ok though as all will be well for the Democrats after the mid-term elections. 

You may have seen David Axelrod and a couple other pundits remarking about Joe’s age, and possible cognitive slippage.  This is because the Democrats have no further use for Joe, he was needed to beat Trump because they needed a “moderate/likeable guy.”  Now they have no use for him as the world is quite literally burning.  This was the plan all along. You see, Joe was shepherded through the primary (you may remember the bizarre events after the South Carolina primary.  Joe won and suddenly the top delegate leaders all bowed out of the race.  Maybe the Clinton’s made a few phone calls?)  Anyways Joe won and the rest is history.

The Democrats have gone so woke they have no use for an old white guy who has zero original thoughts, so he will be replaced prior to the presidential primary in 2024.  They do not need or want him anymore; he will be blamed for all these issues and any other problems in the world that confront us.  His policies are not woke enough or hip enough anymore.  The Squad and others now control the Party and will be picking the replacement on the ballot.  People like Axelrod don’t start rumors unless there are serious rumblings going on about Ole Joe behind the scenes.  The Democrats will get smashed in the midterms and reality will set in, they need a new/younger leader with fresh new ideas.

Enter Gavin Newsom.

Gavin survived a recall, actually getting around 60 some odd percent to keep him in office.  This is despite record long lockdowns, emergency powers that he still hasn’t given up by the way, high taxes, and a homeless problem that is destroying our state.  Gavin is working on a stimulus check to CA residents with a target delivery date of October…. magically when the ballots will be dropping for our “all mail in election.”  He won’t drop the cash earlier because he wants that check fresh on your mind when your ballot appears.  We won’t be suspending the gas tax out here either (plus this tax went even higher beginning July 1st). Taxes are important to Californians, ours tend to be record highs.

In November, Gavin is going to run the numbers up big time, running on a hyper-woke agenda of closing 3 prisons, sending out that rebate check, defunding police, homeless shelters on all corners of vacant land, abortion thru all nine months plus several months after birth, legalizing female slavery (prostitution), and rampant crime and drug use.  Most folks in CA, the GOP included, don’t really care about any of this, as such this place is going completely to hell.  Gavin will be facing a GOP legislator from Lassen County (no one lives there) Gavin will run this thing up; I expect a margin of around 68% in favor of him.  After he wins big, I have a feeling he announces to challenge Biden.  Biden will be announcing he wants to spend more time with family.  Someone needs to provide Hunter with $$$ for the hookers and blow. 

Joe bows out, and Gavin coasts to the nomination, CA is already moving up its presidential primary in earnest.  Gavin will run the numbers up again and no one will be able to stop him.  Kamala will be told to run for the Governorship Gavin vacates and the race will be on.  The Squad will be happy, and the hope will be the GOP primary will be a knockdown, drag out, bare knuckle brawl.  Gavin will have a huge advantage coupled with a favorable map as far as electoral votes go.

The best hope we would have as the GOP is to nominate Ron DeSantis and have a CA vs the rest of the USA on the ballot.  Then we will finally get an idea of which direction the country wants to go.

This is the belief held by the entire editorial board here at the blog.  We firmly believe Joe is just a stalking horse waiting to be put out to pasture (or sent to the glue factory).

Please note that the Chief wrote this before Newsom ran his political ads in Florida trying to attack DeSantis. DeSantis’ response can be found here.