Why Impeach Trump

Folks, we know that Congress’s attempt to impeach President Trump—who is no longer the President—is illegal and unconstitutional. (The penalty if convicted is to remove Trump from office which is impossible.) Since this is true, why go through the exercise? Yes, Congressional Democrats think it will cripple Trump and possibly disqualify or discourage him from running in four years, but why do it?

We know that the Democrats are engaging in the politics of personal destruction and will be coming for us too, in some form or another. But why engage in this tactic?

The answer is in two parts. First this is how Democrats in California operate. This is San Francisco values in action. The Democrat’s attitude is the same regarding Trump as it is in the California Legislature; namely, we will ignore the law and do what we feel like and if you don’t like it then take us to court.

Since following the law is irrelevant and Democrats are making this process up as they go to get the outcome that they want, I expect that Trump will be convicted after Pelosi’s kangaroo court. (Thanks Mitt Romney.) Trump will then take the matter to the Supreme Court. Should the Court follow the Constitution and throw out Trump’s conviction, then the Democrats win again. Oh, how can the Dems win when the Court throws out Trump’s conviction? Because this will give Democrats the ammo that they need to justify packing the Court.

So, my answer is that they wish to harass Trump enough that he won’t run again in 2024 and also have the excuse that they need to pack the Court.

Before you discount me remember that you are trying to look at issues like this with reason, but Democrats have no use for reason, they argue emotion and feelings, facts are irrelevant to them. They will argue the lie that Trump’s conviction was reversed by an activist conservative Supreme Court and the only remedy is to add loyal justices to the Court. If the court upholds Trump’s conviction, then the Court has compromised their integrity and ruled based on something other than the Constitution, thus caving to politics over principle. Short of a unanimous ruling by the Court, this will be the likely outcome.