How Much Voter Fraud is Enough to Matter?

The election was competitive. The incumbent Democrat had never had such a serious challenger before. As results started coming in an hour after the polls had closed, the Republican challenger began to amass a small lead. This lead grew to a few thousand votes and held steady for many hours. At about 1:30 AM, a vehicle carrying the last of the ballots arrived from the most liberal part of the district, ten miles from the county seat. Suddenly, the incumbent was saved and won his reelection by three percent.

Why it took most of the votes to being counted before these last-minute ballots arrived five and a half hours after the polls closed and from a precinct only ten miles away nobody seriously questioned. I happen to spend election night with that particular Republican Congressional candidate as we saw his lead evaporate due to the late arrival of these ballots. Oh, lest you thought this was just weeks ago, it was in 1994.

The Sith Lord once resided in the same town that I referenced in the incident above. He too observed conditions that seemed ripe for voter fraud. A few election cycles after the account that I described above; he had this experience. In the place where he was residing, he had had no upstairs neighbor for the previous 18 months. As the election drew near, he discovered that somehow county elections reported that 19 people, using the address of this empty apartment, were registered to vote.

Oh, the head of county elections during both these incidents, was proud that his daughter was an intern in the Clinton White House. If he happened to help his party preserve a Congressional seat, its just his public service.

I’m sure many of you have heard of similar stories in the past. Heck, up until this election, Chicago’s dead vote for JFK was the gold standard in voter fraud.

If you haven’t been paying attention, this is a big reason that Democrats hate purging voter rolls.

Fraud Alert

That there was voter fraud in, under, and around the November 3, 2020 election is an indisputable fact. The question is not whether there was voter fraud but was it egregious enough to give several key states to Donald J Trump?

Let me answer it this way; if you’re a Trump Hater/Biden supporter because you hate Trump, then you should be very nervous right now.

Folks there was voter fraud by individuals, as there often is, and also by organized groups. What’s new in this election is that over 30 states had voting machines connected to the Internet. Yep, ever since Bush v Gore, we were promised that our elections were safe from hacking because the voting machines were not on the Internet, well not anymore. Every time someone has a hack-a-thon for voter machines, some 15-year-old kid gets in and manipulates results and we are assured that it can’t happen in real life…except it does. Now we learn that many states (over 30) bought voting machines from a Canadian company that has such a great reputation that Canada won’t use their products. Yep, they are a shell company used by third world dictatorships (Venezuela) to insure that after ballots are cast electronically, that the votes can be changed. Yes, the software is designed so that votes can be changes at the precinct level, at the overseas counting facilities—yes votes are routed to other countries before being sent to your Secretary of State—and then at the State level. These functions are the purpose of the counting system and built into the software. The software is also very buggy and has trouble keeping track of actual votes even with no user intervention.

I don’t know if President Trump and his team will prevail in court as judges are traditionally very risk averse and avoid controversy by taking a pass on “political” determinations but I can’t think of a better argument to have the federal government create a standardized vote ID system and procedures for use in national elections involving Constitutional officers.

Oh, Trump’s other venue to judicial relief is to have courts rule that Secretary’s of State can’t make changes to state election law by decree but election law can only be changes by lawmakers.

I think Trump will ultimately prevail in Georgia and Pennsylvania but that is not enough to win reelection. The question is can he pick up another state where votes were manipulated?

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