Sad to say The Chief is Right

Folks, I do believe there was wide scale election fraud in the Presidential race but the reality is that I have never heard of a court overturning an election result. Yes the dead, the illegal, and the infirm voted this year in the biggest numbers since 1960; nevertheless, I see no path where Trump can prevail. The Courts historically are reluctant to interject themselves into purely political controversies and I don’t see that changing in this case.

Look for some state recounts to happen but unless they reveal gross errors, I see no path that Trump can use to prevail. The Chief was right when he said, “Simultaneously, the vote counting centers in Atlanta, Detroit, Madison, and Philadelphia all decided they were not releasing more results that night.” If you look where all the votes came from that have now put Biden over the top, it came from these cities plus possibly one or two more. I will leave you with one more news story that you probably won’t ever find on social media.

Now, a ballot-count watcher is reporting she spoke to witnesses who described the ballot dump as “major fraud on a major scale … that was very well organized,” the Gateway Punditreported.

The monitor said the ballot counters were preparing to shut down when suddenly a white Chrysler 300 van and a Ferrari pulled up with more than 130,000 additional ballots.

Ballot-count watcher claims 130,000 votes dumped for Biden

Folks, such a fraud as described above is bullet-proof because any subsequent count of the ballots will yield the same results. I’ve known of such ballot tampering here in California–on a much smaller scale–but the account cited above, incredible as it may seem, is probably true.

Do you think the election would be this close if the rest of the country knew they were really voting to adopt San Francisco’s California values? Wait until they meet the real President Harris.